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Author: CriticSpecial KBS/2K Games/Irrational (4)Game: L4D2Add-On: Map
member8.1 critic7.4 Co-op map for co-op play
1 Maps Available
Map Status: 95% Complete

Out of beta


Hopefully no more missing textures
Balances in gameplay
More stuff, too tired.


First release.

Please note this is a beta, there may still be a lot of things to tweak.

03/09/2013 Version: 1.2 (beta) Size: 270.07MB File: arcadia.vpk Downloads: 66,620 Views: 41,307

Deep underwater, the zombie apocalypse has spread to the city of Rapture. Four survivors have teamed up in the hopes to escape and find a safe location.
All credit goes to 2k games and Irrational Games for the models, textures and sounds. I will happily remove if need be. I am a big fan of Bioshock.

Progress: 95% Complete Tagged: Bioshock, Rapture, Underwater, Lets, Build, Co-Op, lets build

Environments: City / Urban, Oceans / Islands, Remakes / Ports

82 Comments and 8 Reviews
Calais Calais Posted 2 months ago

Unfortunately it crashes my game at the moment when the survivors pick up the pain pills at the beginning of the game.

PAL-18 PAL-18 Posted 3 months ago

It crashes for me too, but not 5 minutes in. Seems to happen shortly after a special infected spawns.

barbe barbe Posted 4 months ago

keeps crashing about five minutes in.

jayvanvelthoven jayvanvelthoven Posted 8 months ago

It looks awesome, But did you add maybe a room with little girls in it? Would be fun.

Adamant Plague Adamant Plague Posted 8 months ago

This is freaking awesome.

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Arcadia MaddaCheeb101 CriticMaddaCheeb101 Posted 9 months ago

Stays true to the design from Bioshock
Great map design
Lighting is well-done


Too many infected spawning at once
Not a fan of the "let's build" maps
Needs ammo piles
Needs a survival version
Unbalanced gameplay


A great map that isn't so hot once the gameplay starts going. Overall, a solid effort.

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