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Coach mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
Ghost voice mod for Coach
Ghost voice mod for Coach Audio

Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley from MW2 soundpack for Coach. Watch video. Dont use as a .vpk it wont work!!! See changelog for installation.






More updates will be released about the mid of April. (Exams)

  03/09/2014Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 7327 By: BarisTheBlade/Activision L4D2
Coach sports
Coach sports

The shoes were changed by court and will add a Print Polo

  03/07/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 719 By: saulrockert89 L4D2
Hawaiian Coach Body
Hawaiian Coach Body

retextured shirt and pants.
added dirt/stain overlays
custom texture/normal map
*this modifies body only

please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own

  03/01/2014Version: 07 (complete) Views: 1202 By: K1CHWA L4D2
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton

Replaces Coach with Franklin from GTA V. Model ripped by luxox18.

  02/14/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 5776 By: Pajama L4D2
Xenoaisam paskalgirls cell urban all survivors
Xenoaisam paskalgirls cell urb...

this mod replace all survivors into XenoAisam's Paskal Girls in Cell Camo Name Script include in this mod ^^

update: Fixed Game crash problem at models

all credits go to XenoAisam i just take credits about the C.E.L.L reskin

  02/06/2014Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 4373 By: BRS,XenoAisam L4D2
XenoAisam PaskalGirls C.E.L.L Camo Urban
XenoAisam PaskalGirls C.E.L.L ...

This Mod Replace Ellis Nick Rochelle Coach to XenoAisam's Paskal girl' Nurani Naluri Rokiahi Rohani Name Script include in this mod ^^

Update: Fixed game crash problem at models

all credits go to XenoAisam i just take credits about the C.E.L.L reskin

  02/06/2014Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 11753 By: BRS,XenoAisam L4D2
Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2 (fixed)
Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D...

- Adapted from monstergaga(l4d), but have done on .cfg file to fix Bill issues.
- Added the bot fixes (credits to: dziggy), based in the botfixes.vpk add-on content, to fix the issues.
- Removed the god mode, two tier weapons, and infinate ammos, and place it as optional (view changelog).
- New version: see (Spawning L4D1 Survivors in L4D2 (fixed & updated))

- Does not contain botfixes.vpk (Cause It might conflict with this add-on).
- Contains the dlc content (the passing, the sacrifice) officially by Valve.

  01/23/2014Version: 3.2 (complete) Views: 24574 By: JosephSolomon L4D2
Mileena from Mortal Kombat 9 (Coach)
Mileena from Mortal Kombat 9 (...

I give you the combo of sex and fear... Mileena from Mortal Kombat 9!!! She's hot, sexy and hungry for some zombies! Replaces Coach using Zoey's anims! Includes realistic breast Jigglebones!


- Full Fatial and eyeball animation
- FPS arms
- name change
- HUD images
- Zoey's animations

  01/16/2014Version: 1.2 (complete) Views: 17291 By: Angelaa^^ L4D2
Duke Nukem - Better Detailed (Coach)
Duke Nukem - Better Detailed (...

My personal rehash of Mr Lanky's Duke Nukem model import. Includes the proper textures used in Duke Nukem Forever, alongside the addition of spectral masks and textures for ambient occlusion.

For the complete Duke experience, check out my Duke Nukem voice pack and my Duke Nukem weapon imports !

  12/25/2013Version: 1.2 (complete) Views: 16348 By: Mr Lanky; Lt. Rocky L4D2
The Duke Nukem Voice Pack (Coach)
The Duke Nukem Voice Pack (Coa... Audio

The start of a more-or-less complete voice overhaul for Coach into that of the one and only King. I fell in love with Mr Lanky's Duke Nukem model import and felt the need to complete the look. As of the current version, this mod uses 734 sound clips of Duke Nukem extracted from, Duke Nukem Forever, Duke Nukem Forever: The Doctor Who Cloned Me, Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, Duke Nukem: Zero Hour, Duke Nukem: Time To Kill, Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Caribbean and Duke Nukem 64.

A WIP. Stay tuned for updates.

Special thanks to FoxHack and CoachnChocolate for helping me getting additional lines for this sound pack.

  12/25/2013Version: 0.6 (beta) Views: 18063 By: Lt. Rocky L4D2
Partial Cyber-Conversion: Coach
Partial Cyber-Conversion: Coach Audio

Makes Coach sound like a Cyberman. Includes all voice files.

Long Version: Coach and Ellis tracked the set of heavy footprints to the nearest hospital. Corpses of all kinds were strewn across the halls, like failed experiments. As they were fending off a small horde of infected, a cold, steel arm dragged Coach into the shadows.

If I missed anything or if there are issues/improvements that could be made, please let me know.

  10/22/2013Version: 0.5 (complete) Views: 3005 By: Hikiopoltsh L4D2
Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 & Victory Vert Voice Pack
Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 &a... Audio

Vert's English voice is coming soon so yea the usual.

  10/16/2013Version: 1.5 (complete) Views: 19517 By: Scrintrav56 L4D2
Coach - Grendel [Blacklight: Retribution]
Coach - Grendel [Blacklight: R...

Grendel the heavy (hero) from Blacklight: Retribution joins the survivor team!

Includes FPS arms and in-game images.

All credit goes to Zombie Studios!

  10/14/2013Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 6617 By: Devoc L4D2
Coach - Blacklight Agent [Blacklight: Retribution]
Coach - Blacklight Agent [Blac...

A Blacklight Agent with a custom loadout.

Includes FPS arms and in-game images c:

All credit goes to Zombie Studios!

(Replaced Coach's animations with those of Francis (works on multiplayer servers!))

  10/13/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 14017 By: Devoc L4D2
Coach - SAS Soldier [CS:GO]
Coach - SAS Soldier [CS:GO]

Includes the usual package! (FPS arms & in-game images)

  09/17/2013Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 7001 By: Devoc L4D2