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Author: CriticMorloc (3)Game: L4DAdd-On: CampaignMaps: 4/5
member9.6 critic9.3 Co-op map for co-op play
4/5 Maps Available
  • - Dead Stop
  • - Cover-Up
  • - Delve Deeper
  • - The Truth
  • - Escape
Campaign Status: 85% Complete
Vers 2.2 update

- fixed displacement water - now splashes when shot or walked on - Also no decals attach to water
- Added survivor voices to run on gauntlet event - random 2 survivors
- Added more throwables
- Clipped route exploit

- Added more throwables/pistals and pills
- 3 Random ammo piles at panic event
- a few decal changes
- Fixed missing texture file for heatwave effect

- Added more throwables
- 3 random ammo piles at panic event
- small nav changes

- More throwables
- Finale now has setup time
- ammo, guns and health now random at 2 spots


vers 2.1 update

Fix crashes to desktop due to missing animation files
Fixed checker texture on crates
Fixed missing prop on Delve Deeper map
Fixed nav issue on Cover-Up

Redemption - UPDATE Version 2.0 (Beta) - 12/2/2012

This is a large update with too many items to list but I will do my best

MAP2 - Cover-Up (NEW MAP!) - Percentage complete (95%)

This is the new map. Its mainly set outside and hopefully begins to tell the real story of what CEDA is up to.

* The map is almost complete.
* Weapon and supply placements will change once Map 1 is completed.
* Nav is working but may need some adjust for versus and also in the panic event area.
* Working on new decals (these wont be applied until the campaign is complete)
* Some detail work is still needed on the internal parts of the incenerator
* Soundscapes are pretty much there although some more survivor dialogue is needed
* The main change this map will have is that it will most likley have 2 dynamic paths (watch this space)
* The gauntlet style panic event at the end is still being tweaked.
* Lots of new props added.

MAP3 - Going Deeper - Percentage complete (99%)

This map has had a huge facelift:

* Tweaked fog settings
* Lighting has been overhauled to give a darker/scary feel
* Start room has now been changed to tie into map2 (no more ladder)
* added extra toilet near start.
* New Hazmat body added (more to come:P)
* added extra room and blocked double doors near air vents
* Warehouse now has an extra side route with pipework
* New aperture boxes added (more aperture stuff to follow)
* custom hazmat boxes added
* (TODO) Lighting in warehouse needs to be toned down
* Doorway changed when entering admin area (plus overhead signs)
* Panic event area totally changed. This area may be tweaked at later stages. Infected can come from many areas. A few hold up points for survivors.
* forklift event - force walk applied so you dont get too close when event is trigger
* (PLEASE NOTE)- Currently the forklift event doesnt make much sense but it will when a few new things are added (watch this space)
* More rooms added to the pipe room allowing more areas for infected/SI to spawn - Above and below
* Security screens added to safe room security room.
* Nav has been tweaked in areas.

MAP4 - The Truth - Percentage complete (80%)

This map hasnt changed that much. This is because its next on the list to get a massive facelift.
I really want to give a feeling of labs and experiments and currently this map doesnt give that feeling.

Things that have changed though:
* survivor dialogue tweaked
* Nav fixed near panic event (no more warping)
* panic switch text is capatilized
* Added route for infected to get from other side
* Rock texture changed for my custom texture
* Lighting tweaked in areas to give a more darker feel
* Sunrise removed from roof section to toe in with night feel.

MAP5 - Escape - Percentage complete (95%)

This map still needs detail and a few side rooms here and there (this will be in the next update)

Thing that have changed though:

* Nav on ladder tweaked to give bots better chance of getting down ladder
* Clipped the walls in the floor collapse area
* Made rubble solid to give a cushion for survivors
* Fixed the push entity on the Train turntable
* fixed soundscape problem.
* (TODO) randomise weapon and ammo
* (TODO) Open up cave to allow light in (this was always my intention)
* (TODO) Add a walkway higher up for infected to spawn and to make attacks less two dimensional and flat

UPDATE Summary
So that pretty much covers it. Oh ans Ive changed the map titles :)

Heres a quick list of things Im working on for future updates
* Map 1 (with a nice intro to tie in with the comic)
* A New NPC that helps through the maps
* Custom sound
* Custom Tank skin
* Lots of new decals and signs
* More custom props
* Possible easter eggs :)

Still lots todo plus the L4D2 version


Fixed missing decals and amended poster slightly

Version 1.3 Update (big update)

* The ceda map has now been split into two maps.

Map 3 - Ceda Part 1

The start safe room is still a temporary start room until map 2 has been completed.
To aid the ascent up the ladder, I have disabled infected spawning near the ladder.

Map has had alot of detail added - too much to really mention in detail
New decals added
Added alternate route in venting to allow SI to get behind survivors
Water room has now some nice water effects and details in it.
Custom survivor chat added
Survivor remarks added throughout the map
Main panic event has ceiling spaces to allow infected to come from varied routes.
Extra event added near end of map - this is not a panic event as such - it more like a mini hoard.
End of map has had a lot of new areas added. The main pipe/tank room has been added mainly for when I add versus.
I feel this room allows the best chance for SI Team to take down the survivors.
Weapons and supplies tweaked (this is an ongoing process)
Nav rebuilt - fixed vent issues with bots.

Map 4 - Ceda Part 2

New decals added
This map has had alot of detail added.
Custom survivor chat added
Textures change to give a more hospital feel to this map
Survivor remarks added throughout the map
Broken lift added to vary the "corridor" look
The panic event at the lab has been toned down just a little. :)
A couple of mollies sometime spawn in there to help with hoards
The lorry warehouse has had alot more detail added.
Helicopter area has more detail and blocked off some areas to push survivors through middle.
This also has a panic event trigger when near the transformaer on fire.
Nav added to allow bots to come from all round the top.
No supplies here as survivors can use the fire to their advantage if clever.
Roof section has now been smoothed and allows infected from above.

Map 5 - Roundhouse

New decal added
Alot more detail added to power room- added walkway for versus mode when done.
Added more detail throught.
Survivor remarks added throughout the map
Control room now takes you past window.
Turntable cavern has had alot more detail added- hopefully gives more areas to spawn infected.
Nav has been tweaked
Please note: Im still looking into the ending - I may have an additional button to press to lower the train. This maybe in the next update

So there you go, Ive totally rework all the maps and given them a polish. No map is finished but these are almost there.

I will now start to look at map 2 (unnamed :P )

also by popular demand I will start to look at porting over to L4D2

Steam Group Added : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/l4d-Redemption

Decided to split CEDA into 2 maps. The first will be extended with another possible horde event :) and with an additional area that is more suited to versus play for the future. - this is ongoing at the moment.

03/19/11 - BETA 1.2

CEDA - Map is 99% finished
Textures have been updated/tidied
Added extra ceiling vent in lab area
Added monitor screens
glass roof area can now spawn infected above
added a few more props/ details
bots dont die in the water now - they will wait for you to flip the switch
(there is a small nav issue near the ceiling collapse - this will be corrected in the next small update)

ROUNDHOUSE - Map is 85% finished
Brand new map!
Next update for this will be soundscape, tweak of timing on the turntable, nav mesh optimising, map optimising, poster update, extra clipping
(I am aware the finale map is a little buggy - I hope this doesnt effect the njoyment of it)

Generally - working on lots of new decals.
NEXT MAP will be final map as a survival map.

02/14/11 - Progress update
Map4 - Finale map nearly finished for testing (as per previous map this will be released about 98% finished)
Map3 - Ceda. Tidying up decals, nav, textures and resolved the issue with light flares on long corridors. Will also relook at nav around electric water.

survival map will be based on the finale map so not alot to change with this . WATCH THIS SPACE

02/11/11 - Campaign Update
video of ceda map added - thanks to DemonWithinStudios

06/01/11 - Campaign Update
* map3 compacted into vpk

* poster added and thumbnails

* changed speed of doors opening in lab

03/05/2012 Version: 2.2 (beta) Size: 99.98MB File: redemption.vpk Downloads: 110,311 Views: 220,544

Following on from the L4D comic strip, Redemption continues the story after the survivors flee the military base they were taken to after blood harvest and then leads to the Sacrifice campaign.

Vers 2.2 released - 4 fully playabled maps out of 5 (check out the change log for full details)

Please remember this is STILL BETA . I have a long list of current bugs and changes (see log)
Feel free to pm me


A L4D2 version is being worked on.

Remember to join the STEAM Redemption Group steamcommunity(dot)com/groups/l4d-Redemption

Progress: 85% Complete Tagged: co-op, redemption, Ceda, L4D, comic, Story

Environments: Military / Outpost, Industrial / Commercial

Redemption II

Redemption takes place midway through the L4D comic strip, it continues the story after the survivor...

300 Comments and 34 Reviews
RainingMetal CriticRainingMetal Posted 2 months ago

Don't neglect this version!

ELREY296 ELREY296 Posted 4 months ago

thanks... good campaign... dumb bots... i add this to my favorites... and hardest... campaigns :D

ELREY296 ELREY296 Posted 4 months ago

I canĀ“t complete the 4l level... i cant pass the generator zone in the beginning...

you mean the last map? with the safe room close by? you need to get everyone into the saferoom ;) then things will get interesting :P

This has been changed some what on the upcoming l4d2 version as it now has dynamic paths.

4 months ago
flampoo flampoo Posted 6 months ago

I love this map, but the bots are so GD stupid that it's damn near impossible to play solo on expert -- or advanced for that matter. The bots like to stay in the saferoom while I'm getting mauled on the first ladder, they love to stand in electrified water, and they generally stand around and do nothing while I get chewed on.

Hiya, Im not working on the l4d1 version at the moment but what your describing sounds a little strange. I know for a fact that theres navigation blockers to stop the bots getting into the water until youve shut it off. Very strange for them to ignore this.

6 months ago
h0rnytoad1 h0rnytoad1 Posted 7 months ago

aronz21: "good map but it take 1 hour or more to finish this campaign"

some people might say "good map and you get more than 1 hour of play time"

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Redemption aronz21 aronz21 Posted 8 months ago

very long campaign
very detailed map


ammo is rare in the maps
tank is more than one when you know..
we have to take long way in map 2 and the alarm not turn off, so it's little difficult


good map but it take 1 hour or more to finish this campaign

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