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Left 4 Duluth
Left 4 Duluth

One Hill of a City...

Left 4 Duluth—a local art and music showcase—offers four new chapters of mayhem set in this idyllic Northland city. Battle lifeless zombie hordes as you travel through UMD, Fitger's, the Skywalk, and Canal Park—where safety lies just across the iconic Lift Bridge...

Our mod has maxed out the limits of the Source Engine. Carmack's code can take little more ;) Please see our official website for recommended graphics settings to get the best gameplay experience!

  04/04/2014Version: 5.0 (final) By: yord / fanumbikeViews: 98737 (5/5 maps)
Castle Massacre
Castle Massacre

Welcome in small ancient castle. You have two choices. Survive for long time as you can or survive and escape from this nightmare. Only you know that choice is better for you; so Kill all Zombies and Survive !!! When you find any bugs contact me. Don't forget on feedback...

INFO: I'm recommending download by workshop because addons have auto update: www(dot)steamcommunity(dot)com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=218783011&tscn=1393639544

[Last edit of description: 8.3.2014]
[Last update of map: 8.3.2014]

  03/08/2014Version: 2.1.2 (complete) By: cr0coDiL (2)Views: 13817
The Parish Original Beta Map - 4 Maps
The Parish Original Beta Map - 4 Maps

As requested by Sev of L4Dmaps, Here is the Unreleased Polished Beta map of The Parish. It took a lot of time to get this campaign to work and play as it is now. It combines the first two maps of The Parish as one. Now has all 4 maps fully playable! Please read change-log before rating. Have added many new things to the maps in this update! Check change-log to see what. More accessible buildings. Added street lights and a few minor glitches fixed with throwables falling through furniture. See change log for more description. This is about all the can be added in to this map. Paste the vpk in to the add-ons folder. Thanks to Rayman1103 for the fix in the missing brackets in the missions file.

  02/12/2014Version: 7.0 (complete) By: Someone (2)Views: 69176 (4/4 maps)
Dniepr: Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses
Dniepr: Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses

Updates listed in the changelog!
Enjoy guys! ;)

  11/20/2013Version: 2.0.1 (complete) By: Dev-Team: Bendix8, Ankou, KhelbenViews: 248157 (4/4 maps)
Session 9 (No Custom Infected)
Session 9 (No Custom Infected)

This survival and scavenge map is based on the movie by the same name and Danvers State Mental Hospital which was torn down in 2006. In it, you'll find custom melee weapons and a whole new soundtrack.

This version does not include the custom infected.

  10/19/2013Version: 7.0 (complete) By: TurdBurglar/Stay Puft/Splinks (71)Views: 19112
Session 9
Session 9

This survival and scavenge map is based on the movie by the same name and Danvers State Mental Hospital which was torn down in 2006. In it, you'll find custom melee weapons, common infected, special infected and a whole new soundtrack.

Special thanks to Splinks for allowing us to use his special infected.

Glowing One (Spitter)
Failed FEV Subject (Charger)
Siam (Tank)
Blood Sucker V2 (Smoker)
Flesh (Jockey)
Crawler (Hunter)
Bloat (Boomer)

  10/19/2013Version: 7.0 (complete) By: TurdBurglar/Stay Puft/Splinks (71)Views: 33910
Day Break
Day Break

After nearly 5 years of work, I'm happy to bring you: Day Break!
The survivors must escape San Francisco before the military bombs it! The survivors have to make their way out of the city, crossing the Golden Gate, and take a boat to Alcatraz Island.

  10/03/2013Version: 2.0 (complete) By: DannBo (2)Views: 285149 (5/5 maps)
Journey to Splash Mountain
Journey to Splash Mountain

The Survivors head to Disneyland after hearing it is a military evacuation zone, only to find it completely overrun by zombies. Might as well have some fun while we're here.

Thanks to:
Black_Stormy for the Gargoyle and Brer Rabbit models
Rick_D for the Palm Tree models
Nebukadnezar for foliage models
foil for graffiti textures

  09/06/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) By: Dives & SM Sith Lord (3)Views: 220436 (5/5 maps)

A CS 1.6 port to Left 4 Dead 2, cs_estate, with tweaked things for survival aspect and L4D world.
Future updates will add some things, like a dialogue for survival start, that sort of thing.

Positive feedback is really appreciated

  07/23/2013Version: 1 (complete) By: Fauckers (16)Views: 6671

This is de_piranesi from Counter-Strike: Source, ported to l4d2 by me. Unlike other css survivals this map has 4 Counter-Strike weapons.

Thanks to
- Mewlava for making map poster

Note: Css weapons doesn't do damage unless you play on local and after first time call a vote "return to lobby" and start game again. However map is playable without css weapons.

  06/11/2013Version: 2.0 (complete) By: Valve, RazQViews: 8701
Blackout Basement
Blackout Basement

A trip through the underground of a city to reach a train station for evacuation.
This campaign is base on the industrial side of Philadelphia, with the original survivors.
There are few optional crescendos in the campaign including light generators. Either play in the dark or light your way, with a small penalty of a crescendo.
Download the Addon below to enjoy the campaign with the L4D1 common, as originally intended!
(This is a beta campaign with addons that override game files. Use other addons with caution.)

  06/02/2013Version: 3.3 (complete) By: HazmatKat (2)Views: 219300 (4/4 maps)

Hashima island, commonly known as "Gunkanjima" (meaning Battleship Island) is an abandoned mining town located on an island West of Japan. Years of harsh weather conditions have turned the island into an urban ruin.

Features a weather cycle: Every 5 minutes, the sky darkens and rain starts pouring. JimOnions created this beautiful TTT map, which I ported to L4D2 survival. Thanks to K1CHWA, Nicadeamus and Bloue for their help, and a big thanks to Soul for the tons of work he put into optimization and gameplay balance!

This map requires my particles mod (linked below) to function as intended.

  05/12/2013Version: 1.8 (complete) By: JimOnions, Doktor haus, Soul (89)Views: 99474
Kylemore BETA
Kylemore BETA

Inspired by Kylemore Gothic Church and Rotenberg mausoleum. Map is still under construction and beta status.

  04/11/2013Version: 0.8 (beta) By: Dr.med.Wurst/Core (4)Views: 11888

A 5-map campaign set in various locations throughout Japan. Survivors start in Tokyo's red light district, escaping to Kyoto's Kiyomizu temple, before moving further into the mountains the next morning.

Includes versus mode, which works but wasn't tested much as it was only included as a bonus. Also includes survival mode in 3 of the 5 maps.


Marcel at CG Textures
Miguel Moran
Morning Nine Nine
Hip Hop King
L4D modding list
Everyone else who helped playtest

  12/20/2012Version: 2.0 (complete) By: the0rthopaedicsurgeon (2)Views: 839490 (5/5 maps)
Burger King
Burger King

It's back! I wanna thank Flinter for sending me the file because I had lost it.
This is the lastest version of it, but I'm gonna make a newer one soon. I'll try to fix some parts of the nav meshes, which when you're over the building, it doesn't work properly.

  11/26/2012Version: 2 (complete) By: Gustavo de Oliveira (7)Views: 32336