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Obelisk of the Dead

Author: ZyrdenGame: L4DAdd-On: CampaignMaps: 3/5
Awaiting5 votes Co-op map for co-op play Versus map for versus play
3/5 Maps Available
  • - Lobby
  • - Offices
  • - Apartments
  • - unnamed
  • - Rooftop
Campaign Status: 50% Complete

Version History

Lobby created

offices created
both maps get versus

Lobby cleaned up and expanded a little bit
Offices expanded a tad
both maps get linked with the hole in the tower front

Lobby expanded greatly. Everything outdoors added with this version

Title changed finally, the other one was temporary

All skymaps have been changed to that of the No Mercy campaign, apparently there was no ground in the other skymap.

Added poster, outro and thumbnails

Rescue closet moved to middle of map instead of being close to the end.
Ladder in the parking garage now shows properly.

NEW MAP: Rooftop. The finale
I've made this now, since the campaign really need an ending, having to manually quit is no fun :P


Lobby: The gate in the parking garage now moves faster, so the infected dont get stuck trying to jump over.

Offices: added an infected ladder in the elevator shaft in versus.

Rooftop: Added a hole in the ceiling of the comms building, and a breakable wall. Also the tables have been lowered.
The credits dont show in vs anymore, and infected ladders have been re-added (That'll teach me not to just copy the coop version of the map)
And a few minor changes.


Lobby: The prison has furniture now

Offices: expanded to full size

Rooftop: The static door is now indestructible. Infected ladder to the top of the comms tower (the big one) should you wish to go there.
11/20/2009 Version: 6.1 (beta) Size: 35MB File: obelisk-beta6.vpk Downloads: 3,464 Views: 17,551

There's a helipad on top of a nearby skyscraper, and it's your best chance of getting out of the city. My first campaign so don't expect too much, it's fun to play though. And pretty hard; there are very few supplies in the campaign.

Progress: 50% Complete Tagged: co-op, versus

Environments: City / Urban

4 Comments and 0 Reviews
grimalkin grimalkin Posted 3 years ago

great campaign for your first. alot of empty rooms but overall a great campaign.

AGRESSOR CriticAGRESSOR Posted 4 years ago

Ok =) I'll waiting for the other part of the campaign =) Good luck with it!

Zyrden Zyrden Posted 4 years ago

True, the design is quite shabby :P
I never thought people would have any trouble figuring out how to open the door though. You have to shoot the big red button on the wall, but I might change it with the next update.
The radio on the roof is a bit trickier to figure out; there's no power. Right next to the saferoom is a generator room, use that to enable the radio. I would make the big messages you see in the officials, but noone can figure out how to make those sadly.
I'm working on the rest (except for the guns, that part stays). Thanks for the comment.

AGRESSOR CriticAGRESSOR Posted 4 years ago

Good for your first campaign. But design isn't good. A lot of empty rooms or copypasted rooms. Also I think that a limited amount of weapons isn't good, because I've tired of shooting with only pistols.
Gameplay is fun =) but I have a questions, how to get out of the prison (or what is it) at the beginning of the first map?! I haven't found any buttons or something. I saw this door later in one place and again I can't get through it because I don't know how. =( On the last map when I found the radio, I can't turn it on! Oh, and idea with the skyscraper is good, but it has very bad textured. Plz fix

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Obelisk of the Dead
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