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Resident Evil maps for Left 4 Dead 2.
Resident Evil 4: Waterworld
Resident Evil 4: Waterworld

A remake of the Island (or Waterworld) map from the Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries. I finally regained access to my account! Horray! Oh, I almost forgot, there is a hidden room with an audio control panel to play the other mercenary themes. To access it, you're going to have to ask the old man and his religious friends nicely (that's the clue).

  03/22/2013Version: 1.15 (complete) Views: 46304 By: JakeMikers, CapcomViews: 46304 L4D2
Resident Evil: Last Escape
Resident Evil: Last Escape 2/6 maps

This is a re-creation of Raccoon City from Resident Evil 3. It's not an exact copy.
Known bugs in v1.1:
-The second map doesn't terminate upon completion correctly. To exit, you must quit the map. Working on a solution.
-Navigation hangups/minor bot issues. Working on a smoother version that flows better.
-The RPD is not done yet (map 2). You can expect puzzles and a longer, better, gameplay experience in the next release. It should be considered a preview in this release.

  12/09/2012Version: 1.1 (beta) Views: 133154 By: OutatimeViews: 133154 L4D2
Resident Evil 4 Village
Resident Evil 4 Village

The survivors found themselves on Spain close to the cults of Los Illuminados, they must survive from the attack of the zombies.

I made the village as close as possibly to the original, but added something more to fit the nav and Left 4 Dead world.

  04/01/2012Version: 1.4 (final) Views: 80728 By: FauckersViews: 80728 L4D2