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Assault Rifle mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
M16 Red Tiger camouflage
M16 Red Tiger camouflage

Modern Warfare 2's Red Tiger camouflage applied to the M16A2 assault rifle. Just a simple reskin test I made, thought I'd share it because if anyone enjoys using it, then I didn't waste 5 minutes making it for nothing.

I know it looks a little pink-ish at times but that's how the MW2 Red Tiger looks like.

  04/02/2013Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 3893 By: Nosfrat L4D2
Tactical MSBS Radon 5.56
Tactical MSBS Radon 5.56

A retexture for Brain Collector's badass MSBS Radon, compiled and hacked to L4D2 by Coach-z on ImbrokeRU's animations. Replaces the AK47.

Features a new bluish gray finish, normals and shaders and weathered textures.

General Icarus - Retexturing
Coach-z - Hacking, Compiling
ImBrokeRU - Animations
Arby26 - Animations Porting
BrainCollector - Default Textures, Model
HellSpike - ANPEQ2 Model
El Maestro De Graffiti - ANPEQ2 textures

  04/26/2012Version: 1 (complete) Views: 78422 By: General Icarus L4D2
Tactical Arctic Stripe SCAR-L
Tactical Arctic Stripe SCAR-L

A re-texture for End of Days' SCAR-L on ImBrokeRU's anims.

Features a custom Arctic Stripe Camo Finish, Worn-out and Weathered Textures and Custom Normals and Shaders.

General Icarus-Retexture, VMT edits
arby26-anims porting, fixing, various anims
Doktor haus-hacking, w_models, compiling, sound edits
TheLama-EoTech and Plate Models
James-Magpul Model
Racer445-SCAR, Plate and Magpul Textures
MrBrightside-Tan Texture Edits
Shortez-Eotech Textures
Hellspike-ANPEQ2 model
El Maestro De Graffiti-ANPEQ2 Textures
Engineer, Steve-0-sounds

  04/24/2012Version: 1 (complete) Views: 58801 By: General Icarus L4D2
XM8 Assault Rife - M60
XM8 Assault Rife - M60

The XM8 for the M60

BLITZKRIEG612, me and some other volks wanted a m60 version of the XM8. So i did it.

Authors: Coach Z /Arby26/End of Days/Wangchung

  04/22/2012Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 69590 By: Coach Z/Arby26/End of Days/Wangchung L4D2
Reflection Mod [M16A2]
Reflection Mod [M16A2]

Adds a reflection map to the M16, similar to the one used by the Hunting Rifle. It should be best if is entry in the addonlist file is at the top.

Silver retexture by K1CHWA not included, however it'll probably fit that one best as it was originally made with (and for) it.

  02/09/2012Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 7232 By: T'Lani L4D2
Weathered M4A1 RIS w/Special Forces - Black Camo
Weathered M4A1 RIS w/Special F...

I tried applying my SF-B camo to this skin, and found it hard to darken it without turning the entire gun into an ugly, pitch black model.
However in the end I was able to make the skin look well with the SF-B camo.
Some of you saw this uploaded as Special Forces - Grey camo. Sorry about that.

  10/10/2011Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 12405 By: RPDSurvivor - American Hero L4D2