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Baikal MP-153 (Wooden)
Baikal MP-153 (Wooden)

More Russian shotguns! This time being Sam61's Wooden Baikal MP-153 with r0tzbua's textures. Replaces the Spas Shotgun on Arby's autoshotgun animations.

Sam61 - Model; UV; Bake
r0tzbua - Textures; Shaders
Arby26 - Animations
Lt. Rocky - Port; Rig; Compile; Shaders

  04/07/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 2190 By: Lt. Rocky
Zoey - The Aftermath VERSION 2.0 OUT NOW
Zoey - The Aftermath VERSION 2.0 OUT NOW

This is the standalone version of this modification.

A scrounged-together, though modern look for Zoey, in which she dons a tough bomber jacket, a somewhat abraded body stocking and short, practical boots -- all in addition to a sturdier belt on which she can rely for protection. Also presenting an entirely original hairstyle for Zoey complete with value-added details to her facial features.

Jacket and Shoes sampled from Tomb Raider © Square Enix All Rights Reserved
Pouches sampled from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City © Capcom All Rights Reserved
Earrings sampled from Alan Wake's American Nightmare © Remedy Entertainment All Rights Reserved

  04/07/2014Version: 2.0 (final) Views: 30382 By: Gentlemen Prefer Zombies
Kinder Boomers:MegaSpewFest
Kinder Boomers:MegaSpewFest

Kinder Boomers = Slower Boomer speed and Less Chundering!
a small but new and friendlier play on my first Mega Boomr Spew Fest mutation.
Friendly Fire has been disabled, so no more death by the hands of the bots in Single Player!
A few less numbers of Common Infected but they still only go down with a Decapitation or Headshot.
Infinite ammo is still enabled so no need for reloading in the middle of a spew fight.

  04/07/2014Version: 1.1 (final) Views: 414 By: Dr Morph!
Zelda menu file select music
Zelda menu file select music Audio

Replaces the menu music with the file select music from the the legend of zelda

  04/06/2014Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 611 By: Sox4life

a fun filled mod/mutation with bucket loads of Boomer Spewies!
Many Boomers... many many MANY Boomers. mix them in with copious amounts of slow shamblers, and it's garanteed a hard but fun slog through the world of Left4Dead2.
Did i mention that the Boomers are super quick and they chunder as if they have a never ending supply? and that the slow-shamblers only go down with a headshot or decapitation. infinite ammo enabled bacuse you'll need that "perk". no time for reloading! up to 9 Boomers onscreen at one time and more than 80 common infected as well. this mod may require the use of a good gaming rig due to the sheer number of boomer explosions, Boomers & infected onscreen at once

  04/06/2014Version: 1 (final) Views: 847 By: Dr Morph!
Titanfall R-101C Carbino
Titanfall R-101C Carbino

I bring this weapon here, because in case of someone, workshop problems and blah blah blah, the animations are not that great because there's some problem of clipping issue but it was the only one that could fit in as for the reload a bit, my friend Krycek says he's going to update the animations as soon as he can, I will update this, so for now, enjoy this weapon.

Have to change the E of the end of the tittle because someone already use the name

I also recommend this using 60 of fov because for no problems behind of the weapon.

Animations - Krycek
Porting and Rigging and Stuff - Twilight
Model and Texture and Sound - Respawn Entertainment

  04/06/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 4841 By: Twilight Sparkle
Custom Game Music
Custom Game Music Audio

Custom Tank theme, Concert music, and End Credit Music
Tank Theme: Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy

Concert Music: The Hell Song by Sum 41 and Face down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

End Credit Music: Beatdown in the Key of Happy by Four Years Strong
This was uploaded here a LONG time ago but was taken down. Reuploading because of a request.

  04/06/2014Version: 1 (final) Views: 662 By: 95trane
IA Concert
IA Concert Audio

Changes concert music to songs sung by IA (Vocaloid).

Song 1 - Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story
Tank 1 - Ref Rain
Song 2 - Cloud Rider
Tank2 - Revenge Syndrome

  04/05/2014Version: 1.2 (complete) Views: 5517 By: corruptnight(Judge Sentinel)
Crosshair (DOT) R
Crosshair (DOT) R

This Dot Very Accurate For Rifle
This Dot Not Accurate For Shotgun
R Mean Rifle

  04/05/2014Version: 7.0 (final) Views: 892 By: Internet
MW3 contagion music
MW3 contagion music Audio

Replacing the contagion music with some MW3 soundtracks. As u see the comments this mod using epic, energetic and suspense music. That was the point. I dont like creepy things at all. (Got phobia from dead things lol.) Watch the video for more info.

  04/05/2014Version: 1 (complete) Views: 653 By: BarisTheBlade/Hans Zimmer
titanfall r-101c carbine
titanfall r-101c carbine

I added on the original basis to force more reflective effect, and some custom CAMO, he looks very cool.
I found this gun in creative workshop, thanks to the original author Twilight Sparkle, I'm just a porter

  04/04/2014Version: 0.1 (final) Views: 4412 By: Twilight Sparkle ,Rinduty
SP's Custom Third Person (RE-Style)
SP's Custom Third Person (RE-Style)


Run and walk has been swapped.



+Mouse3 (zoom) - Toggle First/Third Person, center aim if in RE cam mode
+Shift - Run
+Alt - Toggle Left/Right shoulder view
+Capslock - Toggle RE cam mode


+Scope toggling cannot be done for snipers (unless you change the bind key)
+The red dot on light is your third person crosshair.
+Best used with sv_cheats 1 (READ CHANGELOG)


+Flashlight Base Texture - VXL (I found his the most appealing)

  04/04/2014Version: 1.3 (complete) Views: 11125 By: Swordphin123
Zoey Replacing Rochelle
Zoey Replacing Rochelle

This mod changes Rochelle by Zoey, using Zoey animations working online, includes sounds (sounds only in singleplayer and local host only) and you can use any skin for her that is not replacing her model. All melee weapons run without errors.
This is my first mod i have published so i hope you like it.

  04/04/2014Version: 1.2 (final) Views: 4517 By: DarknesS''
mw2 Barrett sound for military sniper
mw2 Barrett sound for military sniper Audio

Replacing the gunfire/reload sound of the military sniper. This time no shell pouncing sry.

  04/03/2014Version: 1 (complete) Views: 2172 By: BarisTheBlade\Activision
CS:GO SCAR-20 sound for Krycek's CS:GO SCAR-20
CS:GO SCAR-20 sound for Krycek's CS:GO... Audio

Gunfire and reload sound for military sniper. I really dont prefer this sound, but this is the original sound of this model. Watch video.

  04/03/2014Version: 1 (complete) Views: 748 By: BarisTheBlade/Valve
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