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Monster Mill
Monster Mill

After the Survivors escape the terrible Millhaven base, they find a raised bridge blocking their way to Rayford. They must lower it to pass.

A Left 4 Dead 1-exclusive campaign that will incorporate a Sacrifice-style finale without the sacrifice, as well as other Left 4 Dead 2 elements, such as randomized pathing and backtracking. Also features the Church Guy and plenty of turrets!

Don't bother asking this to be ported onto Left 4 Dead 2; the answer will always be no. And don't bother playing it on Left 4 Dead 2 anyway, because it will not work. I'm also aware of pirates and terrorists trying to prove otherwise, so don't bother pointing that out.

  03/10/2014Version: 2.1 (complete) Views: 46773 By: RainingMetal (5/5 maps)
No Mercy Reversed & Blood Harvest Reversed
No Mercy Reversed & Blood Harvest ...

This pack contains the following campaigns:
No Mercy (Reversed) by bellbell
Blood Harvest (Reversed) by BeefnCheez/Codestar
No Mercy (Park) by Carlos Coronado.
12 maps total updated by me.

READ the CHANGELOG (the paper stack icon above) for full details BEFORE installing this pack! Be sure to get the small addon for the campaign names. If you'd like you can play this on one of our servers and you'll also be able to select some more survivors. The ip is Type !maps in chat to vote for these maps. Videos of each map are in the changelog.

  02/13/2014Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 27894 By: Various (5/5 maps)
The Passing (L4D1)
The Passing (L4D1)

---> (IMPORTANT: Read the Changelog!) <---
This is a port of L4D2 "The Passing" for L4D1.
You need our Sound-Support (external Download - see Changelog)
Note: Addons Support not needed for this Campaign

  02/11/2014Version: 1.2 (beta) Views: 15485 By: L4D2 on L4D (3/3 maps)
Witch Hunter
Witch Hunter

Our survivors wake up in Aperture,
They realize scientists there use them as test subjects for their experiments.
Guided by their voices,video screens and notes,
their only way out is to move ahead to the next test!
But the plot comes to a twist when they release Alexis to do their jobs for them!
Will they use this chance to escape or will they fall under the claws of the WITCH!

This is a story based training map that will teach you how to kill witches!
A mix of Portal and Left4Dead...
Also check out the Expert playthrough video and HD wallpapers!
Links are in the changelog!

  01/12/2014Version: 3.0 (complete) Views: 165190 By: Tisa (4/4 maps)
Crash Course APOCALYPSENew

-------------When Crashing becomes the only coures you know,be sure to bring a lot of body bags!-------------

-----L4D 1 ONLY-----

  01/04/2014Version: 5.0 (complete) Views: 8730 By: ROMBU (3/3 maps)

--------------------------exterminate the population of zombie and survive this shit !--------------------------

------------L4D 1 ONLY--------------

  12/29/2013Version: 5.3 (complete) Views: 13296 By: ROMBU (6/6 maps)
Naniwa City
Naniwa CityNew

Naniwa City

Escape Osaka Before You Get Left4Dead!

  12/24/2013Version: 1.4 (complete) Views: 20349 By: DIODIO (5/5 maps)
Blood Harvest APOCALYPSE
Blood Harvest APOCALYPSENew

This version has different finale. Its now much more difficult.

--------------------------On this farm pests are not your only enemy!------------------------

  11/21/2013Version: 5.4 (complete) Views: 16795 By: ROMBU and Valve (5/5 maps)

--------------- Cure them all...terminally!-----------------

  11/21/2013Version: 5.2 (complete) Views: 15099 By: ROMBU and Valve (5/5 maps)
Hard Expert Mode Campaign Pack
Hard Expert Mode Campaign PackNew

READ the CHANGELOG (the paper stack icon above) for full details BEFORE installing this pack!

This pack contains the following campaigns by Gladiator:

No Mercy (Hard Expert Mode)
Death Toll (Hard Expert Mode)
Dead Air (Hard Expert Mode)
Blood Harvest (Hard Expert Mode)
No Mercy (Hard Expert Mode Special Edition)
No Mercy (Daytime 2) by HaiTian

30 maps total updated by me to version 3.0. These will really test your skills at L4D. If you play this on my server, you'll also be able to select many more survivors. The ip is Type !maps in chat to vote for these maps.

  10/21/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 19416 By: Various (7/7 maps)
Prototype Mk2
Prototype Mk2

Participate in the Synergenic Technologies Inc. Hazardous Environment Teambuilding Study. Set in a series of testing chambers vaguely reminiscent of 80s and 90s science fiction. Fight through an increasingly difficult testing path to escape the research area.

It's listed as "in beta" because I'm looking into adding music and ironing out balancing issues. Please leave a comment or send me a message if you have any comments or concerns, feedback is very welcome!

  09/10/2013Version: 2.2 (beta) Views: 17210 By: Jon Whitley (5/5 maps)
My Fear
My Fear

Our survivors have been dropped in middle of a desert. They will need to destroy something in a hidden base in the desert... Will our survivors survive inside the desert base?

The campaign is in spanish (Because I'm spanish :-D) and don't have very much details because I'm not a good retailer xD

  07/22/2013Version: 1.5 (complete) Views: 16426 By: Hedgehogself (3/3 maps)
Dead Center (L4D1)
Dead Center (L4D1)New

---> (IMPORTANT: Read the Changelog!) <---


This is a port of L4D2 "Dead Center" for L4D1.
You need our Addon- and Sound-Support (external Download - see Changelog)

  06/28/2013Version: 1.0 (beta) Views: 39414 By: L4D2 on L4D (4/4 maps)
HEM NoMercy 2.3 (Special Edition)
HEM NoMercy 2.3 (Special Edition)New

A re-upload of 1 of 5 Gladiador's Hard Expert Mode Maps. A slight change to v2.1 of HEM_NoMercy

  04/14/2013Version: 2.3 (final) Views: 11900 By: GLADIADOR (5/5 maps)
HEM BloodHarvest 2.1
HEM BloodHarvest 2.1New

A re-upload of 1 of 5 Gladiador's Hard Expert Mode Maps. Tweaks to add some difficulty.

  04/14/2013Version: 2.1 (final) Views: 5386 By: GLADIADOR (5/5 maps)
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