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Teleport maps for Left 4 Dead 2.
Relectum [Update]
Relectum [Update]

Hey, this started as a remake of Kino Der toten but became much more. I worked hard on all the details and alto there are some bugs, my map features: teleportations, secret rooms, electric traps and a gnome! ^^
Enjoy and pls post bug reports and criticism!

Update 1:

pls read changelog

  11/11/2012Version: 0.2 (complete) Views: 11514 By: i3ickViews: 11514 L4D2
Technology 2/2 maps

This includes: survival map, scavenge map, and a two map campaign.
It has a riotshield , a knife and custom gamemode!
It is located in a modern building.
It has teleporters, elevator and more!
This map is alot bigger then what it looks like on the pics (has 2,3 floors and lots of rooms)

  04/19/2011Version: 1.3 (complete) Views: 25735 By: eligriViews: 25735 L4D2