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The Convoy

Author: CriticRobert Riter (4)Game: L4D2Add-On: Map
member7.6 critic7.2 Co-op map for co-op play
Hire mercenaries, purchase vehicles and setup deployables!
1 Maps Available
Map Status: 85% Complete

- Improved particle effects
- Corrected spelling
- Cubemap issue from 5.0 corrected


- New tutorial map!
- Missing objects & textures restored
- Several small particle effect & stability fixes to The Trainyard

Thank you for helping to make Convoy the winner of L4Dmap's "Let's Build" competition!

This is a very minor hot fix. I'll be releasing a major update shortly - and planned to this time - but this issue came to my attention and shot up to a must fix priority 1.

- Resolved an issue with the Guitars "teleporting" the player's view, and also fail safes to insure the Machete and Katana render correctly.
- Version number corrected to insure compatibility with builds.

Anyway, for those of you having bugs with Jake's Midnight Ride, this will solve your issue as well!


- Buying the Maint truck begins the Resource Ticker without starting the horde. In reality the maint. truck shouldn't be generating resources at all. Until the upcoming patch if you'd like to buy the Maint. truck without "cheating" simply buy a Generator as well, since the resources will not be doubled by doing so. Expect a fix for this soon!

- I'm getting reports the survivors are warping back to Louis. I'm going to put a failsafe in that should eliminate that one and for all in the next build.

- Sometimes Bill will drop his grenade launcher and pick an M16 back up, only to drop more grenade launchers later.

03/07/13 - BETA 4.0

- Fixed an issue where the Katana and Machete was causing an engine error.
- Performance increases across the board
- Increased stability for Smitty's Barrage
- Sparker Trap range increased from 256 to 384
- Trapper Keith will no longer park in the spot occupied by the Dealer, and vice versa
- Intro logic including new logo added
- Sky darkened to avoid erratic HDR effects
- New "Parking Spot" indicator system added
- Radio Button for Virgil's Airstrike should light correctly when ready
- Removed a bug where survivors could disappear, only to re-appear with Louis at the Killdozer. Survivors should reappear immediately if they teleport out now.
- Increased resolution of main poster screen by nearly double
- An updated navmesh should help AI pathing and reduce stuck spots
- There are now more origins for infected to spawn from
- Jimmy Gibbs sound effects corrected
- Jimmy Gibbs visual effects enhanced
- Fixed an exploit that allowed "feathering" to prevent losing resource stash life; life is now drained half as much twice as often. This means you are likely to drain resources with no benefit if you attempt this now.

- Rapidly firing the Detonator on and off can still cause slow motion to become stuck.
- An issue with Jake's Midnight Ride from the radio may cause slowmo to become stuck until another source of slowmo is fired (Another Midnight Ride, the Detonator, Virgil's Bomb)
- An issue with sound effects limits may occur when using Ox's Amps with Smitty's Barrage and/or Jake's Midnight Ride to cause sound effects to temporarily cut out or distort. A fix is being worked on.
- Throwing Smitty's Barrage at the survivors as they board the train may cause a crash.
- Animation still sub-standard.

03/03/13 - BETA 3.0

- Massive performance increases! Lag is down nearly 70% across the map. Further optimizations will be done, but this should make the map perform far, far better and remain far more stable as well.

- Missing texture from the CEDA Trailer (static monitors) fixed.

- Swapped from the 1.1, 1.2 numbering system to a full version (1.0, 2.0, 3.0) beta system. This will be reset to 1.0 at non-beta.

Expect a major gameplay and visual enhancement patch shortly, including some exploit fixes. A laundry list of bugs and tweaks will be made then. Priority #1 for now has been to get this map stable and smooth as possible and I hope with this patch, I have succeeded!


- Picking up the Katana causes serious issues! Please avoid the Katana and Machete until the next patch, COMING SOON!


Here are some tips to get you through the map, as it can be punishingly difficult:
* With a co-op partner, split up. By using deployables to cover your back, you can scavenge while your partners are building & buying elsewhere.

* Don't neglect deployables. They're extremely useful to place around the salvage areas.

* Support abilities are free. Once you unlock them from the Midnight Riders truck or Generator, you should use them as much as possible. The Radio allows you to call them from anywhere in the game world.

* Teleporters are extremely useful! - While you take damage during the trip through them, it allows you to bypass the hordes between the high level salvage and the gate. Consider them, in particular in single player.

* Smoke Grenades will teleport any survivors nearby as they explode back to the Killdozer, including downed teammates. Use this to get horded teammates out of danger. In four player games, I'd highly recommend one player keep a Smoke Grenade at the ready for all sorts of occasions!

* Always make sure to have a source of health! The Dealer provides Pills & Shots, while the Ambulance offers Medkits & Defibs. Additionally Bill offers health-regenerating "MREs" and the Midnight Riders can heal you when playing Save Me Some Sugar and also with Jake's Midnight Ride, as well as offer adrenaline as a gift on occasion.


+ Fixed Stability issue with crashing upon death
+ Fixed Stability issue with entities disappearing later in the map
+ Fixed Stability issue with Smitty's Barrage, rendering it safe to use
+ Fixed Stability issue with patch mismatch

+ Teleporters lowered in price to $600 at the CEDA Trailer
+ CEDA Trailer upgrade "Project Einstein" lowered to $600
+ CEDA Trailer buttons now lock correctly
+ Laser fence expansion buttons now lock correctly
+ Regular fence expansion also now locks correctly

+ Fences now can be expanded on both sides properly.
+ Generator Radio now displays the helicopter status correctly.

+ Virgil's Airstrike now has a new bomb particle effect with smoke.
+ Level 3 Salvage now Opens and Closes when used correctly
+ Flies added to trash
+ Particles added to surrounding map area
+ More objects in the Train Depot
+ Birds added to the sky
+ Removed errant InvisMetal decal

+ Several physics objects have been added to the map to give tanks a dangerous edge
+ Teleporter Push speed increased to prevent confusion

* * * KNOWN ISSUES * * *

A sound issue where Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.'s car sounds like a door being opened repeatedly has appeared, but only on dedicated servers ONLY.

Heavy lag is currently present on the server at times, likely directly linked to the above sound issue.

Occasionally players seem to suffer a missing model error when switching to the map on a dedicated server. I am looking into the matter. They can join the map once it's up and running without difficulty.

Throwing Smitty's Barrage at the train as it escaping may cause a crash.

Sound may cut out when using the Midnight Ride combined with Smitty's Barrage.

Some no more edicts crashes still exist after a prolonged time playing the map. This will be corrected.

Occasionally, the L4D1 survivors will teleport away after being hired. A fix is coming for this very soon, but in the meantime, if you hire Louis from the Killdozer, any survivor you've hired thus far will appear immediatley at the Killdozer side-by-size with Louis. Consider this a temporary work around until survivors can be tethered to their proper vehicles in an upcoming patch.


Uploaded! Make sure to read the change log for current issues and check back for updates soon!

Welcome to The Convoy!

This version of The Convoy is a select map from the campaign. There are some known issues in the map, but I'll be working to resolve them diligently over the next week.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Attempting to launch The Convoy with specific other VPKs, in particular those I have done in the past, results in a L4D total crash. Please disable all unnecessary addons if you encounter crashes!





+ Dying often results in a crash. This is a high priority fix, expect a patch within two days!
+ Using Smitty's Barrage can cause instability and crashes rarely.


+ The Helicopter Support Power will show as inactive (blue) at the radio when you purchase it the first time. Using it will cause it to function, but then show fully active. You can call the helicopter every 3 minutes; the button animation should be fixed shortly.
+ The Fencing bought at the Builder is not expanding properly to the left, taking your money and giving nothing in exchange.
+ A small number of purchasable items are mislabeled in price and may not properly lock when hitting 0 resources, in particular in the CEDA Trailer.
+ Rapidly firing the Detonator on and off might cause Slow Motion to become stuck.


+ Improvements to animation quality and map visuals.
+ Further network enhancing updates.
+ There is no icon indicator showing that the Information Desk can be turned by pressing USE.
+ The Deployable Icons for equipment are placeholder. Expect nicer looking Deployable Icons in the future (They currently look like a Light Blue square with dots in it.)


+ Attempting to map monkey the Killdozer may result in a stuck spot. This may have been fixed in 0.2.

+ It has been reported that the Midnight Rider songs from Ox's Amps are inconsistently playing (the bonus effects are working properly) or not playing. Please make sure your MUSIC slider is up before beginning the game. If this causes you issues, feel free to send me a bug report! If you do bug this please let me know which song gave you trouble, cased on the effect:

"All I want for Christmas" - Christmas Gifts are thrown to the survivors
"One Bad Man" - A Level 3 Salvage pile appears with pistols and money.
"Midnight Ride" - Salvage is given to the player over time.
"Save me some Sugar" - Players are healed slowly over time.


* After completing the map, you must restart the map manually. The proceeding map, which takes place aboard the train, is not available yet but is coming soon.

* As mentioned, currently a crash-on-death bug is common. I have fixed this issue before so hopefully will resolve it shortly. I would recommend that you Restart Campaign in the event you are going to be wiped out on this version. Expect this to be fixed in the upcoming 0.4!
10/16/2013 Version: 5.1 (beta) Size: 89.96MB File: convoy.vpk Downloads: 74,607 Views: 101,190

Buy vehicles ranging from the unstoppable Killdozer to the high tech CEDA Research Trailer and modify them to purchase weapons, deployable traps, sentry turrets, fences and even battlefield leveling support powers!

Hire mercenaries to support you in your attempts to salvage the parts to build your escape, including the original cast of L4D1 survivors and series legends such as The Rescue Pilot, Jimmy Gibbs, Jr., Virgil and the Midnight Riders!

Version 4.0 has been released with a number of improvements and fixes!

NOTE: Several SERIOUS issues have arisen with other maps. Please disable them and reload L4D2 before playing!

130 Comments and 16 Reviews
SwiftShadow SwiftShadow Posted 2 weeks ago

I remember this when it first was published, I had a problem with Virgil's plane then it would crash but the error was gone and came this giant building that would crash the game XD no srsly I wanna finish this.

startacker startacker Posted 4 weeks ago

Long, fun gameplay
All 8 survivors
Midnight Riders, nuff said
A useful tutorial level


A giant building would appear and then crash my game
Lots of tanks
AI is sometimes buggy, infected and survivors
Buildings like the flamethrower and other objects can instantly kill survivors


A very fun and fast-paced game, but there are the bugs and problems with it, hope it gets fixed!

epikpepsi epikpepsi Posted 1 month ago

-Excellent system
-Fun gameplay
-Has all 8 survivors, and more
-Allows the player to determine how they want the defenses set, most maps give you defenses and make you use those


-WAAAAY too many Tank spawns, by the time i've revived all my team another Tank comes in
-Blades on Lvl 3 Cop Car one-hit kill people and they can't be revived without dying again
-The Large Building glitch, it crashes my game and happens almost every game
-No ammo piles
-Bots cant pick up weapons from Whitaker's Mobile Shop


It's a great map, really fun but the Insta-Kill blades, frequent Tank spawns, and crashes ruin it. I would make the blades deal damage over time instead of instant kill, lower the amount of Tank spawns, move where the guns spawn in Whitaker's Shop, and make somewhere sell an Ammo Pile (maybe the Humvee). This is one of my favorite maps, I must have played it 10 times (still havent beaten it, came close once then the Large Building occured) and still find it fun. Just fix the many problems it has and it would be even better.

Wazanator Wazanator Posted 1 month ago

Has a lot of potential but quite a few issues at the moment.

RXZ RXZ Posted 2 months ago

-lots of vehicles
-L4D1 survivors help
-can guard during salvaging
-VIRGIL man!!
-teleporter~ nice
-Midnight riders L3 salvage
-fireworks and air strike


-giant building appear then crashes
-L4D1 survivors will warp to the Louis' place
-the blades from upgraded police car instantly kill bots
-ammo stack required
-worse bot navigation
-lag game after a while(because of stacking dropped guns)
-graphic lost when holding crowbar, guitar n tonfa(showing nothing on screen)
-health drop while using teleporter


the best map i've ever play but hope u will fix the problems soon... bots seem to be dumb in any addons here... keep it up! can't wait for next map... good job man~

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The Convoy startacker startacker Posted 4 weeks ago

Long, fun gameplay
All 8 survivors
Midnight Riders, nuff said
A useful tutorial level


A giant building would appear and then crash my game
Lots of tanks
AI is sometimes buggy, infected and survivors
Buildings like the flamethrower and other objects can instantly kill survivors


A very fun and fast-paced game, but there are the bugs and problems with it, hope it gets fixed!

The Convoy
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