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Bank Survival
Bank Survival

The Survivors are having little to no luck with finding any means of rescue until the hear on a radio that a holdout post near a local bank is still standing.... Once they arrive not all is as it seems

This is a port of Bank From Counter Strike Global offensive

This is my first real attempt at porting a map and hopefully I will either port others, or start working on one of my own projects again. So any feedback will be great!

  04/20/2014Version: 1.1 (complete) By: UncleMcFuggle (SirCrackerBulb)Views: 2508

Plot: The survivors have escaped from the zombies by using a boat, but an incident forced them to dock.
The army seems to be here, but they quickly notice that they cannot count on them...
What happened to that boat? What to do? Where to go? Will survivors survive again? o_O

Please note: The MAIN GOAL of this campaign is to be CHALLENGING (mainly made and tested for Realism Expert mode)
Thus, you may be stuck by searching your way, being blocked by puzzles, or a missing key that is lying around.

* Challenging
* Puzzles (some optional)
* Find the way
* Secrets & counter
* Traps
* Custom content

  04/18/2014Version: 128 (beta) By: bybloViews: 58343 (3/4 maps)

Fight your way through waves of zombies in an large airport themed map. Fight your way through concourses, cafes, the ground terminal, and don't forget your ticket and luggage.

  04/16/2014Version: 1.3 (complete) By: nonPareil Institute (11)Views: 8874
Left 4 Duluth
Left 4 Duluth

One Hill of a City...

Left 4 Duluth—a local art and music showcase—offers four new chapters of mayhem set in this idyllic Northland city. Battle lifeless zombie hordes as you travel through UMD, Fitger's, the Skywalk, and Canal Park—where safety lies just across the iconic Lift Bridge...

Our mod has maxed out the limits of the Source Engine. Carmack's code can take little more ;) Please see our official website for recommended graphics settings to get the best gameplay experience!

  04/04/2014Version: 5.0 (final) By: yord / fanumbikeViews: 102683 (5/5 maps)
Death from Above
Death from Above

A full 5-map campaign featuring random and player-caused map permutations, custom scripted events, custom materials and finale.

After escaping New Orleans, the survivors (in a shocking turn of events) find themselves the victims of a helicopter crash. Washing up on the sandy beaches of eastern Florida, CEDA and the military are nowhere to be seen and Infected are everywhere. With the flu to the north, south, east and west, the only way left to go is up.

  03/16/2014Version: 2.1 (complete) By: MeowstopherViews: 150159 (5/5 maps)
Pizza Hut Survival
Pizza Hut Survival

Coach is hungry, so while passing through New Orleans they decided to stop at the nearest open Pizza Hut, little did they know the zombies were waiting. Now they are trapped and must hold out at the Pizza Hut Buffet, how long will they make that last slice last?

  03/10/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) By: Roflmahwafflz (4)Views: 18775
Symbyosys v9
Symbyosys v9

New Symbyosys V9: add new map
1: download addons vpk symbyosysv9
2: download addons vpk symbyosystexturesfull
see in changelog
play in my server 16 players supercoop
[ESP]Symbyosys_Extrem (

must download textures not see in pink and black

  03/04/2014Version: v9 (complete) By: Emilio3 (3)Views: 164566 (6/6 maps)
Wyandotte Boat Club
Wyandotte Boat Club

With Scavenge Mode! My first L4D map, based off of an actual location, the Wyandotte Boat Club. The Wyandotte Boat Club is an organization located in Wyandotte, Michigan, along the Detroit River, devoted to the sport/recreation of rowing. And yes, there are zombies.

  03/01/2014Version: 2.4 (complete) By: ThisKid55 (3)Views: 49658
Jerusalem Salvation Gates (World War Z)
Jerusalem Salvation Gates (World War Z)

Jerusalem Salvation Gates from World War Z movie. This isnt exactly the same as in movie but I tried to make it so. Zombies are coming from the top like in the movie.

  02/26/2014Version: 1 (complete) By: greenhood (16)Views: 32857
The Parish Original Beta Map - 4 Maps
The Parish Original Beta Map - 4 Maps

As requested by Sev of L4Dmaps, Here is the Unreleased Polished Beta map of The Parish. It took a lot of time to get this campaign to work and play as it is now. It combines the first two maps of The Parish as one. Now has all 4 maps fully playable! Please read change-log before rating. Have added many new things to the maps in this update! Check change-log to see what. More accessible buildings. Added street lights and a few minor glitches fixed with throwables falling through furniture. See change log for more description. This is about all the can be added in to this map. Paste the vpk in to the add-ons folder. Thanks to Rayman1103 for the fix in the missing brackets in the missions file.

  02/12/2014Version: 7.0 (complete) By: Someone (2)Views: 70384 (4/4 maps)
Witch Execution - Training map
Witch Execution - Training map

First and only witch crowning training map, that will not just put you in a room with a witch and a shotgun (meh), but show where and when exactly you have to shoot that scum for 100% crowning in every possible situation.

Crystal blue button - spawn a witch
Green button - open room mode on/off

Tip: spawn witch, get as close as possible to her and wait until she'll raise her head and/or neck above glass shield then shoot. Aim for the neck, chin, higher part of a chest.
And if you're crazy enough, there're some melee weps.

To run this map, open console (press ~) and type map sb_witch then press Enter.

  02/08/2014Version: 69.2 (complete) By: Swooping Bears (10)Views: 22812
Smoker's Tongue Reflection - Training Map
Smoker's Tongue Reflection - Training Map

Even though humankind is dead, human curiosity is still livin'.
This small and cozy underground lab allows you to develop all
necessary skills and reactions, needed for successful Smoker's tongue reflection.

Swooping Bears.

To run this map, press ~ and type map sb_smoker in console.

  02/06/2014Version: 69.3 (final) By: Swooping Bears (10)Views: 41982

When a military outpost in the centre of philadelphia opens up for evacs it sounds too good to be true... It is. They arrive to find everyone gunned down and the staff dead.

For all map features, head over to my steam workshop listing (same name):

No more cuz word limit

  02/02/2014Version: 6 (complete) By: Texeon (3)Views: 10740
Villa Hermosa Negra v2
Villa Hermosa Negra v2

The helicopter of survivors had an accident in a remote land of Guatemala as they went to their rescue now touch them to survive

the next version will have more improvements and other things to expect

sorry for my english im latino

ready version 2.0 final
upgrade the version primary please

  01/28/2014Version: 2.0 (final) By: Tuberodx7 Views: 10061
Tanks Playground v2.7
Tanks Playground v2.7

My tribute to the Tank Fever series by Lain.

Target difficulty is Normal; Advanced and Expert are beatable.
Rescue (10min) can come at 3 different places around the map.

Survival with stages (a bit like Helm's Deep)
Now with 7 stages, timings are relative to each stage's start.

Versus / Taaaaank!:
By night, experimental, not thoroughly tested.

Be sure to read the release notes.

Have fun and if you like the map, consider joining the Steam group, Tanks Playground L4D2 (TankPlaygrnd) to connect with other players and submit bugs/ideas.

Thanks to Necrofries and Lain.

  12/24/2013Version: 2.7 (complete) By: obez (2)Views: 253698