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I'm just a decent mapper for L4D2, but I also like to try a lot of different maps too. :P
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Left 4 Orange
Left 4 Orange

This is my first custom map (not a port) for L4D2. This was intended to be a CSS map, but I decided to make this scavenge instead.

New01/17/11Version: 0.1 (complete)Released: 1295321369 Views: 13705 Size: 4.2MB By: 321Gamer L4D2
Last Stand L4D2
Last Stand L4D2Last Stand L4D2 Video

A port of the L4D1 map Light House,with l4d2 items and guns. Full credit to valve for the map, I'm only porting it to l4d2.

Updated02/12/11Version: 0.4 (final)Updated: 1297539196 Views: 146064 Size: 7.83MB By: Valve/321Gamer L4D2
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28 Days Later - L4D2 321Gamer 321Gamer Posted 3 years ago

28 days later. :D
Good details.
So many places to hold out.
Exploding mines makes it a bit harder :o


The poster is black and purple checkered.
Idk if it's me but tanks like to suicide on here.


This is a good port of the original 28 days later. Just edit the nav a little and it could be a good port. :P