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Port maps for Left 4 Dead 2.
Five Miles
Five Miles

Battle across five miles of psycho controlled apocalyptic highways, with 17 new enemies, as well as some returning allies. You don't get a break from zombies that easily, though: The bandits have weaponized them and plan to board your train! With a dynamic difficulty and 2 endings, Five Miles is my most ambitious map to date.

Intended for play on Easy or Normal!


!NEW! Major performance & stability improvements thanks to model optimizations by R.T. Frisk!

- Possible Bug -
If you hit performance dips in Five Miles try MEDIUM Effects Detail.

  12/14/2013Version: .14 (beta) Views: 51337 By: Robert RiterViews: 51337 L4D2

A CS 1.6 port to Left 4 Dead 2, cs_estate, with tweaked things for survival aspect and L4D world.
Future updates will add some things, like a dialogue for survival start, that sort of thing.

Positive feedback is really appreciated

  07/23/2013Version: 1 (complete) Views: 6712 By: FauckersViews: 6712 L4D2
SaltHell Park
SaltHell Park 5/5 maps

Set in the Victorian Saltwell Park (a real park in Gateshead, UK), survivors need to navigate through it and reach the safety of the rescue vehicle. The park has been used by the military as a secure evacuation centre before being overrun by the zombie horde.

There are two hidden gnome chompskis on maps 1 and 2 and three on maps 3 and 4. Find and shoot each one for easter eggs, rewards or punishments. (Gnome decals indicate a nearby gnome; shoot the gnomes, not the decals).

Play with Game Instructor on.

v3.0: Includes massive optimisation and greatly improved FPS rates, polish and bug fixes.

  07/17/2013Version: 3.0 (complete) Views: 232841 By: HypnocystViews: 232841 L4D2
Relectum [Update]
Relectum [Update]

Hey, this started as a remake of Kino Der toten but became much more. I worked hard on all the details and alto there are some bugs, my map features: teleportations, secret rooms, electric traps and a gnome! ^^
Enjoy and pls post bug reports and criticism!

Update 1:

pls read changelog

  11/11/2012Version: 0.2 (complete) Views: 11511 By: i3ickViews: 11511 L4D2
Hallway Hell 2 v1.3
Hallway Hell 2 v1.3

Just a for fun survival map. If you can beat 10mins you're a legend. Check out my other maps for more fun!

Support my work by using the External Link

  02/04/2012Version: 1.3 (complete) Views: 20844 By: CrazyRabbitViews: 20844 L4D2
White Prison
White Prison

Have you ever tried to feel like a prey in a cage? yes If you've played portal, but this is not a test this is a struggle to survive you just have to resist!

  10/25/2011Version: 1.1 (final) Views: 201948 By: The MarkViews: 201948 L4D2
Defense Double Pack
Defense Double Pack

The Defense Double Pack introduces two new sub-game modes for Survival! In Sandbox Defense, you use the available support abilities and structures to make any defense you want! In Base Defense, construct buildings, hire mercs, buy supplies and use powerful new superpowers to make your last stand!

  07/27/2011Version: 0.1 (beta) Views: 111948 By: Robert RiterViews: 111948 L4D2
Terminal (Modern Warfare 2 Remake) V 1.10
Terminal (Modern Warfare 2 Remake) V 1.10

A survival map based on the Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal.
Please report any bugs in the comments. (if the bugs are not in the changelog i do not know about them)
NOTE: the map can be played with or without killstreaks just click the poster by the radio to turn them on or off, FOR MORE INFO ON KILLSTREAKS READ THE CHANGELOG, enjoy the map!

  06/23/2011Version: 1.1 (beta) Views: 54586 By: TimmeebackViews: 54586 L4D2
Technology 2/2 maps

This includes: survival map, scavenge map, and a two map campaign.
It has a riotshield , a knife and custom gamemode!
It is located in a modern building.
It has teleporters, elevator and more!
This map is alot bigger then what it looks like on the pics (has 2,3 floors and lots of rooms)

  04/19/2011Version: 1.3 (complete) Views: 25732 By: eligriViews: 25732 L4D2