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Super Compact Campaigner HUD
Super Compact Campaigner HUD


Designed for maximum screen space in a super compact design, players information is at the lower left and lower right of the screen.

*Note: There is NOT a weapon HUD on this mod

Updated05/16/13Version: 3.0 (complete)Updated: 1368760691 Views: 6401 Size: 0.09MB By: ==Maverick== L4D2
Maverick's GUI Overhaul
Maverick's GUI Overhaul

Been working on this off/on for about 4 months, not a lot has been changed but still a useful little addon.

Right now it basically changes all in-game survivor portraits and gives a health number to your teammates both alive and incapped.

My Tactical Sniper Scope has been thrown in as an added bonus, if you guys dont like it let me know and Ill remove it on the next update.

Check changelog for full list of changed things.

NOTE: Figures, L4DMaps finds it amusing to put the screenshots over the HUD, GG L4Dmaps...GG

New05/14/12Version: 1.0 (beta)Released: 1337009095 Views: 3000 Size: 0.18MB By: ==Maverick== L4D2
Boondocks Soundpack Complete
Boondocks Soundpack CompleteBoondocks Soundpack Complete Video

Jockey/Booty Warrior
Charger/Health Inspector
Boomer/Uncle Ruckus
Smoker/A Pimp Named Slickback

Stinkmeaner is the Hunter, however because of the way the hunter vocalizes alot of the vocals will overlap, either making it extremely hilarious or slightly annoying. If you give me a rating, please note that theres nothing I can do about overlapping sounds.

Mod is in heavy development so keep an eye for updates with new sounds, Ill also take suggestions!

Updated05/14/13Version: 4.0 (complete)Updated: 1368553963 Views: 10064 Size: 122.57MB By: ==Maverick== L4D2
Fluttershy Guitar
Fluttershy Guitar

First of all, if you dont like MLP, don't even bother clicking and trolling, its immature, just move on to the next mod. For every troll comment I see Im going to reskin another MLP weapon in spite.
Troll Counter: 2

First attempt at a reskin, not to mention learning a lot about GIMP, so, could be better, but I think it turned out alright. By the way Ill take skin requests, Id like some practice in honing my skills, if thats what you can call them haha.

Was going to have a pink neck, but I found the light blue/green from her eyes looks a lot better in my opinion.

New10/27/11Version: 1.0 (final)Released: 1319749302 Views: 5624 Size: 0.17MB By: ==Maverick== L4D2
Tactical Sniper Scope
Tactical Sniper ScopeTactical Sniper Scope Video

Please dont forget the review! I appreciate any feedback. :)
Wasn't meant to be an actual realistic scope, just something that helps me make more accurate headshots, with or without a crosshair. This vpk works with both rifles.

The video was taken while playing Diescraper Redux in my Ultra Realism mod, found here: details.php?file=13432

Updated04/08/12Version: 1.2 (complete)Updated: 1333891179 Views: 34533 Size: 0.08MB By: ==Maverick== L4D2
Darkness Falls Mutation
Darkness Falls MutationDarkness Falls Mutation Video

Join the Darkness Falls Steam Group! /groups/Darknessfallsmutation

Gives all maps(even customs) a very dark atmosphere, also adds more pills/defibs, as well as instant kill witches, anything that has to do with zombies and SI has been left alone.

For those of you that had the Ultra Realism VPK, dont forget to delete it. :)

There 2 Editions now, the Darkness Falls Gamemode keeps the HUDs while the Darkness Falls SE Edition disables ALL HUD's, including chat.

You WILL have to disable any addons that adds menu items...once you install the addon the Darkness Falls mutation will be able to be selected from the main menu.

Updated04/06/13Version: 2.3 (complete)Updated: 1365283979 Views: 48103 Size: 0.07MB By: ==Maverick== L4D2
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Five Miles ==Maverick== ==Maverick== Posted 2 months ago

- Interesting concept I guess


- Everything, glitches out the butt.
- No direction whatsoever on what to do.


This map is completely broken, Im not sure what the goal was here or how other people managed to get it working, but whatever it was it did not work. Check my short gameplay in the Video section, this is a fresh install, Ive never played this map before.

It is Alpha so Ill re-submit my review after these bugs are fixed with a more appropriate score.