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Puzzle maps for Left 4 Dead.
Lego Station
Lego Station

Off to the Lego universe you go! Follow the yellow brick paths, explore the vast variety of Lego structures, and most importantly.. don't let the zombies ruin your fun!:D

  11/11/2012Version: 3.0 (final) Views: 101053 By: Robo TyphoonViews: 101053 L4D
Stargate SG-4
Stargate SG-4 5/5 maps

Stargate Command Center resurected Bill in Goauld sarcofag, so our survivors can find the source of infection and destroy it once and for all. Problem is that its not on Earth.

1. Before playing the map I recomend writing in console:
You will be able to hear my custom sound
2. Bots sometimes are useless. Sorry for that.

If you find any bugs tell me and I will try to fix it asap.
Also review if you like it ;)

  10/23/2012Version: 1.9 (complete) Views: 38880 By: greenhoodViews: 38880 L4D
Death Toilet Maze
Death Toilet Maze 6/6 maps

Now playable in L4D2. The survivors were just trying to use the toilet but something went horribly wrong. The survivors were flushed into a world of constant challenges. Now they must complete these challenges to hopefully be free of this smelly world.

Please read the top section of the changelog before reporting any problems in the campaign.
You may experience low frame rates when playing Turret Defense.

If you need help with a challenge please look through the comments to see if your question has already been answered. If it hasn't been answered, feel free to post your question and I will give you a hint.

  04/01/2012Version: 1.5 (complete) Views: 95149 By: GroginhofViews: 95149 L4D