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Lego Station

Author: CriticRobo Typhoon (7)Game: L4DAdd-On: Map
member9.8 critic9.4 Survival map for survival mode
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Just wanted to finish up some prep work for Lego Station 2, I've still got some ideas planned for this map. The biggest difference in this update, is optimization, much higher frame rates, better shadows, and an overall improved atmosphere. Let me know of your findings and what you think!


- Fixed some minor bugs, improved navigation in various areas.


- As far as version 2 goes, everything has been changed, updated, and improved. I'm still planning many things for this map, maybe some easter eggs as well, so I can tell you version 2 isn't the last you'll see of this map. I also need to do a normal compile instead of a fast for the final, I tried for version 2 but it was taking over thirty five hours, and hooked on ten, so I said fuck it and released. You might noticed some funky lighting or minor lag, and I apologize.


- Updated and uploaded what I have so far. I just wanted to put it out there, and get some feedback so far. Let me know of anything I should change or add, because this map is still not all that done, at all. The nav mesh is okay, but it's not the best because the map is still in development. Plans for the future include an underground lego room (maybe), advanced lighting and fog, as well as an ambient background and a better skybox, as well as general optimization improvements. I would like to thank and give some credit to Boharox for the textures, since I cannot take one hundred percent of the credit, and he refuses to speak with me.

11/11/2012 Version: 3.0 (final) Size: 7.21MB File: LegoStation.vpk Downloads: 28,723 Views: 100,946

Off to the Lego universe you go! Follow the yellow brick paths, explore the vast variety of Lego structures, and most importantly.. don't let the zombies ruin your fun!:D

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samthesg samthesg Posted 1 month ago

hi i have a question why the map doesnt appear i download the map and y put the file in the folder addons and nothing i have the version and the patch is please help me

Are you playing L4D on Steam? Do you have other map addons currently installed that are working? What happens when you enter (without quotations) "map l4d_sv_lego_station_v2"?

1 month ago
lester7890 lester7890 Posted 6 months ago

can i download this with torrent?

Why would you want to?

6 months ago
DBZeroDB DBZeroDB Posted 11 months ago

How do I download?

I am new here :)

Press the "download" button , it's located at the right side of the title bar.

11 months ago
MarvinAcme1 MarvinAcme1 Posted 1 year ago

i already download it but when i install its said it's installed but i don't see any isntall progress what should i do?

Manually place it in your steam/steamapps/common/left 4 dead/left4dead/addons folder, and all should be well.

1 year ago
NightWolf NightWolf Posted 1 year ago


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Lego Station Jack22767 Jack22767 Posted 1 year ago

Textures are great
Map is a good size
Supplies are at a good amount


I wish there were lego style supplies


This map is great i would get it if i were you my friends and i love to play this on our free time

Lego Station
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