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Scavenge maps for Left 4 Dead.
No Mercy fail - Map 3 No Oficial
No Mercy fail - Map 3 No Oficial

this is a sample of what was the beta version of the No Mercy campaign for Left 4 Dead.

you want the other chapters of No Mercy?

you send me a pm on my you tube channel kalumasterl, and I sent it.

  04/25/2013Version: 1.7 (final) Views: 9870 By: kaluViews: 9870 L4D
Poltergeist Activity
Poltergeist Activity

A haunted mansion with 3 floors, 12 rooms to explore. Find the keys to the locked doors to proceed. The map is still early in development, and critiques/comments are appreciated.

  08/31/2009Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 35839 By: Yellowace23Views: 35839 L4D