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Firetower Trail
Firetower Trail

Update 4-6-14
Will crash after leaving spawn-room if you are running Half-Life 2 Texture Pack ( hl2content.vpk)
Huge thanks to TeckLeo for figuring it out.
I will try to get the campaign to work with the hl2 campaign.

Think I fixed the tank spawning in Hells basement.

I've fixed tons, changed even more. Added secrets, idea's etc. All gnome powers work in case they didn't in 2.4 (I dont even remember.)
I'm sure there are still bugs but this is all I've got for now. Any suggestions, thanks, or donations are welcome at Nicadeamas@hotmail'dot'com
Hope you enjoy. I really like watching the youtube video's of people playing this haha.

  04/06/2014Version: 2.7 (beta) By: NicadeamasViews: 89820 (5/5 maps)
Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero



A custom campaign based around a snowy landscape.
6 Coop/VS levels, 10 Survival levels.

Project Zero Team:

Soul - World Builder / Project Lead
Dangerous Person - Project Helper
[TSF] LordNitro|LTD - Project Helper
Phrosty - Tester
The Master - Tester
Darkeyes - Concept Artist / Poster
Traggey - Modeler / Voice Actor
Adzstocko2k - Modeler
TOG | K1CHWA - Texture Artist (Si Retexture)
Balthazar - Texture Artist
UGF-Harris - Texture Artist
Kole - Levels 1 & 4 music
Jeff Broadbent - Levels 3 & 5 / Tank music

Q & C?
Please let me know on Steam: Draugonian

  03/18/2014Version: 7.5 (beta) By: Soul (2)Views: 193737 (6/7 maps)
Jerusalem Salvation Gates (World War Z)
Jerusalem Salvation Gates (World War Z)

Jerusalem Salvation Gates from World War Z movie. This isnt exactly the same as in movie but I tried to make it so. Zombies are coming from the top like in the movie.

  02/26/2014Version: 1 (complete) By: greenhood (16)Views: 31053

When a military outpost in the centre of philadelphia opens up for evacs it sounds too good to be true... It is. They arrive to find everyone gunned down and the staff dead.

For all map features, head over to my steam workshop listing (same name):

No more cuz word limit

  02/02/2014Version: 6 (complete) By: Texeon (3)Views: 10477
Absolute Zero Assets
Absolute Zero Assets


Absolute Zero Assets

This VPK is required for the campaign Absolute Zero to have the custom textures and models appear along with the music.


These assets are open source, use GCFScape to extract the materials and models folders and copy paste them over your main folders to obtain them for use in your mods. Give credit where due. (List is on the main Absolute Zero page)

Happy modding!


  02/01/2014Version: 3.1 (final) By: Soul (2)Views: 62367
Dead End (beta)
Dead End (beta)

Im working on this. If you find any problems contact me. FIXED THE LIGHTING!!

Thanks to MustardSauce for helping me :)
I am planning on making Dead End a campaign/versus map, with The Dead End as a scavenge/survival map as well as planning on adding a secret.

Also thanks to Skot Jervis, who made the only vid of my campaign, though my friend Deviousfires will be uploading another one soon with some other stuff as well.

When the world betrays you... it will be the end.

I put an update for it in Steam community please get that version if you want to play this.
It has fixed lighting, will add the update here too later.

  01/27/2014Version: 0.26 (beta) By: Coolz (2)Views: 8905 (1/5 maps)
Nuketown 1945
Nuketown 1945

A cool remake of the classic map from Call of duty Black Ops 1 Nuketown.

The map is on working and updates with fixes, more spawns and items come soon.

The first update coming really soon with the fix for the timer doors i'm sorry for the issue that some door remain locked i'm doing my best to fix it and i think i did it. Any case i reccomend using the linked addons for a better expirience on the map if you don't have already custom addons :)

  01/26/2014Version: 1.1 (beta) By: xcibe95x (2)Views: 34242
Redemption II
Redemption II

Redemption takes place midway through the L4D comic strip, it continues the story after the survivors flee the military base they were taken to after blood harvest and that leads to the Sacrifice campaign.

The campaign includes:
* 5 large maps that traverse through a new and revealing HELIX Research environment
* 5 Completley New Melee weapons (They DONT replace any other Melee!!)
* Custom content including textures, models, sounds, particles and ingame animation
* Extensive detail overhaul from the L4D version
* NPC's that add to the unfolding storyline
* New panic events & traps
* Dynamic supplies and paths
* Easter eggs & New final mechanic

  01/15/2014Version: 2.2 (complete) By: Morloc (3)Views: 403420 (5/5 maps)
USG Valor [v. 3]
USG Valor [v. 3]

Survive on abandoned research-class spaceship while traveling on autopilot to search the rearest rocks in universe. Some of map features:
- scifi design based on ships from games and movies
- ship travel from galactic to galactic to collect rocks
- few places to hold out with miniguns
- destructive rails
- custom model for ammo box!
- melee weapons in lockers(in hangar)
- vacuum event(read changelog for more info)

Im using cubemaps(for reflections) for the first time so there may be some glithes.

Some of the textures have been found in the net and credits for them go to Aspen and PhilipK.

  12/13/2013Version: 3 (complete) By: greenhood (16)Views: 20430
Pain Train
Pain Train

Whether land, water or air... four survivors must do everything they can to survive. Keep on moving...

**PLAY IN SINGLEPLAYER - COOP not officially supported yet, it is buggy and you have been warned.


  12/13/2013Version: 3.0 (beta) By: R.T. Frisk (3)Views: 25775
Dam it 2! The Director's Cut
Dam it 2! The Director's Cut

Much longer first map with a longer walk in through the forest. Cross the bridge and enter the opposite side of the Dam complex then head back across the water and in to the main complex up the elevator and to the top of the Dam for a bespoke finale.

Please set GAMEINSTRUCTOR_ENABLE 1 in console for the finale, there is some simple but vital logic to learn for the first couple goes.

Thanks to:
- Estoopi - Bouncing general ideas around and finale .nut syntax
- Estoopi and friends - promod versus testing
- #moan
- Co-op play testers: Faluhsi, Dimaxa, Slamatl92, Undead Hunter, Vince Lionheart, TheRealEllis, Trunten, Loserboy, Mustardsauce

  10/05/2013Version: 1.6 (complete) By: Tom Baldry (2)Views: 412175 (4/4 maps)
2019 II
2019 II

A true sequel to the original 2019, players will be able to continue on the story and explore original fiction in the 2019 lore universe.


After the helicopter crash at the end of 2019, survivors must travel across the city in hopes of finding a military bunker. Meet up with new characters and make a choice that will determine the outcome of everyone's lives in the campaign.

*Please do not post comments with spoilers in them, or they will be deleted. Thanks.*

  09/09/2013Version: 1.4 (complete) By: Levi E (8)Views: 109978 (4/4 maps)
[SURVIVAL] Whitaker's Gun Shop Roof Day/Night Modes
[SURVIVAL] Whitaker's Gun Shop Roof Day/Night Modes

Version 10 & Major Updates - Now with cubemaps!

Please rate & Comment!

"After the survivors found out that the mall was no longer safe, they were forced to return to Whitaker's Gun Shop. There they must call in anyone who can save them and get them out of the deep south."

Think you've got the hang of Day mode? Then give Night mode a go! Test your skills and teamwork in a dark, shady environment that we all know as Whitaker's Gun Shop. When you can't see the enemy, can you kill it?

You can now get WGSR on Steam Workshop, for a hassle free install, try it!

Have custom content or gameplay videos? contact me and yours could be featured on this page!

  09/08/2013Version: 10 (complete) By: Texeon (3)Views: 114999
Journey to Splash Mountain
Journey to Splash Mountain

The Survivors head to Disneyland after hearing it is a military evacuation zone, only to find it completely overrun by zombies. Might as well have some fun while we're here.

Thanks to:
Black_Stormy for the Gargoyle and Brer Rabbit models
Rick_D for the Palm Tree models
Nebukadnezar for foliage models
foil for graffiti textures

  09/06/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) By: Dives & SM Sith Lord (3)Views: 220748 (5/5 maps)
Highway To Hell
Highway To Hell

Another Update.
Now Available in Steam Workshop!

The streets may seem devoid of anything civilized, but make no mistake. The military owns this town and is not going anywhere anytime soon. That being said, the apartment you've been hiding out in is no longer a good place to stay and the military evacs are about to end. It's about time to get going.

Also, feel free to use the custom assets within the vpk, just give credit where it's due.

  08/31/2013Version: 4.5 (complete) By: Unlawful_combatant (2)Views: 272398 (5/5 maps)