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Silent Hill: Black Sun Rising

Author: CriticSgt. Sickness, Doktor haus (89)Game: L4D2Add-On: Map
member9.1 critic9.3 Survival map for survival mode
1 Maps Available
Map Status: 75% Complete
- Blackout when survival starts
- More weapons, decor and junk
- Easter egg added

- decorated a bit, added furniture to interiors
- added more weapon/ammo spawns
- added player clips
- addressed all known navmesh issues

- replaced scavenge gas cans with normal ones
- replaced mounted gun with minigun

- survivors now spawn in front of the survival radio

- released

Handy dandy FAQ
Q: Why is the file size so large?
A: The map uses many resources from other Source engine games.

Q: Why so few weapons/ammo spawns?
A: I don't want to make the map too easy. Go visit the gun shop across from the hospital; it's filled with every kind of weapon you could want. Melee weapons and guns are also scattered throughout, you just have to look around.

Q: Why can't I get in the gun shop door?
A: You're supposed to break through it with the axe that's lying beside it.

Q: Why are the hospital and school so small?
A: Sgt. Sickness' words: The source engine couldn't handle it if they were full sized. The map is huge already.

How is this different from the original RP_SilentHill?
- added necessary survival stuff
- use rescue radio in diner, lights go out, siren plays, survival starts
- boom box in diner added, when used plays a song: End of Flowers - "In This Life We Are Utterly Alone" (I own the copyright)
- added weapon/item spawns
- fleshed out world with decorations
- replaced incompatible models
- added lots of neat stuff in gun shop, removed unnecessary buttons
- extended school hallway into dark abyss
- added halo of the sun symbols and hidden graffiti messages
- added particle falling ash
- tweaked model fade scale and far z
- added clip brushes
- moved hospital interior from "void" to make it an actual part of the building
- removed all need for teleports
- added alarmcar by gas station (shooting it also starts survival)
- pretty much every window is breakable
- tons of optimization: nodraw, fade scale, visclusters, skybox work etc.
- skybox is empty and very small now, since you can't see it through the fog anyway.
- added easter egg in one of the trailer park houses
03/14/2013 Version: 1.4 (complete) Size: 120.79MB File: rp_silenthill.vpk Downloads: 102,173 Views: 91,587

Welcome to Silent Hill. This survival map is huge and it's easy to get lost, so stick together. It features a hospital, school, church, gas station, grocery store, gun shop, trailer park, furniture store, a few diners and more. Try to find the hidden graffiti!

I ported Sgt. Sickness' final version of RP_SilentHill to survival. I couldn't get hold of the original author, but I'll remove this if he asks. The file size is large because the map uses a lot of HL2/CSS content.

Robbie the Rabbit (Gnome)

Now Silent Hill's favorite mascot can follow you everywhere ...and you'll wish he didn't. This cute ...

Font: Silent Hell of Cheryl

Font similar to the one used for the Silent Hill games.You need the font installed on your system.ww...

26 Comments and 5 Reviews
miroslav87 miroslav87 Posted 3 months ago

wow .Interesting downloading and will see :)

sanaudel sanaudel Posted 8 months ago

There are monsters there?

Archnica Archnica Posted 8 months ago

Excuse me,is this survical map have a ending?

Soul Reaper Soul Reaper Posted 10 months ago

I don't know but... the map doesn't start for me. :U
Like, the loading bar when loading the map, gets stuck at like the very end and stops loading and nothing happens.

Roflmahwafflz CriticRoflmahwafflz Posted 1 year ago

this map brings back memories from my times playing gmod zombie survival (someone ported it to zombie survival) downloading for nostalgia as well as play

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Recent reviews for Silent Hill: Black Sun Rising.
Silent Hill: Black Sun Rising Kasket007 Kasket007 Posted 1 year ago

- Very spaced
- Detailed to perfection
- Open almost anything
- Great multiplayer experience
- Dark and foggy, great scary theme
- Large map
- A map where it's FUN to run


- Needs more weapons
- More room in houses. (Ex: abyss in Hospital)


Nailed it. Eventually, it would be cool if a script turned everything reeeaaally dark. But otherwis,

Silent Hill: Black Sun Rising
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