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Blacksister Form 2 (Neptunia MK2)

Author: UniBlackheart (36)Game: L4D2Add-On: L4D2 Mod
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02/10/2013 Version: 1.0 (complete) Size: 2.23MB File: blacksister 2.vpk Downloads: 2,399 Views: 12,170

Uni's 2nd HDD form from Neptunia MK2.

Replaces Bill

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ZTA61 ZTA61 Posted 1 year ago


ranger999 ranger999 Posted 1 year ago

Wow . Her 2nd form is so sexy :X I love her hair style too . Will you make her sister Noire too UniBlackheart ? I love all your model ^.^

Yea Blackheart will be for Rochelle.

1 year ago

Thanks . I'll wait for this model :) ummmm Uni . Hope you don't mind that i'm asking an external question :-S Do you know the cheat to changing control between the survivors [I mean swap] ? I used to ask someone else but they doesn't reply . If you know it please tell me :( I really don't know it :((

1 year ago

You can use the smart bots mod advanced version to change between charas in game.

1 year ago

When you have sv_cheats enabled, you can type this into console,

sb_takecontrol blacksister

If that doesn't work, then type:

sb_takecontrol Bill

1 year ago

Oh thank you guys so much :X

1 year ago
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Blacksister Form 2 (Neptunia MK2)
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