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'Forest / Woods' Maps for L4D2.
HGY DockLight
HGY DockLight

Survival and Scavenger map based on a deserted island with cliffs, caves and a lighthouse.
Include Easter eggs...

  08/19/2013Version: 1.4 (complete) By: David Views: 10104
House In The Woods
House In The Woods

Description: This is a survival map that is set in the country setting. You start out in an old country grave yard and have to make your way to an old farm house to hold out. There is a small sextons office inside the grave yard where the weapons and activators is at.

  08/11/2013Version: 1.0 (beta) By: Michael Russell (2)Views: 7852
L4D2 Radio
L4D2 Radio

Survival/scavenge map set in and around a radio station, built on the edge of a cliff.

Snow themed map. First time making a scavenge map. This is also a prototype for the last map in a L4D2 campaign I'm planning.

  08/10/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) By: Megadude (2)Views: 9772
Urban Flight
Urban Flight

The city is burning. As ash falls, the survivors attempt to flee to a small military airfield on the other side of the river. It's a straight path down the main boulevard, but nothing is ever simple. Crashed cars, blazing fires, police barricades, and the city itself all stand in their way.


I am reading all comments/reviews. This campaign will be patched if necessary.

A pack of gnomes
A news-worthy drive-by
A gunshot suicide
A ridiculous notice
A cocaine habit
A shipment of beef
A floating upgrade
A BYOB workday
A spinning plate
A shipment of tank

  07/30/2013Version: 12 (final) By: The RabbitViews: 546130 (4/4 maps)
Zooicidal Tendencies
Zooicidal Tendencies

Survivors must defend against waves of infected in the shelter of a central city zoo.

If your player goes idle it will say flow is broken, you can ignore this, as it will not effect gameplay.
low end system users may have to tone down video settings for smoother frame rates.

  07/17/2013Version: 1.1 (beta) By: MelchiahViews: 107182
SaltHell Park
SaltHell Park

Set in the Victorian Saltwell Park (a real park in Gateshead, UK), survivors need to navigate through it and reach the safety of the rescue vehicle. The park has been used by the military as a secure evacuation centre before being overrun by the zombie horde.

There are two hidden gnome chompskis on maps 1 and 2 and three on maps 3 and 4. Find and shoot each one for easter eggs, rewards or punishments. (Gnome decals indicate a nearby gnome; shoot the gnomes, not the decals).

Play with Game Instructor on.

v3.0: Includes massive optimisation and greatly improved FPS rates, polish and bug fixes.

  07/17/2013Version: 3.0 (complete) By: HypnocystViews: 233676 (5/5 maps)
Fall in Death
Fall in Death

Survivors by helicopter crashed in a small town, they will have to survive in the mountains.
4 coop and versus maps campaign
2 survival maps

Map 1 Small town :
-extreme random paths map
-3 new random panic events

Map 2 Forest :
-alternative random paths
-2 new random panic events

Map 3 Mountain :
-versus infected traps system

Map 4 Cablecar :
-new sacrifice final

Pickaxe weapon melee by Yogensia
Cog gnome replacement by Yogensia

steam groupe : steamcommunity(dot)com/groups/l4d2_fid
my website : castorjudo(dot)free(dot)fr

  07/04/2013Version: 1.0 (beta) By: CastorJudo (5)Views: 129862 (4/4 maps)
Redstone Farm (L4D2)
Redstone Farm (L4D2)

This ain't no cheery Minecraft map--the stones here are red with BLOOD!
"You're gonna need more than a pitchfork..."

**21 Jun 2013** Fixed various bugs, including attic tank glitch. Made finale trigger radios easier to find.

Redstone Farm has many, many defense locations: house, barn, cornfield, shed and hilltop just to name a few. Which is best for holding the fort from the zombie onslaught?

I included four finale triggers to prevent some hassle since the map is so big. The house alone provides four floors and a roof for some lovely zombie-killing goodness.

Map is basically complete. But I appreciate any suggestions for bug fixes or minor improvements.

  06/22/2013Version: 1.2 (complete) By: Andrew M. (2)Views: 92276
Left4Dust 2
Left4Dust 2

dont download this campaign to complain .i dont want to read any more stupid crap about my campaign....play Left4Dust in the left4dead2 downloads and be happy.

  06/16/2013Version: 3.0 (complete) By: Tags (2)Views: 29266
The Last Volt
The Last Volt

The survivors find themselves amidst an expanding zombie apocalypse. Caught offguard, a fire starts to consume the apartment they were holing up in, and they must find a way to escape the building and the city. The power plant serves as the final obstacle between you and the river. Good luck!

  06/14/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) By: eidobunnyViews: 37819 (3/3 maps)

This is de_piranesi from Counter-Strike: Source, ported to l4d2 by me. Unlike other css survivals this map has 4 Counter-Strike weapons.

Thanks to
- Mewlava for making map poster

Note: Css weapons doesn't do damage unless you play on local and after first time call a vote "return to lobby" and start game again. However map is playable without css weapons.

  06/11/2013Version: 2.0 (complete) By: Valve, RazQViews: 8780
Forgotten Mist
Forgotten Mist

A small 3-mission campaign set in urban/rural scenery, around 3 month after the "incident". Survivors start during the night in deserted city, moving forward to the forest area and then to the river docks.

  06/01/2013Version: 2.0 (complete) By: pinzdesign (5)Views: 22387 (3/3 maps)
Open Road
Open Road

Chopper from The Parish crashlanded and the 4 survivors are yet again on a tough situation. To keep yourself always up-to-date, download this from STEAM L4D2 WORKSHOP!

Update 1.21 released 9th of may 2013

  05/18/2013Version: 1.21 (complete) By: ICSViews: 112957 (5/5 maps)
The Hunted v1.3
The Hunted v1.3

A new survival map set in a hunter's cabin in the woods. Enjoy.

Updated to match Workshop version. Check changelog or screenshots for updates.

  05/04/2013Version: 1.3 (complete) By: CrazyRabbit (6)Views: 22782

This is the first level of a theoretical 4 level campaign i am planning. This is the opening level, where the gang have crashed their car up a hill path while fleeing the zombie hoard. One of them knows of a campsite nearby, and the gang head to it in search of supplies and help.

  04/18/2013Version: 2.0 (complete) By: Matthew Congdon (2)Views: 15990