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Walking Corpses
Walking Corpses

Easy - about 7 hits
Normal - about 4 hits
Advanced - 2 hits
Expert - 1 hit will knock you down.
These ???????s are tough, the only way they die is by removing the head or destroying the brain(or blowing all your ammo into their chest.) There are no special infected or bosses, only scripted tanks and tanks at the finale. always watch your back, they are slow but they can sneak up on you. If your buddy gets swarmed and you are surrounded...he's dead. but its not that hard to get head shots if you take time to aim.
There isn't a rush so search everything, but make sure there are at least 2 exit because you could be trapped.

  06/29/2013Version: 5.4 (complete) Views: 21568 By: Hunter J
Arceus Theme
Arceus Theme Audio

Replaces the tank theme with Arceus' theme from pokemon.

  06/29/2013Version: 1 (complete) Views: 2435 By: corruptnight(Judge Sentinel)
Daring Do UZI
Daring Do UZI

The fourth Daring Do skin i made, it never gets old :D

Seph - original model
Blur- original texture
Arby26 - animations
Funreal - compile, hud icon, reskin

GASP! this is my hundreth submission :O

  06/29/2013Version: 1 (final) Views: 3467 By: Funreal
Chirumiru Pills
Chirumiru Pills

Chirumiru Pills. Find moar mods in my website. ⑨

  06/29/2013Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 2441 By: Tatatofly
Irresistible Coach
Irresistible Coach

Meet irresistible Coach a version more young and muscular than the original Coach,with Green-Eyes !

This mod can't be used as a base maker without my permission.

  06/29/2013Version: 1 (complete) Views: 12529 By: DamonFTW
Irresistible Rochelle
Irresistible Rochelle

Meet Irresistible Rochelle, a hot version of Rochelle with Blue-Green Eyes, and a outfit composed by a jacket of leather and a little black shorty....

This mod can't be used as a base maker without my permission.

  06/29/2013Version: 1 (complete) Views: 13834 By: DamonFTW/Pajama911
Teen Angst Zoey - RE3 Jill Valentine 'Cosplay'
Teen Angst Zoey - RE3 Jill Valentine '...

Please do not take the title too literally. Zoey doesn't have Jill's haircut or boots or anything.

This is a reskin of arby26's Teen Angst Zoey model. The aim is to resemble Jill Valentine in her civilian attire from Resident Evil/Biohazard 3. (The textures are from Operation Raccoon City.)


  06/29/2013Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 6241 By: arby26/CAPCOM/shcloutier
Teen Angst Zoey - Made in Heaven
Teen Angst Zoey - Made in Heaven

arby26's Teen Angst model for Zoey reskinned to resemble Claire Redfield from Resident Evil/Biohazard: Operation Raccoon City.

arby26's model, CAPCOM's textures.


  06/29/2013Version: 1.1 (final) Views: 14599 By: arby26/CAPCOM/shcloutier
Ho-oh's Theme (Remix)
Ho-oh's Theme (Remix) Audio

This replaces the tank theme with a remix of Ho-oh's theme. First mod please be nice about it. Big thank you to LUKeM and his sound creator for the help of making this mod.

  06/28/2013Version: 1 (complete) Views: 1935 By: corruptnight(Judge Sentinel)
Chirumiru soda machine
Chirumiru soda machine

Chirumiru soda machine, because Cirno will need to be genki. ⑨

Find in L4D2 Workshop too.

  06/28/2013Version: 1.1 (final) Views: 4024 By: Tatatofly
resident evil1 ending yume de owarasenai 夢で終わらせ
  06/28/2013Version: 1 (final) Views: 1310 By: chris redfield
MW2 Barrett 50cal. gunfire sound
MW2 Barrett 50cal. gunfire sound Audio

A sound replacement for the military sniper rifle with Barrett 50cal. sound in MW2 . Please reply if it have any bug . Thanks .

  06/28/2013Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 2874 By: Ge Ge
Tank Music GoW Minotaur
Tank Music GoW Minotaur Audio

changes the tank music to "Hades Minotaur Theme" from God of War

  06/28/2013Version: 1 (final) Views: 2377 By: Kenth Kakuheiki
Tank Music MMZ3 Omega Zero
Tank Music MMZ3 Omega Zero Audio

changes music to "Mythos Cannonball Remix (Omega Zero Theme)" from Megaman Zero 3

Omega Zero's laugh included

*changed the OST to the remix version*

  06/28/2013Version: 3 (final) Views: 3492 By: Kenth Kakuheiki
Megaman Zero 3 (mythos) tank music
Megaman Zero 3 (mythos) tank music Audio

Replaces tank music with mmz3 Zero vs Omega Zero music (mythos ver)

  06/27/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 1796 By: Espio
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