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Sexy mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
Sillent Hill Nurse-Witch
Sillent Hill Nurse-Witch

The sexy,but ugly Nurse from Sillent Hill, replaces the Witch
my first model mod :D
-jigglebones (boobs)
also has custom footstep sounds for high heels :D

Hope u like it :D

FIXED INVISIBLE PROBLEM !!!!!!! ( Thanks Angela^^ <3)

  02/15/2014Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 11669 By: LuciferFLash L4D2
Witch with sweater guns and roses
Witch with sweater guns and ro...

Witch with sweater guns and roses, before she was a witch seruna fans of guns and roses

  02/11/2014Version: 2.0 (complete) Views: 1135 By: Emanbees L4D2
Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat (Rochelle)
Sonya Blade from Mortal Kombat...

I bring to you another sexy Mortal Kombat 9 character! Sonya Blade! She's a cop. A good cop.

- Realistic jigglebones (including breasts)
- HQ textures
- Uses Zoey's anims (working online)
- FPS arms
- HUD images

  02/02/2014Version: 2.0 (complete) Views: 15888 By: Angelaa^^ L4D2
Kitana from Mortal Kombat (Rochelle)
Kitana from Mortal Kombat (Roc...

I give you her royal highness: Princess Kitana! After leaving Edenia, Kitana decided to help earthrealm in their war against the zombie virus! However, to take place, she suddenly replaced Rochelle (which was fine with everyone). Hope you enjoy her! Big boobs as usual.


- Full Facial and eyeball animation
- FPS arms
- name change
- HUD images
- Zoey's animations
- Realistic jigglebones
- Detailed textures

  01/26/2014Version: 2.0 (complete) Views: 9525 By: Angelaa^^ L4D2
Mileena from Mortal Kombat 9 (Coach)
Mileena from Mortal Kombat 9 (...

I give you the combo of sex and fear... Mileena from Mortal Kombat 9!!! She's hot, sexy and hungry for some zombies! Replaces Coach using Zoey's anims! Includes realistic breast Jigglebones!


- Full Fatial and eyeball animation
- FPS arms
- name change
- HUD images
- Zoey's animations

  01/16/2014Version: 1.2 (complete) Views: 17282 By: Angelaa^^ L4D2
Government Hooker Lady Gaga Witch
Government Hooker Lady Gaga Wi... Audio

Replaces Witch with Lady Gaga' reskin, also includes music Government Hooker music.

Signature leather bedazzled top and bottom with fishnet like legging.

This is really my first skin that I've ever worked on, took me about three hours to compile, not sure if its any good but its a start.

  10/28/2013Version: 3 (complete) Views: 6871 By: Zack Zack Pinkie Pie - PeanutButterJellyZed L4D2