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Recommended 'Scavenge' Add-ons
Scavenge maps for Left 4 Dead 2.
Wyandotte Boat Club
Wyandotte Boat Club

With Scavenge Mode! My first L4D map, based off of an actual location, the Wyandotte Boat Club. The Wyandotte Boat Club is an organization located in Wyandotte, Michigan, along the Detroit River, devoted to the sport/recreation of rowing. And yes, there are zombies.

  03/01/2014Version: 2.4 (complete) Views: 49231 By: ThisKid55Views: 49231 L4D2
Big Wat
Big Wat 5/5 maps

Big Wat is a five chapter campaign created as a test campaign.
Two levels are playable in scavenge and one level is playable in survival.
All levels are playable in both campaign and versus.

  02/26/2014Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 20269 By: ShamalamadingdongyoggatViews: 20269 L4D2
Absolute Zero Assets
Absolute Zero Assets


Absolute Zero Assets

This VPK is required for the campaign Absolute Zero to have the custom textures and models appear along with the music.


These assets are open source, use GCFScape to extract the materials and models folders and copy paste them over your main folders to obtain them for use in your mods. Give credit where due. (List is on the main Absolute Zero page)

Happy modding!


  02/01/2014Version: 3.1 (final) Views: 62609 By: SoulViews: 62609 L4D2
Dead End (beta)
Dead End (beta) 1/5 maps

Im working on this. If you find any problems contact me. FIXED THE LIGHTING!!

Thanks to MustardSauce for helping me :)
I am planning on making Dead End a campaign/versus map, with The Dead End as a scavenge/survival map as well as planning on adding a secret.

Also thanks to Skot Jervis, who made the only vid of my campaign, though my friend Deviousfires will be uploading another one soon with some other stuff as well.

When the world betrays you... it will be the end.

I put an update for it in Steam community please get that version if you want to play this.
It has fixed lighting, will add the update here too later.

  01/27/2014Version: 0.26 (beta) Views: 9006 By: CoolzViews: 9006 L4D2
Half-Life 2: Water Hazard
Half-Life 2: Water Hazard 7/7 maps

REQUIRES additional addon to display textures: Half-Life 2 Texture Pack (linked below)
Chapter 4 & 5.

This campaign is very long and rather difficult! Be Warned!

Also includes the "Black Mesa East" chapter but compared to the rest of the campaign it's a rather short portion. Despite it's name this campaign does NOT require the player to move underwater, as seen in Route Kanal.
Exploration is rewarded with supplies and make sure to use adrenaline wisely!

Keep your eyes open for the Lambda symbol and the HL2 supply crates!

I'm looking forward to read your comments, reviews and watch the video's every1 uploads! :)

  11/19/2013Version: 0.1.0 (beta) Views: 79816 By: schayk91 aka |NFG|AngerfistViews: 79816 L4D2
No Parking
No Parking

Bill and the crew made it to the passing , but they never mentioned they met Whitaker along the way...

A Left for dead 2 community subplot.

Version 2.0 (10/25/2013)

Hints recommended for first playthrough.
- coop,Versus, Scavenge and Survival game modes.

  10/25/2013Version: 6.1 (final) Views: 256886 By: Lou SaffireViews: 256886 L4D2
Session 9 (No Custom Infected)
Session 9 (No Custom Infected)

This survival and scavenge map is based on the movie by the same name and Danvers State Mental Hospital which was torn down in 2006. In it, you'll find custom melee weapons and a whole new soundtrack.

This version does not include the custom infected.

  10/19/2013Version: 7.0 (complete) Views: 19195 By: TurdBurglar/Stay Puft/SplinksViews: 19195 L4D2
Session 9
Session 9

This survival and scavenge map is based on the movie by the same name and Danvers State Mental Hospital which was torn down in 2006. In it, you'll find custom melee weapons, common infected, special infected and a whole new soundtrack.

Special thanks to Splinks for allowing us to use his special infected.

Glowing One (Spitter)
Failed FEV Subject (Charger)
Siam (Tank)
Blood Sucker V2 (Smoker)
Flesh (Jockey)
Crawler (Hunter)
Bloat (Boomer)

  10/19/2013Version: 7.0 (complete) Views: 34006 By: TurdBurglar/Stay Puft/SplinksViews: 34006 L4D2
L4D2 Dead Air Scavenge Map
L4D2 Dead Air Scavenge Map

A great remake of the Dead Air's first map. There are a lots of new places, open roofs and etc.
Map are for scavenge only.

  09/15/2013Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 10330 By: Marly, H.se, Max AchangelViews: 10330 L4D2
HGY DockLight
HGY DockLight

Survival and Scavenger map based on a deserted island with cliffs, caves and a lighthouse.
Include Easter eggs...

  08/19/2013Version: 1.4 (complete) Views: 10011 By: David Views: 10011 L4D2
Downtown Dine
Downtown Dine 4/6 maps

Welcome to Downtown Dine. The neighborhood just isn't what is used to be. The citizens of the Downtown Chamber of Commerce attempted to stave off the infection. With the help of local military forces, they set up checkpoints, health facilities, and attempted to maintain law and order.
They Failed.

  08/19/2013Version: 3 (beta) Views: 104525 By: GShock and XipoViews: 104525 L4D2
L4D2 Radio
L4D2 Radio

Survival/scavenge map set in and around a radio station, built on the edge of a cliff.

Snow themed map. First time making a scavenge map. This is also a prototype for the last map in a L4D2 campaign I'm planning.

  08/10/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 9663 By: MegadudeViews: 9663 L4D2
Urban Flight
Urban Flight 4/4 maps

The city is burning. As ash falls, the survivors attempt to flee to a small military airfield on the other side of the river. It's a straight path down the main boulevard, but nothing is ever simple. Crashed cars, blazing fires, police barricades, and the city itself all stand in their way.


I am reading all comments/reviews. This campaign will be patched if necessary.

A pack of gnomes
A news-worthy drive-by
A gunshot suicide
A ridiculous notice
A cocaine habit
A shipment of beef
A floating upgrade
A BYOB workday
A spinning plate
A shipment of tank

  07/30/2013Version: 12 (final) Views: 544723 By: The RabbitViews: 544723 L4D2
Zooicidal Tendencies
Zooicidal Tendencies

Survivors must defend against waves of infected in the shelter of a central city zoo.

If your player goes idle it will say flow is broken, you can ignore this, as it will not effect gameplay.
low end system users may have to tone down video settings for smoother frame rates.

  07/17/2013Version: 1.1 (beta) Views: 106738 By: MelchiahViews: 106738 L4D2

Cornered 5.0 released!

Cornered is a survival/scavenge map for Left for Dead 2 featuring a night time setting and a semi random rain storm with lightning to spice things up a bit! :)

If you enjoyed the level, please consider giving it a thumbs up on Steam Workshop! Thankyou!

  07/06/2013Version: 6.0 (final) Views: 31680 By: Darren "Daz" WeekesViews: 31680 L4D2