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AMD FX 8320 3,5GHz; 8,00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 800MHz; NVIDIA GeForce GTx 770
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Tropical Holdout
Tropical HoldoutTropical Holdout Video

Vpk contains two map versions, day and night, both with own light environment, fog and soundscape.
Have fun with our new melee weapon, the shark stick.
To start the event press the button between the pool and the sea.

Check changelog for details

Updated09/13/13Version: 1.1 (final)Updated: 1379057010 Views: 73695 Size: 87.44MB By: Dr.Med.Wurst/Core L4D2
Kylemore BETA
Kylemore BETA

Inspired by Kylemore Gothic Church and Rotenberg mausoleum. Map is still under construction and beta status.

New04/11/13Version: 0.8 (beta)Released: 1365709881 (80% Complete) Views: 11957 Size: 100.48MB By: Dr.med.Wurst/Core L4D2
Luxury Death
Luxury DeathLuxury Death Video

Small detailed Villa with custom models, melee weapon, textures/skins and Jukebox music.
M60 with 750 bullets and chainsaw x5 more fuel.
(make sure you don't have other addons with script changes in your addon folder)
You will find the power switch in the garage, event start radio can be found in the living room.

Map needs a decent gaming pc to run smooth on high settings.

Updated08/05/13Version: 2 (final)Updated: 1375725794 Views: 107203 Size: 141.73MB By: Dr.Med.Wurst/Core L4D2

Stripclub with parking lot und back alley. Contains custom textures, some models. Supports scavenge and survival game mode.

Updated10/31/10Version: 2.3 (final)Updated: 1288538736 Views: 61707 Size: 29.58MB By: Dr.Med.Wurst/Core L4D2