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'Mountains / Rocklands' Maps for L4D2.
GOT-The Wall (BETA) v5
GOT-The Wall (BETA) v5

This is a beta survival map .
The map is inspired after the Game Of Thrones tv show .
I will update the map , making it better .
you can find the map on the steam workshop too ...
If you want to support my work you can donate any amount of money to paypal : stiflercosmin@yahoo. com

  03/26/2014Version: 5 (beta) By: stiflercosminViews: 18992
Symbyosys v9
Symbyosys v9

New Symbyosys V9: add new map
1: download addons vpk symbyosysv9
2: download addons vpk symbyosystexturesfull
see in changelog
play in my server 16 players supercoop
[ESP]Symbyosys_Extrem (

must download textures not see in pink and black

  03/04/2014Version: v9 (complete) By: Emilio3 (3)Views: 163872 (6/6 maps)
Tai Chi
Tai Chi

This is a single and short topic about Tai Chi. Hard default difficult. Stories from the survivors of the helicopter began to fall, you will pass a small piece of undulating mountains, ruins, caves, breaking wooden walls, pass through the waterfall to reach the defensive point stick to the rescue.

  02/27/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) By: 嘻哈冲锋 (3)Views: 18517
Devil Mountain
Devil Mountain

The survivors find themselves trapped in the suburbs, with Devil Mountain looming large in the distance, its emergency beacon activated. Is it a call for rescue, or a warning of danger? Climb the back of the beast and find out!

This campaign is in beta, and currently features only 1 of 5 planned maps. However the 1 map is the finale, so it is possible to "complete". Also it features survival mode.

  02/07/2014Version: 1.5 (beta) By: Mark McDole (2)Views: 17000 (1/5 maps)
-Helms Deep- Reborn
-Helms Deep- Reborn

Helm's Deep Reborn version 20.

Defend the great fortress of Rohan and survive until Gandalf's arrival.

Created by SeriouS_Samurai (Daniel) and Team chivalry. Inspired by the Battle of Helm's Deep from The Lord of the Rings.

  02/05/2014Version: 20 (complete) By: SeriouS_Samurai, team chivalryViews: 2758400
The Farthest Cry
The Farthest Cry

"As an alternate path, the survivors diverted themselves to an island in Micronesia, surely to be safe on a far away tropical island, but upon a hard landing they find a once bustling tourist spot worse off than the US mainland ever was..."

Poster is beta and sucks... I'm no artist.
DOWNLOAD MISSING CONTENT from this site. Otherwise there will be ERRORs
Early Beta so no reviews for now please, you know. Enjoy! Let me know what you think!

  01/12/2014Version: 1.3 (beta) By: Thomas F. (3)Views: 14588 (1/5 maps)
The Dark Hole
The Dark Hole

When there's no place to hide. When you can't run away.
When shadows become too dark...
What will you do?
You will fight with every single breath. You will fight until the last bullet. How long will you survive?
In the sewer everyone will hear you scream.
You are in The Dark Hole. Prepare to die.

This map is still in development.
Feedback are appreciated.

  11/27/2013Version: 3.2 (beta) By: Taeuto (2)Views: 50206
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson

my first map. Some tips to enjoy the game:
_ Cut the music.
_ Play with a team, this is very important.
_ Kill the zombies very quickly (prevent lag)
_ Prefer use pipe bombs, grenade.
_ Find cheats,teleports and WTF stuffs hidden in the 3 maps.

I wait your advice.

  10/25/2013Version: 3 (beta) By: Chokino (4)Views: 28374 (3/3 maps)

This is rat style map. Defend yourself in sandpit.
Added also spawn for my LEGO sword so download it from link below if You want to play with it.
There are few places to defend like castle or toy bridge.
Created for the GameBanana Rats mapping competition.

  06/28/2013Version: 2.0 (complete) By: greenhood (16)Views: 8682
The Hunted v1.3
The Hunted v1.3

A new survival map set in a hunter's cabin in the woods. Enjoy.

Updated to match Workshop version. Check changelog or screenshots for updates.

  05/04/2013Version: 1.3 (complete) By: CrazyRabbit (6)Views: 22715
Cold Case
Cold Case

This map is a 1.51 GB vpk. To upload it, we had to zip vpk first = cc.zip. We then renamed cc.zip to cc.vpk and uploaded. l4dmaps then autozips that vpk = cc.zip. TO RUN/INSTALL THIS MAP:
1) Download
2) Unzip = you will have a file named cc.vpk
3) Rename cc.vpk to cc.zip
4) Unzip cc.zip and you will again have the file cc.vpk - THIS IS THE REAL MAP
5) Copy to your addons folder
6) Download cc_extra_assets.zip from external link on downloads page. Unzip and run executable to install them. You can change destination directory with installer btw.

  04/14/2013Version: 3.0 (final) By: mrfranswa aka RyOK (28)Views: 45936 (5/5 maps)
Death Mountain
Death Mountain

A big remake of Kakariko Village, Death Mountain and the Fire Temple from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.
Note, disable
emove this addon if you plan to play other levels, Death Mountain will cause weird physics issues with propane\oxygen tanks and gnomes in other levels, if left enabled, this is due to how the VPK system works.

  03/13/2013Version: 1.7 (complete) By: NickNak (3)Views: 229087 (6/6 maps)
Planet crush
Planet crush

Survivors stranded on a planet
Survive and get to the Enterprise

My first map.Very short but fun
Use the arrowsigns on the wall for elevator control

  03/05/2013Version: 1 (final) By: zormoneViews: 16074
For Death And Glory
For Death And Glory

A simple map where you kill zombie while hearing awesome musics. It has 3 places to hold on, but not all of them are enable in the beginning. It has also 3 difficulties you can choose next to the start radio .The easy mode is really hard, which makes the hard mode be virtually impossible .The map ends at min 23:08 .If you want to reach it, get a good team.
Please leave a review and if you don't like the music, which ones should i play instead.
Be reasonable, this is my first map.

Here is a gameplay: dailymotion_com/video/xxhsiy_fdag-19#.URxAsqXRrLE

  02/12/2013Version: 2.0 (complete) By: super_muffinViews: 6951
Train Crossing OS & HC
Train Crossing OS & HC

This is pack of maps survival with train
NEW map Head Crusher (recommended play with friends) !






  01/19/2013Version: 4.0 (complete) By: Plebs (5)Views: 6708