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No Mercy 2

Author: CriticValve - Ported By Ausimus (5)Game: L4D2Add-On: CampaignMaps: 5/5
Awaiting2 votes Co-op map for co-op play Survival map for survival mode Versus map for versus play
5/5 Maps Available
  • - Apartments
  • - Subway
  • - Sewers
  • - Interior
  • - Rooftop
Campaign Status: 100% Complete
Fixed a crashing issue.
Most of the maps have randomized weapon spawns.
Removed versus mode (will be fixed in a later update).

Recompiled with HDR so that everything will not be as dark.
Fixed a crash issue due to an update released by Valve.
Updated the map images to the latest version of the campaign. (old ones were uber old)

Fixed a malformed rag doll prop on the second map in the subway cars that was incompatible with l4d2, when shot this model would cause an instant crash of l4d2.

Fixed the missing broken glass texture on map 2.
Fixed the missing texture on the Hospital on map 3 near the end (missing overlay, this should resolve all missing texture issues).

Fixed Some Missing Textures (the remaining will be fixed in a later update).
Re-scripted Chopper finale on rooftop to the c2m5 concert so that it actually works right now (still no voices).
Added more weapons (all tiers).
Added more items.
Touched up the nav.
Completely fixed cubemap errors.
Fixed Versus.
Fixed Elevator where players cannot fall threw on map 4.
Fixed Gas station Explosion! It now works perfectly.

Changed the download url.


Made some modifications to the loading_screen, and outro images.

Added more weapons, melees and some some work with the elevator of doom.

Fixed some issues with Coach getting stuck in walls, or falling threw the floor at various points and on various maps.

Fixed Shiny Cube map Textures. (everything is no longer distractingly shiny and no longer reflect the wrong reflection).
Fixed CI Spawning issue they now don't spawn behind you.
Fixed map images (no longer pink checker boxes).
Added more weapons.
Added more pickups.
Added more melees.

Redid some scripts to apply the l4d2 textures, instead of the l4d1 textures.
Re-Scripted the Rooftop Finale to accommodate the missing pilots voice.
Added l4d2 weaponry.

v1.4 Released on 12-26-09
-Added More weapons
-Removed the finale event on the 2nd map
-Replaced Loading Screens and Map pics with generic l4d2 ones
-Re analyzed the nav mesh so that the common spawn correctly, an not behind you.
-Touched up a few missing models and textures.
-Changed the map names to not include l4d1 markers.
09/13/2010 Version: 1.54 (complete) Size: 29.42MB File: no_mercy_2.vpk Downloads: 353,669 Views: 566,896

The Original No Mercy Ported to l4d2 to be as authentic to the original as possible.
Add-on Support Required.

10 Comments and 3 Reviews
boogeyman1001 boogeyman1001 Posted 4 months ago

I like the dark hehe

TheFluffyCalicoKitten TheFluffyCalicoKitten Posted 8 months ago

This looks different I can tell you made it darker that makes it awesome!!!

Estevoo Estevoo Posted 1 year ago

Yea! once i've tried to play "dead air" campain and the game crashed when i'm came out the building (2nd level)

self_family self_family Posted 1 year ago

this is in l4d1


1 year ago

No shit...

8 months ago
monstergaga(l4d) Criticmonstergaga(l4d) Posted 2 years ago

maybe consider this a demo because map 3,4,5 are errors and mulfuntioning
and not playable it maybe playable but you can't even move in the screenshots you
may used noclip to take screenshots no offence

i have not updated this campaign in ages. i will be doing something special with this campaign. This was released a long time before valve did so.

2 years ago
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No Mercy 2 grave222 grave222 Posted 2 years ago

good map
l4d1 air vent at begginig
no zombies at beggining


map 4 no zombies bots stay and when i go to saferoom its like a room
even with bots killed
and map 5 rooftop i cant go so i went and its crap


good but map 4 -5is nothing so keep it up mabye u can make others better

No Mercy 2
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