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Absolute Zero

Author: Soul (2)Game: L4D2Add-On: CampaignMaps: 6/7
member8.5 critic8.1 Co-op map for co-op play Survival map for survival mode Versus map for versus play
Revamped Fog&Lighting Level 1
6/7 Maps Available
  • - South Haven Base
  • - Abandoned Complex
  • - Chasm Ice Ruins
  • - Temple Steppes
  • - Aerith Rest
  • - Haven Research Facility
  • - 9/10 Survival maps
Campaign Status: 95% Complete

Level 1:
-Fixed the nav blocker not activating when the sewer path is closed.
-Blocked tank/witch from spawning at the bottom of the elevator.

Level 2:
-Added a permanent magnum pistol spawn right outside the saferoom on the right by the light.
-Blocked tank/witch from spawning in the hall and winding staircase after event 3.

Level 3:
-Moved the scripted elevator tank to the fire room in the cargo room at the top. He can't get to you, and when you leave the room he will die.
-Fixed the elevator so that players can no longer jump off where the doors are when the elevator is in motion.

Level 4:
-Fixed the bomb cart hint to better explain what to do when setting the bomb.

Level 5:
-Tank event has been completely re-worked. Play it to find out how.
-Secondary event can take place instead of the tank. Play it to find out how.
-Added tons of new sound waves for vocal information on events.
-The second event has an alternate event that can take place where the power doesn't break, it's roughly a 25% chance to activate.
-Moved ammo pile from road to the boxes on the hill near the town.

Try not to rely too heavily on hints on the map, use the glows and your ears, should have no issues.


Level 1:

-Added 2 new paths to level 1.
-Disabled ALL gibs on the breakable floor in the first event.
-Removed the moving dynamic light under the breakable floor in the first event.
-Added nav blockers for the vents in the first event when the sewer path is open.
-Added a 30 second delay on the sewer gauntlets gate before it starts to open after the switch has been hit.
-Fixed a god spot on a dumpster on the forest short path.
-Fixed mobs sometimes spawning in the sewer path when it is closed off.

Level 2:

-Redid the underground forest.
-Added a new magnum spawn in the underground forest.
-New path on level 2 at the end has a 33% chance to be open, lower chance due to it exponentially extending map length.
-Removed most detail from the end saferoom to free up brushes and planes for alternate path.
-Fixed a god spot on the generator after the second event gauntlet.

Level 3:

-Fixed the 4 missing ammo spawns that were not spawning before:
1. In the Temple on the altar.
2. Under the tree on the Ice path.
3. In the Ruins in the second room by the ogre statue.
4. Removed the ammo pile in the last room before the safe room.

Level 4:

-Crash issue fixed on level 4 (For Good!!).
-Changed level 4 to have the snow models.

Level 5 to come later, had to release crash fixes.


This does not include level 6; mainly changes to the previous levels to help tide over replayability and longevity while waiting for the finale:

Level 1:

-There is a chance for alternate paths where you skip the control tower but forego the armory: 2/7 chance:
-Chance to take gate 1/2 out of 2/7 chance.
-Chance to enter control tower and enter maintenance access under gate 1/2 out of 2/7 chance.

-There is a very low chance for an alternate path at the beginning of the level that goes straight to the second event in the map. The area where the *housing* is, has been modified to be a forested area to better support game play: 1/7 chance.

If control tower path is chosen, a few changes can occur:
-25% chance for the armory to be locked until after the first event is completed.
-75% chance for the vent path to be open.
-25% chance for the vent path to be closed, with the double doors open instead.

-The hangars now have a 33% chance to be closed, locking away any items that spawn inside (Both hangars have a 33% chance to be closed separately).

-The table in the first hangar is now fixed, zombies know how to attack you when you stand on it now.
-The starting area has been revised so the clips prevent players from standing on any of the objects and preventing the horde from attacking them.

-The planehorde has been revised to no longer appear 115 seconds after leaving the start room. It now appears randomly between 60-900 seconds after the map loads.

Level 2:

-The path change after the first event can either have both open or one or the other open now.
-Sometimes the top path will have the double doors open allowing you to skip the airvents (EVEN MORE YAY!!)

-The second event will sometimes not trigger, allowing you to move through the center unscathed (YAY!).

-The third event sometimes doesn't fail and allows you to simply turn on the generator without worrying about the junction boxes (YAY!!).

Level 3:

-Added skybox fog.
-Changed fog to black in cargo room.
-Changed lighting in spiral prior to the temple.
-Displaced flat cave walls in exterior environment.

Level 4:

-Double doors right before the first mine shaft has a small chance to open.

-The first mine shaft now has randomized paths:
-Straight path.
-Left path.
-Both paths open.

The following 2 changes are tied together so only one can occur, if either of them occurs:
-The first event has a very small chance for a path to be open that skips the event, closing off the event area that playthrough attempt.
-The second event has a very small chance for a path to be open that skips the event, closing off the event area that playthrough attempt.

-In co-op the double tanks at the end are now just a nuisance, you don't need to kill them to advance (This was just evil and mean and added nothing to the challenge truthfully, just artificially beyond recognition).


To Do in a future update:

Level 5:

-Tank event no longer is an escort, just stay ahead of it or close to it to avoid from being bombed (Straying too far from the tank bombs you, even if you are in the cave).

There are 3 possibilities for the first event now:
-Tank event.
-Mill event (Activate gate controls via a computer in the mill outside the village.
-No event, the entrance to the village is cleared prior to your arrival.

-Sometimes the circuits don't break and the second event is just sit here and defend this location (A nice break from the hardcore events).

-Sometimes there is a third event to enter the manor courtyard.


Level 1:
-Added knee-deep water to all of crescendo 1.
-Removed Ice in crescendo 1.
-Removed witch from versus between the clipped doors.

Level 2:
-Removed Ice in crescendo 2.
-Added third medicinal cabinet before crescendo 1.
-Added 4 pills in medicinal cabinets 2 & 3 (before and after crescendo 2).

Level 3:
-Fixed a texture glitch.

Level 4:
-Fixed Ice in co-op version.
-Fixed a crash issue.
-Fixed a texture glitch.

Level 5:
-Fixed Ice in co-op version.
-Added marker for where to stand during the tank crescendo.
-Sped up the tank in the first crescendo.
-Made the area for moving the tank much larger in the first crescendo.
-Removed God spots in crescendo 2 (Behind the Apache up top by the manor and the 2 generators).
-In versus, players may no longer rush ahead of the tank for points.

-Fixed the tank music looping issue.
-Removed the Special Infected and Common reskins from the Assets vpk, make sure you re-download it.
-Removed the blue bile bomb mod from Absolute Zero.

Fixed all crash related issues to Absolute Zero stand-alone.
Make sure if you are crashing to desktop to disable all other mods so that only Absolute Zero and Absolute Zero assets are enabled, and go from there. We are looking in to this issue but as of now, it is out of my hands.


Level 1:
Armory chance has been removed; the armory is now always fully equipped in both coop and versus.

Level 2:
Added medicinal cabinet in the crescendo 2 end room.

Level 3:
Added medicinal cabinet at the top of the elevator crescendo.

Added hints in both co-op and versus for all maps.

Level 5, "Aerith Rest" release.
Level 5 Survival map, "Aerith Rest Last Stand" release.

Remember to use director hints under the options -> multiplayer tab if you get lost or stuck.

Minor bug fixes and balancing tweaks.





All custom content is copyright under the opensource agreement. Use our models and textures, give us credit or don't use them at all.
The music is copyright under Jeff Broadbent and Kole:


The music is not licensed to be distributed outside of the Absolute Zero VPK and permissions to use it in your project are strictly prohibited.
I do not give permission for users or other modders to modify my work in any way and upload. Don't rip my baby apart just because it's too hard for you. It is my baby, I'll defend my work.

In a nut shell, we are giving our hard work to you to allow you to use the assets, respect us and give us our due, happy modding.
03/18/2014 Version: 7.5 (beta) Size: 414.42MB File: azmain.vpk Downloads: 182,441 Views: 194,751



A custom campaign based around a snowy landscape.
6 Coop/VS levels, 10 Survival levels.

Project Zero Team:

Soul - World Builder / Project Lead
Dangerous Person - Project Helper
[TSF] LordNitro|LTD - Project Helper
Phrosty - Tester
The Master - Tester
Darkeyes - Concept Artist / Poster
Traggey - Modeler / Voice Actor
Adzstocko2k - Modeler
TOG | K1CHWA - Texture Artist (Si Retexture)
Balthazar - Texture Artist
UGF-Harris - Texture Artist
Kole - Levels 1 & 4 music
Jeff Broadbent - Levels 3 & 5 / Tank music

Q & C?
Please let me know on Steam: Draugonian

Progress: 95% Complete Tagged: co-op, versus, survival, Traps, Other

Environments: Caves / Dungeons, Arctic / Winter, Military / Outpost

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537 Comments and 24 Reviews
L4DTeak. L4DTeak. Posted 1 day ago

I like chapter two because there was a scene where you get to see a lot of..plants.

vodanh57 vodanh57 Posted 5 days ago

Help me! need pack

Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/hallowed winter/metalroof_snow_-43_8812_78" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/HALLOWED WINTER/METALROOF_SNOW.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/hallowed winter/metalroof_snow_490_8890_74" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/HALLOWED WINTER/METALROOF_SNOW.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/hallowed winter/metalroof_snow_1591_5431_288" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/HALLOWED WINTER/METALROOF_SNOW.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/hallowed winter/metalroof_snow_2680_6850_336" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/ZERO/CONCRETE/CINDERWALL02_DIRTY_ZERO.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/zero/concrete/cinderwall02_dirty_zero_-159_9524_-103" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/ZERO/CONCRETE/CINDERWALL02_DIRTY_ZERO.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/zero/concrete/cinderwall02_dirty_zero_306_9002_79" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/ZERO/CONCRETE/CINDERWALL02_DIRTY_ZERO.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/zero/concrete/cinderwall02_dirty_zero_123_9178_73" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/ZERO/CONCRETE/CINDERWALL02_DIRTY_ZERO.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/zero/concrete/cinderwall02_dirty_zero_-169_9536_73" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/HALLOWED WINTER/METALROOF_SNOW.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/hallowed winter/metalroof_snow_545_9285_203" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/HALLOWED WINTER/METALROOF_SNOW.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/hallowed winter/metalroof_snow_123_9178_73" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/ZERO/CONCRETE/CINDERWALL02_DIRTY_ZERO.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/zero/concrete/cinderwall02_dirty_zero_-857_10768_-2114" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/HALLOWED WINTER/METALROOF_SNOW.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/hallowed winter/metalroof_snow_123_9534_73" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/ZERO/CONCRETE/CINDERWALL02_DIRTY_ZERO.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/zero/concrete/cinderwall02_dirty_zero_-255_9755_203" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/ZERO/CONCRETE/CINDERWALL02_DIRTY_ZERO.vmt)
Error: Material "maps/l4d_zero01_base/zero/concrete/cinderwall02_dirty_zero_-1447_6575_73" uses unknown shader "patch"
Failed to load $include VMT file (materials/HALLOWED WINTER/METALROOF_SNOW.vmt)

Ignore it for now, the patched version which I am working on should fix all those issues.

4 days ago

Thanks, I hope to be playing this map

4 days ago

When finished give me the link to download

4 days ago
Soul Soul Posted 6 days ago

Also, changelog edit:
-In versus, teams do not get the same path on each map, due to issues. Instead, certain paths and random events have been removed to make it fair for both teams.

Lt. Rocky Lt. Rocky Posted 1 week ago

I notice that when playing on any other campaign, survivors always have the blue puke color from this campaign. Its most likely because the bile texture (survivor_it) is in the asset vpk, which the game reads as a global mod much like a weapon addon, rather than a texture meant to be used in only a single campaign. If you put the bile texture in the campaign vpk, this should fix it up.

Its a small issue, but I'd just like to give you the heads up in case you are not aware. Keep up the good work.

Hm, it doesn't give me the blue puke in AZ or out of AZ since I removed it, in the new version when I get the versus fixed up (it's been tested), It shouldn't be a problem anymore. When I update it, it wont be updated again until the finale is tested and released.

6 days ago
Soul Soul Posted 1 week ago

This, assets wont get another update, hopefully.


theres a level 7 coming out right?

1 week ago

Level 6 is being worked on, there is no level 7. It states 6/7 because the 7th lists what Survival maps are released.

6 days ago
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Absolute Zero themummy2404 themummy2404 Posted 1 week ago

*Nice and enjoying Co-op
*Many ways to tell the stories
*Detailed and well done with the texture
*Long (but not too long) so it not boring
*Nice to have a arctic campaign other than day and night by Valve
*Most important fun to play


*The file size is big but i don't care cus i have strong PC
*None other than...
*Too Awesome


*Nice campaign man,I enjoy playing it from beginning to end.
*Question: when you make an update should i download this or Asset?

Absolute Zero
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