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Badwater Basin

Author: Criticjsparakov (2)Game: L4D2Add-On: Map
member9.1 critic9.4 Co-op map for co-op play Scavenge map for scavenge play
Screenshot system here sucks, so this is the result.
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Badwater Basin for L4D2 by Valve, L4D Community, jsparakov, and ThaiGrocer

Badwater Basin version Dev 3

Only Minor Changes:
-Restored VTX files to proper extensions
-WAV sounds and new songs from recent TF2 updates are now packed and properly hooked up
-Updated reslist, if that really matters
-Restored poster to original layout
-Reduced size of outro title
-Addon JPG is now working
-Found ten bucks in the pocket of my jeans

Badwater Basin version Dev 2

"Chocolate Helicopters" Music is from Mike M. of Valve
Thanks to Green and Haiddasalami for playtesting and tolerating the pain that is Badwater Basin.

Known Issues:
-Visual quirks during dedicated server to client game. The client might see things like doors not fully closing/opening and other strange things. I'm not sure what the cause is, but many people suggest that it's a VPK system issue and cannot be fixed.
-Other issues that may be caused by a VPK system still in development by Valve.
-Custom sounds do not work properly and rely on buggy .mp3 files. Expect player_start music, danger music, sound effects to cut off. Valve is hoping to get a system up that will be compatible with .wav files some day.
-Germ music from L4D1 is temporarily substituted by Mall music because of lack of custom sound suppport.
-Custom particles don't work at all. You can see in the previous screenshots that particles did work.
-Pacing might be off. Sorry guys, I'm still trying to get the right balance.
-Survivor bots might get stuck going into escape vehicle. This is being closely monitored.
-Versus is not available because per-gascan scoring is not possible before a finale is triggered.
-No survival game mode.
-Survivors can't detect a smokered coop buddy due to lack of nav mesh in that certain spot above the victim.
-Choreographed voice acting have volume priority and situation clashes. It might not be possible to fix this.
-Post-death coop finale survivor spawn may have some peculiarities, especially visual ones.
-The entity work is really complex and it may be possible to move the mechanics to vscripts.
-The source vmf files may give compile errors that don't seem to affect anything regarding performance or function.

-Added reslists. Hopefully that will improve loading times. Thanks, ilcannibal!
-Added more music and sound effects.
-Added some community survivor voices.
-Added Scavenge Gamemode to the finale consisting of 13 gas cans. This is experimental. As always, questions, comments, complaints are welcomed!
-Added l4dmaps.com and teamfortressmaps.com logos in poster for contest.
-Added simple addon logo and outtro picture.
-Forgot to add chopper instance to the mapsrc folder. New addition mapsrc for dialogue.
-Removed BATTLEFIELD completely because PanicEvents are non-existent in this map.
-Removed ammo in the back of the cart.
-Increased special infected limit to 3. Before "The Passing" update, it was 1. Thanks, tsr2.
-Reduced number of gascans from 34 to 24. Finale stays at 13 gascans.
-Initial weapons in saferoom are now limited to two tier 1 primaries with 5 limit. Thanks, Green.
-Infected ladder textures have been properly aligned in most places. Thanks, Green.
-Ending has been altered in an attempt to be more dramatic and now has 12% less nonsense. Please leave feedback on what you think.
-Hopefully fixed intro camera lag when it is a client to dedicated server connection. This was done by changing the moving entity from a multiplayer camera to a func_tracktrain. Thanks again, EvolvedAnt.
-Fixed awkward shadows found on train tracks and rocks. Thanks, Green.
-Fall damage is no longer possible within interior Cap 1 arena.
-Death pit post-explosion now damages any person that falls in there.
-Experimented with nav mesh to slightly improve bot terrain navigation. Still not the best.
-Reduced width of ramp leading to chopper "container". This might improve chances of getting bots in the container.
-Attempted balance of difficulty. Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or complaints.
-Cap 1 gas cans have been moved in a blind attempt to improve pacing.
-Ghost trigger_finale hovering over near the escape vehicle platform is not longer glowing long before finale is available.
-Survivors are completely restricted from the Red spawn rooms.
-Cart now pauses when the first player is filling it up.
-Finale really, really waits for survivors to get near the cart now, when clear of infected.
-Alleviated any known material/texture conflicts. I'm sure there's more! There's always more...
-Annoying "ding sound" at cap 1 is now less emphasized. It is now restricted to a certain radius.
-Map vrad is now compiled only in HDR and the size of the map is reduced to nearly half.
-Meow meow meow meow.

Badwater Basin version Dev 1

-Initial Release
10/15/2011 Version: 3 (alpha) Size: 255.1MB File: badwater_dev3.vpk Downloads: 73,572 Views: 116,514

This is an unadvertised Silent Update. They're just minor changes to make the campaign work again. A major update has an unknown ETA since the source map for that has been pulled apart.

57 Comments and 13 Reviews
Gregpangan07 Gregpangan07 Posted 5 months ago

Team Fortress 2 map

fourdgrez fourdgrez Posted 6 months ago

i wonder what its gonna be like

coukincho coukincho Posted 8 months ago

Unknown format. What do I do?

alexalex49 alexalex49 Posted 1 year ago

this map only needs a normal VS mode and it's all ok

dragontamer247 dragontamer247 Posted 1 year ago

Looks fun, but I had a miserable time on a similar map called "Payload Hoodoo." I hope this map isn't as EVIL as the other one... :S

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Recent reviews for Badwater Basin.
Badwater Basin Lethal Lethal Posted 3 years ago

-Great combination of my two favourite games
-Intense panic events
-No tanks until the end
-Great application of TF2 sounds and music
-Ellis' reference to TF2
-Melee weapons on the cart (great idea, but they need to be outlined)
-Good variety of infected
-No witches


-The survivors said "the helicopter's arrived!" when I sitll had 4 more gas cans to pour in
-Coach said "The Midnight Riders saved us!" which had little to no relevance in this campaign
-I didn't get to the finale because the bots all died


All in all, a fun map. I love TF2 and I love L4D2, so obviously I loved this. It took me aaages to figure out how to get to the last 4 cans (up the numerous flights of stairs next to the hole) but that was probably just me being stupid :P
Very innovative, fun to play, but the bots let me down towards the end (not a problem with what you did, just stupid AI).

Anyway, job well done. Especially since this isn't a finished release.

Badwater Basin
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