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Audio mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
Fc2 weap sound pack
Fc2 weap sound pack Audio

I found the all fc2 weap sounds on the internet so i made this. I know these are not the best gun sounds ever. But in case of sb like ive made it and uploaded. watch video. Pls use forum (or pm) if u got some requests connected to this mod.

pistol:makarov P9



hunting rifle:springfield
military sniper:dragunov

pumpshotty:double barrel shotty (from caravan pack DLC)
chrome shotty:homeland



mounted 50 cal:mounted lmg

  03/02/2014Version: 1 (complete) Views: 1830 By: BarisTheBlade\Ubisoft L4D2
Dick Figures concert
Dick Figures concert Audio

a simple theme for the loudest concert ever!
dick figures yay!

with song in credits

  02/23/2014Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 1325 By: Carloxxx_the_pon3 L4D2
Kill la Kill Safe Room Music
Kill la Kill Safe Room Music Audio

Replaces the safe room music with a segment from "Before My Body Is Dry" from the anime Kill la Kill.

The L4D1 and L4D2 songs are exactly the same as I couldn't think of anything suitable.

  02/23/2014Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 1848 By: XD001 L4D2
Mw2 m4a1 fire, reload sound no shell bounce (request)
Mw2 m4a1 fire, reload sound no... Audio

mw2 m4a1 fire and reload sound without shellbounce. it was a request. Sound is the same as the other below linked below, just no shellbounce.

  02/23/2014Version: 1 (complete) Views: 2762 By: BarisTheBlade/Activision L4D2
Neptune English Mod
Neptune English Mod Audio

Neptune has arrived from Gamindustri.

This mod replaces ALL of Ellis' lines with Neptune Dialogue. She may not be able to hold a proper conversation, but enjoy her ramblings.

  02/22/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 7950 By: eighttailedfox L4D2
MW2 Nikolai voice for Virgil
MW2 Nikolai voice for Virgil Audio

Just a little thing. Virgil's got a similar role in L4D2 than Nikolai's got in CoD MW2. So the idea came from here. All voiceline replaced. Watch video.

  02/19/2014Version: 1 (complete) Views: 1729 By: BarisTheBlade/Activision L4D2
Metal Gear Rising - Monsoon Tank Music
Metal Gear Rising - Monsoon Ta... Audio

I've found myself to be listening to this song a lot recently and thought I would make this into a music mod for L4D2. It was originally intended to just be for my use, but what's the harm in sharing it? So here I am now, sharing this theme with you guys. Hope you enjoy!

Scroll down to see a video of this mod in action!

  02/19/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 2637 By: bturner81 L4D2
CS:S voice mod for Ellis
CS:S voice mod for Ellis Audio

CS:S voice mod for Ellis. Watch video. Dont use it as a .vpk, it wont work!!! And it doesnt replace all quotes of Ellis. (only about 1400 quotes replaced)

See changelog for Installation and updates.

  02/18/2014Version: 2.1 (complete) Views: 3417 By: BarisTheBlade L4D2
Kill la Kill Credits Music Pack
Kill la Kill Credits Music Pack Audio

Replaces the credits music with variants of Nui's Theme from Kill la Kill.

  02/17/2014Version: 1.0 (final) Views: 1170 By: XD001 L4D2
RE menu music (request)
RE menu music (request) Audio

It was a request. And i must write min 50 character.

  02/17/2014Version: 1 (final) Views: 2233 By: BarisTheBlade L4D2
Partial Cyber-Conversion: Zoey
Partial Cyber-Conversion: Zoey Audio

Makes Zoey sound like a Cyberman. Includes all voice files.

Long Version: The tranquilizer was working on her fast. Stumbling through the trees, Zoey hurried back to the boat. “Would the guys even believe me if I told them there was an alien robot after us?” she last thought before collapsing to the ground, boat just in sight.

If I missed anything or if there are issues/improvements that could be made, please let me know.

  02/16/2014Version: 0.5 (complete) Views: 1380 By: Hikiopoltsh L4D2
Senses Fail
Senses Fail Audio

Replaces audio and posters; jukebox - the martyr, map the streets, Nero, every day is a struggle, NJ falls into the atlantic, blackout, past is proof; Concert - Bloody romance, bite to break skin, snake bite, let it enfold you; credits - rum is for drinking not for burning; tank - 187; death - priest and the matador; Carousel - bad reputation; witch - lost & found, Mi amor

  02/16/2014Version: 1.1 (complete) Views: 622 By: Sox4life L4D2
MW3 AS50 Fire Sound
MW3 AS50 Fire Sound Audio

This mod replaces the Military Sniper fire sound with the AS50 fire sound.

  02/14/2014Version: 1.0 (complete) Views: 2650 By: TheWalker L4D2
Hidan-tank theme
Hidan-tank theme Audio

great theme of the famous character immortal hidan

  02/13/2014Version: 2.0 (complete) Views: 2236 By: pelocho3 L4D2
Naruto - Chikayo Fukuda: Music Main Menu
Naruto - Chikayo Fukuda: Music... Audio

Hello, this is my first mod and I'm Mexican, I still have trouble mastering English, well, here I share these issues where the original ost game menu changes by the compositions of Chikayo Fukuda, the woman who composed the following topics:

* Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel
* Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
* Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

Well, I hope you enjoy it, I hope to edit more, because this is my first mod and I use more songs from other anime or games, maybe yourself can recommend me another issue would be to edit and so keep practicing , well, do not forget to comment, thanks.

  02/13/2014Version: 1.1 (final) Views: 784 By: Ryu Yobareru L4D2