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Recommended 'Recreation / Indoor' Add-ons.
'Recreation / Indoor' Maps for L4D & L4D2.
Let's Build the Finale
Let's Build the Finale

Features in Let's Build The Finale:
- complete all four events to create Finale Builder
- collect gnomes and put them in marked spot to unlock weapons and barricades(they spawn every two minutes in random places)
- use shop machine to buy suplys example defibrilator(read change log for more info)
- rebuild barricades to temporaly stop zombie

With Finale Builder you can choose:
- rescue vehicle
- ending camera
- sound after ending camera start
- weather during finale

I recomend to turn on game instructor!!
Also disable other vpks or temporaly move them somewhere else.
And read Change log for more information

  03/08/2013Version: 14 (complete) By: greenhood (16)Views: 36742
Final Survival
Final Survival

Released more than three years ago, so it's pretty basic, our first map :) You must hold on in a bunker armed to the teeth. You have more than ordinary weapons. Close the doors of the bunker for a while, press a button to burn a lot of zombies, and activate neurotoxic gas which is lethal for zombies

  02/27/2013Version: 2.1 (final) By: Creating Worlds (4)Views: 11958
The Matrix Subway
The Matrix Subway

From the Matrix film, a recreation survival map when Neo and Smith fight! Custom decals and textures, weapon-system based on the film, the L4D1 characters helps you, music of the film, and also BULLET-TIME! Survive more, for more surprises!
New version: 2.1 (The trailer is about 1.0 version)

  02/26/2013Version: 2.1 (final) By: Creating Worlds (4)Views: 94699
Arctic Atrium Scavenge
Arctic Atrium Scavenge

This is my first try for a scavenge map. Decided to edit a real scavenge map.

Snowy screen overlay
snowy prop skins
improved snow storm
3 more gascans to collect (19 in total now)

I realized this map might be a fail. Decided to try again on No-Mercy's Rooftop scavenge map to Arctic and storming environment. Scavenge only because i just wanted this only to be scavenge :) Now to just find some people to play with.

Known bugs:
Sky turns black if shader is on low or medium - no fix found yet. Sorry!
SI Can't climb the columns.

  02/16/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) By: Valve / Rev_deaddiet (37)Views: 7528
Mega Wars
Mega Wars

All of the Wars saga has been placed in this VPK. All but FortWars 2 because we lost the bsp and nav... Sorry.

We are hoping to release this one today with the new map Watergate Confrontations!

  01/31/2013Version: 1.3 (final) By: TH3 5KULL & Tinchoth (5)Views: 7721
FortWars 2
FortWars 2

Same steps as FortWars to install addon.
Second version of my map, I have a problem with the nav so please don't complain if bots are not working. It's made for you to play with friends. Smaller and lighter... Hope you like it.

  01/31/2013Version: 1.1 (final) By: TH3 5KULL (5)Views: 7856

This house is all boarded up, and you're armed to the teeth. From the attic, to the basement, can you keep the lights on or will it be lights out for good? But the zombies wont be here for a while, so explore, relax in the games room, and have a beer. Just be prepared to put your game face on.

  01/28/2013Version: 4.0 (complete) By: Stay Puft & TurdBurglar (71)Views: 15926
Wings of Darkness
Wings of Darkness

Survivors find themselves in front of a great base... Will be someone in there? - Based on Silent Hill.
Any help for fix the bugs of the maps of the campaign, will be appreciated :-)

WARNING: Is a long campaing and is my first campaign!
You need Half-Life 2 Textures for play this campaign.
Link of Half-Life 2 Textures created by Angerfist.

v1.5 Release!!! Panic events don't work either.
Please read changelog for details :-D

  01/23/2013Version: 1.5 (beta) By: Hedgehogself (3)Views: 24475 (3/7 maps)
Power Station
Power Station

"This campaign is for those looking for a challenge. Filled with tons of traps and thinking! This makes it a challenge and a little frustrating as the average play time is 2 hours!"
this map i meant to be played in Co-op

now available on the steam workshop

Made by cameraman-4
Ported by Rawr-Tech

i am also applying bug fixes and will be extending on the finale
Please Tell me if you find any bugs so i may fix them asap

  01/20/2013Version: 1.2 (beta) By: Made by cameraman-4 ported by Rawr-TechViews: 31640 (5/5 maps)

Claustrophobia (AKA, The Sewer) is a converted Half-Life 2 mod made by me. This campaign features seven maps starting from a dank, dark sewer, leading all the way up to a Canyon, also features various puzzles and several optional paths to explore for goodies. Have Fun !

  12/04/2012Version: 1.0 (complete) By: Blood_WraithViews: 87724 (7/7 maps)
Burger King
Burger King

It's back! I wanna thank Flinter for sending me the file because I had lost it.
This is the lastest version of it, but I'm gonna make a newer one soon. I'll try to fix some parts of the nav meshes, which when you're over the building, it doesn't work properly.

  11/26/2012Version: 2 (complete) By: Gustavo de Oliveira (7)Views: 32692
Relectum [Update]
Relectum [Update]

Hey, this started as a remake of Kino Der toten but became much more. I worked hard on all the details and alto there are some bugs, my map features: teleportations, secret rooms, electric traps and a gnome! ^^
Enjoy and pls post bug reports and criticism!

Update 1:

pls read changelog

  11/11/2012Version: 0.2 (complete) By: i3ickViews: 11568
Questionable Ethics : Alpha test
Questionable Ethics : Alpha test

This campaign is a sequel to 'Questionable Ethics'.
I strongly recommend playing 'Questionable Ethics' first.

(!) This campaign is long and difficult. Teamwork is crucial.
(!) This campaign could be confusing for L4D2 beginners or those who have not played 'Questionable ethics'.

  10/15/2012Version: 2.3 (complete) By: Nihilanth (2)Views: 337576 (5/5 maps)
Halls of Death
Halls of Death

A new death run with innovative traps and a nasty horde to boot. Run through a trap filled facility with anything from crushers and rock drops to lava pits and death falls. You can race your friends or play through with them. Impede their actions by blowing up a bridge on them or in front of them!!!

See changelog for errors, credits, changes, and other notes.

  10/06/2012Version: 1.1 (complete) By: Roflmahwafflz (4)Views: 72084
Resident Evil 2 RPD (l4d2)
Resident Evil 2 RPD (l4d2)

this is the racoon city police department from resident evil 2
its quite detailed and i think it captures the RE feel pretty good

this conversion is done by me, ferretsshadow, for everyone else who enjoyed this map and have been waiting for a l4d2 release so please notify me of any gamebreaking bugs.

was able to play through this without any bugs, except for stupid bots on nav by the helicopter, but that's because I'm not all that great at nav making. If anyone else wants to join me by making nav's then we can have a perfect conversion here


  07/20/2012Version: 1.0 (complete) By: dukeblooders (42)Views: 134378