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Outpost 2

Author: CriticReaper (2)Game: L4DAdd-On: Map
rating9.4 Survival map for survival mode
1 Maps Available
Map Status: 100% Complete
L4D2 version: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=4867


V2 includes:
*bugfix - Teleporter will continue to incap players even when upgraded to safe. This occurs when the teleporter is upgraded at the same time as being used.
*bugfix - Keypad button 9 will now play the access denied sound, if locked when pressed.
*bugfix - Non-safe teleporter now has its chance to incap correctly configured to 10%, instead of 25%.

*upgrade - Laser now has its cooldown at rank two reduced to 1m 30s, rank three to 2min.

First version of my map:

At the beginning of the round, the first infected wave will sometimes scatter and not find its way to the survivors, depending on where the survivors are standing (happens rarely). This is only the first 30 infected, after that everything will work fine. I cannot fix this.

Buttons are either used to activate something, or allocate a point into an upgrade.

The only buttons used to allocate points are shown in screenshot 3. These buttons have two states, green (ready to use) or red(not ready).

All other buttons are used to activate something, these buttons have three states, Red (Locked), Green (Unlocked) and Flashing Green(Ready to use). The reason these buttons go from flashing green to non-flashing is because they're placed on cooldown, there will be a certain time before they can be used again.

Points are used to upgrade certain base features. You get 1pt/min, and it costs one point to upgrade. Points can be upgraded to 2pts/min with the Base button (rank five). You can only have ten points max, and
are shown in screenshots 2(on the back wall) and 3(on the board to the left). At the start of the round, you have three points to spend.

The wall is your frontline, most activateble things are done from the wall. The wall is also breakable in four locations. The only way to fix the wall is putting points in the Base upgrade (rank four).

The teleporters are located on the wall and back of the base. They can be used to travel from the wall->back, or back->wall(with four points in Base). Initially, the teleporter is "volatile", it will burn
players who use it and has a 10% chance to incap you on arrival(this is the purple sprite). With rank two of Base, the sprite turns blue(safe).

To use the teleporters, step into the sprite and wait two seconds to be teleported. In order to travel from the back->wall the teleporter must be activated(after rank four of Base).

There are three buttons used to spawn miniguns, two are found on the wall and one in the tower. Once pressed a minigun will be spawned at that location for twenty seconds. After the minigun has expired, it will go on cooldown for 2min. This cooldown can be reduced, for every point in laser or mines, the cooldown is reduced by 10sec.

*Tunnel Event:
Sometime between 5min-20min, an alarm will sound which signals the tunnel event. The infected will immediately divert underground, and ten seconds later the tunnels will open in the base. Infected will be
able to bypass the wall entirely and flood into the base. In order to shut the tunnels, survivors must travel down the holes into the tunnel and use the keypad.

The keypad has nine digits, scrambled in order. The code is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Though, you must press the buttons quickly, otherwise they lock and you will have to start again(1sec until a button locks after it has been unlocked). Once the code has been inputted successfully, and alarm will sound again. Thirty seconds
later the doors to the tunnels close, trapping everything that didn't make it out. If survivors are still down there, they cannot get out. Infected will continue to use the tunnels until all trapped survivors are dead.

Also, once the keypad has been activated, the X button will become available.

Each upgrade has three ranks, except Base which has five. You can view what rank an upgrade is on the board in
screenshot 3.

B: Base, used to upgrade features of the base which are already available.
*Rank1 - Unlocks the health dispenser, which initially spawns pills. Also spawns the hunting rifle.
*Rank2 - Upgrades the teleporter, making it now safe(blue sprite from purple). Also spawns the rifle.
*Rank3 - Upgrades the health dispenser, which will spawn first aid kits too. Also spawns the auto-shotgun.
*Rank4 - Unlocks the Two-Way Teleporter. Also unlocks the regenerative wall, which fixes itself once when broken.
*Rank5 - Upgrades the points accumulation to 2pts/min

L: Laser, activateble, killing and damaging infected in front of the wall. Will incap survivors.
*Rank1 - Unlocks the laser, initial damage is 110. Kills common infected instantly.
*Rank2 - Damage upgraded to 500, kills special infected instantly. Cooldown increased too 2min.
*Rank3 - Damage upgraded to 10000, kills tanks instantly. Cooldown increased too 3min.

M: Mines, (passive) automatic and dealing 500 damage. Activates on proximity (infected and survivors). 1min cooldown.
*Rank1 - Enables three mines
*Rank2 - Enables another two mines (five total)
*Rank3 - Enables another four mines (nine total)

S: Slow, (passive) slows special infected and boss infected, deactivates if survivors touch. Active in front of wall.
*Rank1 - Enables Slow, strength 20.
*Rank2 - Strength upgraded to 40.
*Rank3 - Strength upgraded to 60.

V: Vendors, two vendors located on opposite ends of the wall. Spawns various explosives on use. uses accumulate.
*Rank1 - Enables vendors, four uses to begin with. 60sec cooldown.
*Rank2 - Cooldown reduced to 45sec.
*Rank3 - Cooldown reduced to 30sec.

P: Protective Shield, an activateble door which when used, closes and blocks all infected.
*Rank1 - Enables the shield, lasts 20sec.
*Rank2 - Increases duration to 30sec.
*Rank3 - Increases duration to 45sec.

H: Health Regen, (passive) regenerates survivors health inside the base.
*Rank1 - Enables Health regen, 1health/4sec.
*Rank2 - Upgrades the amount of health restored to 1health/2sec.
*Rank3 - Upgrades the amount of health restored to 1health/1sec.

--Activated Abilities--
There is a console, located on the top of the wall in the middle, screenshot 4. These buttons activate certain things.
From order of left to right:

1. Exclamation mark, Starts the panic event.
2. Health symbol, this is the health dispenser. Once unlocked it will have four charges. 2min cooldown.
3. Double arrow, Activates the Two-Way teleport, lasting 18sec on a 2min cooldown. Can also be activated from the back of base(button on the teleporter).
4. Zig Zag line, Laser.
5. Shield, the protective shield.
6. X, The X button. Once unlocked, it can be used to kill all common infected on the map, light infected on fire, heal survivors to full hp and enable all miniguns for 1min. 3min cooldown.
09/30/2009 Version: 1.2 (complete) Size: 8.9MB File: outpost2_v2.vpk Downloads: 14,086 Views: 42,392

This is a sequel to my old "Outpost" map. It features a leveling system used to upgrade the base you're defending. Read the "Changelog" for all the map info.
There is now an updated version of this map, compatible with l4d2. Check changelog.

11 Comments and 5 Reviews
Emblem_Of_Flames Emblem_Of_Flames Posted 1 year ago

-Good replay value
-Different strategies each play through
-The sand storms are amazingly better than hard rain


-A bit hard starting out (but that's because of survival mode)
-Having to look at the change log is annoying


Great map, and also really fun on fort build servers!

Agent12227 Agent12227 Posted 1 year ago

"The only buttons used to allocate points are shown in screenshot 3. These buttons have two states, green (ready to use) or red(not ready)." and wheres screenshot 3?

Ace772 Ace772 Posted 1 year ago

Could someone tell me what the buttons are for???

read teh changelog it will explain everything

1 year ago
pulp pulp Posted 2 years ago

- gains replay value from variety of power-up options
- nice to have a fall back area for tanks
- quick escapes from the teleporter
- not too many items to start
- lack of power-up descriptions [makes you think]
- still trying to make it down into the sewers below
-The sand storms create a limited viewing distance that instantly changes the game-play




My friends and I enjoy this map and its difficulty, it's the upgrade system that really sets this map apart
so many choices keep up the good work!

Great replay value, extensive equipment selection, and there must be something down in those tunnels...

Hackerasas Hackerasas Posted 2 years ago

How to start the zombie horde?

oowwccaa oowwccaa Posted 2 years ago

how to start it ?

zombiekiller200 Criticzombiekiller200 Posted 2 years ago


agreed but i think that if there were to be a left 4 dead 3 that they have all 6 campaigns from l4d1 and 7 or 8 more campaigns from l4d2 and having the original 5 weapons for the l4d1 campaign and the l4d2 weapons for the l4d2 campaigns. i would suspect that they have Ellis and Rochelle and maybe Coach(or Nick) die and have the remaining join Francis, Zoey, and Louis

1 year ago
beaterz beaterz Posted 2 years ago

much fun messing around with all the options
great user created contend
cool random events
keeps you whanting to play more
good balanced gameplay


at beginning little bit hard to understand how it all works
some things are to hard to understand


best map i have ever played. i would like to see more updates or other cool maps with this function

skipp2kill skipp2kill Posted 3 years ago

i like this map very musch it is creative and you need to work toghether as a team and choose wisly what u buy but there arent thats much grenades in the map thats the only - point

wolf99555 wolf99555 Posted 3 years ago

Fun, Well designed map
Very Unique
The upgrade system works perfectly


A little hard..
I never reached the tunnel part, unfortunately.


An all-around great map! Could use some work on the difficulty though...

Drewisgreat Drewisgreat Posted 4 years ago

-One of the best survival maps I have ever played.
-The upgrade system was awesome!
-tons of fun and repeatably.


-very had to survive after the 5 minute mark
-the tunnel event was fun and frantic but seems it would be better placed at the 10 minute mark so more players could see it.


This was an awesome map for me and 2 of my friends. It was great planing out how we were going to upgrade when we had the points, and then seeing how our choices played out. A fantastic map!

reaperrar Criticreaperrar Posted 4 years ago

How do you load the map?
Should either create a survival lobby and load the map from there, or use the console command "map outpost2_v2 survival"

Have you set "sv_cheats 1" at all?
If so, make sure "z_common_limit" is set above zero.

When you press the exclamation mark to start the map... the round begins and a continuous wave of zombies are supposed to spawn. Do any zombies spawn?

adiamond adiamond Posted 4 years ago

add a barricade

Pyscho Hunter Pyscho Hunter Posted 4 years ago

yes i was wondering if you could put a poster somewere up on the map to tell us what the buttons in the tower (at the back) do because i have NO idea lol

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Recent reviews for Outpost 2.
Outpost 2 Emblem_Of_Flames Emblem_Of_Flames Posted 1 year ago

-Good replay value
-Different strategies each play through
-The sand storms are amazingly better than hard rain


-A bit hard starting out (but that's because of survival mode)
-Having to look at the change log is annoying


Great map, and also really fun on fort build servers!

Outpost 2
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