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Freezer Burn

Author: CriticRyOK (3)Game: L4D2Add-On: CampaignMaps: 6/6
member8.3 critic8.3 Co-op map for co-op play Versus map for versus play
6/6 Maps Available
  • - Touchdown
  • - Frozen Desolation
  • - Arctic Atrium
  • - Spring Thaw
  • - Towering Inferno
  • - Rooftop Finale
Campaign Status: 100% Complete

Fixed map 5 to map 6 changelevel issue. You no spawn everyone. The death on map 2 will not be fixed however. Gave it the ole Real Ellis try, though, if you know what we mean lol Enjoy everyone!


YETI TANK REMOVED = no more invisible tank at all. Sound and models fixed. We will fix elevator glitch asap.


- Full HDR compiling, (ooh pretty!). Except map 3. For some reason it was giving me rainbow cubemaps. I decided it wasn't really needed so I released anyways.

- Overhauled the fire. Now it doesn't use particle based fire. The pros is that I can have a lot more fire for the buck. The cons are it doesn't look as good when you walk right up to it. There is still some fps issues in the main cubicle office area, however that will be fixed when I yet again overhaul the fire models, (at some point)

- Redesigned the finale. To start the finale, you must turn on the gas BELOW the helicopter. The pad is inaccessible until the heli is ready to take off, (it didn't make much sense anyways. If a tank threw a rock at the heli he'd destroy it).

- Various nav_mesh edits. Not a big change, but some tweaks.

- Took out the fire in map 6. Kinda unrealistic anyways. I simply had a general "dislike" for it anyways.


- Updated all maps to have HDR lighting, (ooh pretty!)

- Map 4,5 now have model fire. While not visually as good, this allows me to add a LOT more fire and keep playable FPS: something that just isn't possible.

- Map 5 has a slightly different layout. You will see when you play. Same rooms, but the fire makes you travel a longer path

- Couple of nav mesh tweaks in various maps.

- The helicopter is no longer accessible in map 6. No more camping around the helipad!
No revision notes have been added by the developer.

Current problems:

- For some reason, in map 5''s fire offices the bots sometimes act stupid when traversing the fire. They will either freeze, or get lost. This is mostly due to me not formally re-designing the area, however I simply don't have the time to do it!


- All maps will be HDR compiled
- Maps 4/5 will feature "budget fire" models. This will decrease the realism of the fire, however it should make the game run much more smooth.
- The rooftop finale will be reworked: The helicopter will be inaccessible, the fire and smoke will be removed from the lower level, and minor tweaks. Now to start the finale, the pump will be located below the helicopter.


Yes this is 1.31. Notice the 1 on the end!

1.31 update:

- Forgot to include the new map 5 nav. Now it's not broken..... again. :) Sorry 42 people who dl from megaupload. I rushed the new fix too quickly!

1.3 update:

- Fixed bug which didn't allow players to start finale, (sorry I brokex it!)

- Fixed map 5 elevator not transitioning players.


- Nav mesh updated AGAIN. Now there should be much less problems with infected getting stuck, (you can climb on top of some weird props and still get it. Cut me a break!)

- Added the rescue closets I missed to maps 2-5.

- Added tier 1 weapons near the first ammo pile in map 2. Now if you skip to map 2 you won't be hurting!

- made it virtually impossible to exploit map 3 and skip the barricade. This involved a lot of player clips and adding some more wooden barricades to block off the other routes. It should be a bit easier to navigate now, because you are forced to jump down now, (the other way is blocked by a barricade).

- Re-did all of the fire, wind, and rain sounds to HOPEFULLY get them playing in multiplayer now.

- Made it so the infected can climb up the rear of the helipad, so now they can surround the survivors. also removed all weapons from the helipad. (This is the last I can do before completely redesigning the finale. Just play on a harder skill level!!!)

- DID THE ONLY THING I CAN THINK OF TO SOLVE THAT ELEVATOR ISSUE IN MAP 2 ONCE AND FOR ALL! Now the players are forced into position on the elevator at the start of map 2. If this doesn't fix the elevator issue, then nothing will.

- Numerous other odds and ends



- I'm going to check out the nav mesh in the finale for any spots where players can exploit. The only thing I can ask is in the meantime please send screenshots of exploits and bugs to rokore@yahoo.com. This way I can address any bugs which are found!

- I will be redesigning the water and adding a lot of sprites to the finished campaign for GDC. I was forced to make a quick version for the contest to finish it on time!

- I MAY redesign some of map 2 and 1 to make it more detailed. These were kinda thrown in at the last minute to make the campaign playable. I don't think they are terrible right now.

- I will make a survival/scavenge play-mode for the campaign.

- The fb.txt missions file is not correct, you forgot to add the closing brackets "}" for "mission" and "modes" at the bottom of the file.
KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer: got EOF instead of keyname in file missions/fb.txt
mission, modes, (*versus*), (*6*),
KeyValues Error: RecursiveLoadFromBuffer: got EOF instead of keyname in file missions/fb.txt
mission, (*modes*), (*versus*), (*6*),

- For some reason the fire sound doesn't play for everybody. I will look into this after the contest has started, (again, not enough time today hehe!)
* This is a VALVE bug. This only occurs when I play it multiplayer. For some people it is all the time, while others it is only multiplayer. I will have a fix for this soon.

- I will completely redo the Nav Meshe's in all maps to fix any errors that still exist. Hopefully they should play better than valve maps by the time I'm done with em.... Hopefully

- I will re-design the safe rooms so the bots will hopefully pick up the med-packs now. I may be forced to move the medpacks out of the safe rooms if I can't find a quick fix for this.
* This has been confirmed to be valves "if the bots come in with medkits they won't pick up the medkits in the saferoom" bug. If anyone can reproduce this by having injured players enter the safe room WITHOUT medkits and they simply ignore them, please let me know. However all of the testers have confirmed this isn't a problem with the map.

- I will add some tier 1 weapons to the ammo pile in map 2. This way players who skip map 1 won't be hurting for ammo for the first portion of the map.

- I need to add more rescue closets to the map. I accidentally forgot to put them in :P


-Fixed the problem with the elevator, (the roof is now an illusionary). IF YOU SPAWN OUTSIDE THE ELEVATOR AGAIN PLEASE TELL ME! THIS SHOULD FIX IT!!!

- Finale is much harder now. The infected can climb up the pillars.

- Map 4''s fire has been redesigned to DRASTICALLY increase fps, (at least 15-20fps increase).

- Few odds and ends


Beta 1.0 released


Known issues:

- maps 4-6 can sometimes have fps hits with big horde events. The current workaround is to reduce your resolution by 1 option, (generally gives you a 10-15fps increase). I will have a fix up by the end of this weekend.

- Bots can sometimes be dumb, (Easy fix. Give me a few days to fix).

- Vs gives people problems, (sorry not my problem. Goto valve for that. If anyone is interested I can give them the source map files if they really want to play vs. However, they've already changed the rules of the competition so all you need is the second game mode even if it doesn't work.)

- Sometimes in map 2 the survivors start on top of the elevator instead of inside. The easiest way to fix this is to commit suicide, (you restart inside)

- It says Dead Line 2 when you select the mission from the add-on screen, (no idea why. Trying to figure it out!)


- I'll be releasing a fix for the fps hits of the fire, the elevator spawning players on the top of it, and the finale being a tad too easy in about an hour.
04/22/2013 Version: 3.1 (final) Size: 222.28MB File: fb.vpk Downloads: 367,116 Views: 445,176

CUSTOM TANK REMOVED!!! FIXED ALL INVISIBLE MODELS and CUSTOM SOUND NOW WORKING. Made in 20 days over 179.5 hours, I wanted to put a creative touch on the arctic theme. Set in a frozen skyscraper in Winnipeg, the building begins to burn down.

Tagged: co-op, versus

Environments: City / Urban, Arctic / Winter

281 Comments and 141 Reviews
Ultroxmga Ultroxmga Posted 2 months ago

This was one of the first custom left 4 dead 2 maps i played, so i hold it in a special place in my heart.

nicholas57 nicholas57 Posted 4 months ago

Major bug for this map please fix it:
Finish the 1st chapter, when u enter the 2nd chapter, the whole team fall to death.

Please fix it as soon as possible the map is really nice without this bug.

l4dmpxcw l4dmpxcw Posted 8 months ago

- nice background design on snow and fire
- custom voices
- easy to go
- supplies of grenade launchers
- each map is not too long


- a bit repetitive and boring
- bugs: all people suddenly died in the elevator


simple and relaxing

TheWalker TheWalker Posted 9 months ago

- Very original;
- Very good textures;
- Good details;
- Nice to play with friends;
- Voice in map and funny chat with survivors.


- Boring;
- Too easy.
- Some glitches.


It's very original map where we have ice, fire and water, and it's very nice to play with friends, but a little boring, it's almost the same.

chatyak chatyak Posted 11 months ago

20 days? Wow - you haul ass!

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Freezer Burn l4dmpxcw l4dmpxcw Posted 8 months ago

- nice background design on snow and fire
- custom voices
- easy to go
- supplies of grenade launchers
- each map is not too long


- a bit repetitive and boring
- bugs: all people suddenly died in the elevator


simple and relaxing

Freezer Burn
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