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Recommended 'Ash' Mods.
Ash mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
Crash Bandicoot Carousel
Crash Bandicoot Carousel Audio

This replaces the carousel music with tag team racing happily ever faster land theme

  04/21/2014Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 390 By: Sox4life L4D2
Rainbow Dash Fender Stratocaster
Rainbow Dash Fender Stratocaster

This Dashie themed guitar comes with custom sounds /)( °3°)(\

Rockband (game): model
Anabsoluteblast: porting to Gmod
Splinks: porting from Gmod to L4D2
Miztaegg: revamping original textures
Funreal: reskin + main body bumpmap + sound
Ashleigh Ball: Rainbow Dash's voice
the-Orator: Drawing

  04/07/2014Version: 1 (final) Views: 740 By: Funreal L4D2
Peashy's Pudding Strips (Medkit)
Peashy's Pudding Strips (Medkit)

Tired of Hurting? Tired of Bleeding? Worry No More.

Presenting Peashy's Nep-Pudding Strips in a portable automated device. The Peashy's Nep-Pudding Strips Dispenser has everything you need to stop the pain and suffering caused by enemies or allies.

These Strips are imbued with the Love and Greed that Peashy feels for Neptune's pudding, guaranteed to cheer you up, make you happy, and remember the good feelings with those close to you.

Sponsored By Peashy, created from Pudding with Neptune's name on it, because it's Peashy's favourite.

Original TF2 Dispenser Mod by BANG!
Nepbull Texture from Ene_Chan's Nepbull Mod

  02/09/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 2407 By: eighttailedfox L4D2
Resident Evil 4 Ammo
Resident Evil 4 Ammo

Ammo Pile with ammo boxes from Resident Evil 4. All the ammo boxes are there: Red Hawk, Jackal, Heavyfield, Dragonfly, Ballistics and Ultimate Mighty Z (that is to say, Handgun, SMG, Shotgun, Rifle, Magnum and Handcannon).
Screenshots taken from Noesis V3.66. Don't bomb me with complaints about how some boxes share texture parts from another box. That's how Valve did it. I don't know anything about working models, so if you wanna fix that issue, ask someone else or do it yourself, 'cause I don't know how to. I do believe it has something to do with UV maps, perhaps? But then again, I know nothing about modelling, so that's just a wild guess.
Well, enjoy your Capcom-manufactured ammunition.

  01/17/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 2564 By: NeoMetalSonic360 L4D2
HD Ammo Pile
HD Ammo Pile

Custom retexture of the Ammo Pile, using several ammo boxes I've found laying around on the internet (some vitange, some modern, some from Resident Evil 4).
Base texture is andy's Ammo Pile retexture, who apparently took his base texture from fdsman.

  01/16/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 2379 By: NeoMetalSonic360 L4D2
Rainbow Dash's Military Sniper
Rainbow Dash's Military Sniper

Rainbow Dash's Military Sniper :3
It has a decent amount of pony on it

*version 1.2* Added Rainbow Dash Squee face on to the scope lenses

  10/31/2013Version: 1.2 (complete) Views: 4106 By: Lucy Fur L4D2
Rainbow Dash Berettas
Rainbow Dash Berettas

These amazing berettas provided for Doktor Haus are now about a 20% cooler
I hope you like it

  10/30/2013Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 5392 By: Doktor Haus, Princesa Luna L4D2
Rainbow Dash AK47 (HyperMetal anims)
Rainbow Dash AK47 (HyperMetal ...

This Rainbow Dash AK47 follows the same style as my old RD Scar L.
Requested by Suokukko

originally it should have a "Dashie" text, but it destroyed the look of the whole gun

Twinke Masta - model
Millenia - textures (got changed, off course)
HyperMetal - animations
Steve-O - sounds
arby26 - rigging, new animations
Doktor haus - hacking, smoothing edits, compiling, sound editing
Frunreal - reskin

attention: i did not use the sounds in this mod, its a seperate download, check Doktor Haus' original upload for the sounds

  05/02/2013Version: 1 (final) Views: 11710 By: Funreal L4D2
Rainbow Dash fireaxe
Rainbow Dash fireaxe

[Requested by dakato72]

Experimenting new stuff with the fire axe :
- new dirty/used metal and wood textures
- rubber bands below the blade and at the end of the handle
- new weaker normal map reducing the shining aspect of the blade

Hope you'll like it !

  10/19/2012Version: 1 (complete) Views: 9530 By: Xolarinf L4D2
Chocolate Plane Crash
Chocolate Plane Crash Audio

The pilot finally gets his chocolate.

I've been using the Leeroy Jenkins Plane Crash mod for a long time now and I also noticed JayXsane's Leeroy Jenkins Charger Mod as well as the Chocolate Charger mod and an idea popped into my head that I should make a Chocolate Plane Crash.

Hope you all enjoy.

  09/26/2012Version: 1 (complete) Views: 4773 By: Mateoski L4D2
Rainbow Dash race car
Rainbow Dash race car

Requested by a friend.
There is a serious lack of pony race car mods on this site.
Features new higher resolution textures and a new alpha channel for better light reflection.

Hope you'll like it !

  09/25/2012Version: 1 (complete) Views: 8539 By: Xolarinf L4D2
Rainbow Dash silenced smg
Rainbow Dash silenced smg

[Requested by TheBillSupremacy]
Better textures, new normal map, pony related but keeping a realistic feel as always.

Hope you'll like it !

  08/27/2012Version: 1 (complete) Views: 9977 By: Xolarinf L4D2
Rainbow Dash M60
Rainbow Dash M60

[Requested by tkjones08]
This took way longer than it should have but here it is.
Higher resolution textures, normal map and some stickers, all that with a realisitc feel.

Hope you'll like it !

  08/22/2012Version: 1 (complete) Views: 9740 By: Xolarinf L4D2
Octagon flashlight
Octagon flashlight

Oh man! You almost forgot to bring an octagon! How embarrassing!

  08/07/2012Version: 1 (complete) Views: 4986 By: McFordmanson L4D2
Rainbow Dash chainsaw
Rainbow Dash chainsaw

Some of you requested a Rainbow Dash chainsaw so here it is !
With normal map, new higher resolution textures and stickers !

Hope you'll like it !

  08/03/2012Version: 1 (final) Views: 10551 By: Xolarinf L4D2