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Iron mods for Left 4 Dead 2.
SCAR H Iron Sights (AK-47)
SCAR H Iron Sights (AK-47)

The SCAR-H with a few modifications in the role of an AK-47. A modification to a Sparkman request. Uses the Iron Sights. Seems to conflict with other weapons that also uses ak animations (like a m16 that uses ak animations used along with this weapon).

Animations/Original Compile/Flashlight Model: arby26
Models/UVs, VMTs: ImBrokeRU
Textures: Bull, Crash
VMTs: Zira
Sounds: teh strelok

  10/26/2013Version: 2 (complete) Views: 3693 By: arby26, et al. L4D2
FN SCAR-H Iron Sights
FN SCAR-H Iron Sights

The FN SCAR-H in the... SCAR slot. This time with Iron Sights. I believe this was a request from some time ago. Anyhow.

Original development team...

arby26: Animations, Flashlight model/Texture
MrFunreal: Retexture
K1CHWA: Gold base, Lightwarp Texture
Doktor haus: Original Compile and Key Grip, Texture Edits (normal maps, selfillum, VMT stuff)
ImBrokeRU: Model, UV maps
cR45h: Textures
Bull: Textures

  10/19/2013Version: 1 (complete) Views: 3613 By: Doktor haus, et al. L4D2
Eranthis' Signs
Eranthis' Signs

After a long wait, I've finally decided to release this now that I have a "decent" number of signs. This mod replaces billboards, posters and whatever else in the game. Four hand drawn signs featuring the burger tank sign, whispering oaks billboard and the midnight riders billboard. I'm probably going to do more fairground posters and the jimmy gibbs sign as well.

  06/05/2013Version: 1 (beta) Views: 3654 By: Eranthis L4D2