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Back to school - The First Cut

Author: Critic100_o/o_f@ke, romasm (3)Game: L4DAdd-On: CampaignMaps: 3/6
rating8.9 Co-op map for co-op play Versus map for versus play
Chapter 1: The Forest
3/6 Maps Available
  • - The Forest
  • - The Railroad station
  • - The Town
  • - The Cinema
  • - The Church
  • - School Finale
Campaign Status: 60% Complete
WEBSITE: http://bts-l4d.com

Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/backtoschool

ModDB page: http://www.moddb.com/mods/back-to-school

- NEW MAP - Map #2 is now available!
- Improvements in map 1 based on community feedback.

- new map - Town
- the second map completely remade
- campaign is now in vpk
- now for coop, versus and survival
See new screenshots: http://bts-l4d.com/eng/template.php?content=The%20fourth%20map%20-%20alpha%20version.txt&title=News
See maps overview: http://bts-l4d.com/eng/template.php?content=Map%20overview.txt&title=News
New screenshots: http://bts-l4d.com/eng/template.php?content=Happy%20new%20year!.txt&title=News
Developers diaries: http://bts-l4d.com/eng/template.php?content=Developers%20diaries.txt&title=News
07/21/2009 Version: 0.6 (beta) Size: 122.28MB File: l4d_backtoschool01_forest.vpk Downloads: 492,380 Views: 963,129

Development of new L4D1 version of Back To School campaign is on hold for now. We have plans to come back to it after we'll be almost done with L4D2 version.
L4D2 version was released in appropriate section.

For now only the old demo\beta version available for the download. This old version absolutely does not correspond screenshots of the latest builds of the project (shown above). So beware!

Progress: 60% Complete Tagged: Story, Co-Op, Versus

Environments: Forest / Woods, City / Urban, Military / Outpost

Back to school

The storyline offer completly new setting of Borden city, struggling to survive in an epidemic apoca...

137 Comments and 16 Reviews
wanru wanru Posted 5 months ago

Work already dead @ @! @! @! @!

wilsonjer wilsonjer Posted 5 months ago

Excuse me. in this bts campaign there are only 3 chapters and the church cinema and school are not included. in l4d1

fake100 fake100 Posted 10 months ago

I'm alone on this project right now. I'm not able to backport whole campaign to L4D1 and fix crashing issue in L4D only by myself.

So if you want to help us. If you want full "Back To School" campaign for L4D.
Share and give your "thumbs up" to this screenshot:
That way we can figure out how many players really want our campaign released for L4D and we can find mapper, who could help us.
Yes, I'm looking for a mapper, who could backport our campaign for L4D1, I'll do everything possible to help him.

If you're mapper and want to help us.
Just contact me via Steam.

booone17 booone17 Posted 10 months ago

i get it l4d is better than l4d2 but you no you can just have them both for free like i did its really ez

fake100 fake100 Posted 10 months ago

About that - puu(.)sh/2UcP3.jpg
And about your review - puu(.)sh/2UdbK.png

*sarcasm on*
You are absolutely right! We should be disapointed of ourselfs because instead of giving up, we found the strength to release full campaign for such a horrible game like L4D2. Yes! We should be ashamed! Because we lied to all of the players, that we're making campaign for the gorgeous L4D, but instead we quietly ware making it for godawful L4D2 in secret all that time! That an evil geniuses!
And finally we even didn't made an attept to get campaign working for L4D1!
Because 3 mouth in a row, with no break of diggin into the game engine and then half of the year of trying new things to fix it - is nothing! Yea! Not hard at all!
And we even doing it for free! What an idiots!
*sarcasm off*

And now seriously, if someone wants to backport our campaign for L4D, I'll do everything possible to help.
Just contact me in Steam - steamcommunity(.)com/id/fake100/

I want you to understand, this is the first and only time I have ever placed a "1" on a campaign, and the reason is waiting almost three years for something that only gets released on L4D2, it was very disappointing, especially after all of the trailers you released which got us hyped up for an amazing campaign. Btw, I now have L4D2 because a friend really wanted to play it with me, and I could not turn her down like that. to me there is really no excuse, because if you really wanted to, you could have changed the levels that were giving problems, but that never happened.

I do appreciate that you are willing to help anyone who wants to backport this campaign.

10 months ago

The main goal was to release the campaign the way it was originally designed.
We don't want to cut the half of every of 3 last maps, just because somebody wanted campaign specifically for l4d1. We've been creating this maps several years! Why should we cut parts of them out, when we could release them for l4d2?

And I want you to understand that this is our piece of work and we can do whatever we want with it.
We promised you that we might (because we could abandoned campaign in any moment) give you a "candy" (a campaign) later, but now you're so upset about it, as if we've stolen your own "candy" from you.
"Candy" isn't yours, and next time don't be so excited about things that might not be released at all, like free mods for games.
I think the only one who should be disappointed in himself here is you.

10 months ago

honestly, it is better to release a full campaign, even if you had to change some things to get rid of the bugs, than to release a half complete campaign and then continue updating the newer one only. It is a matter of principle. Complete this one please so that you have at least completed it. No need for sarcasm as the onus here is on you, you should expect people to be upset.

10 months ago

Ban3, I hate people like you, it makes me wonder where all the patience in the world is gone.
If you haven't realized, most people who are fans of VALVe's work have been waiting patiently for 6 years for Half Life 2 Episode 3.

10 months ago
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Back to school - The First Cut XxEzem@$terxX XxEzem@$terxX Posted 1 year ago

Good Story (+4)
Good Episodes (+2)
Large maps (+1.5)
Good Versus mode (+2.5)


Not finished (-2)
Bugs, bugs everywhere (-1)
Stupid bots (-0.2)


Good campaign but it need some fixes, if you solve them i will put 9 or 10.

Back to school - The First Cut
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