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my real name is Arjan, i am 16 years old, in game i'm called silent killer, i'm dutch. =)
Gender: Male      Location: Alphen a/d Rijn      Website: n/a
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scout sniper rifle
scout sniper riflescout sniper rifle Video

this is a mod replaces the military sniper (msg03)
your ammo decreased to 15 bullets and your weapon is now bolt-action.
the sound and reloading has been changed to.
this mod only works in single player.
in multiplayer your weapon looks weird, so be sure turn it off when go multiplayer

New09/26/11Version: 1 (final)Released: 1317060579 Views: 19769 Size: 0MB By: Barrage_o_Fail L4D2
M16 replacement
M16 replacement

this mod replaces the m16 with the SG552.
the reloading animations, sound and look are changed to the sg552
this mod only works for single player, on multiplayer your weapon looks like the m16 again
the zoom option doesn't work sorry

New09/26/11Version: 1 (final)Released: 1317060254 Views: 12531 Size: 0MB By: Barrage_o_Fail L4D2
smg sidearm
smg sidearm

this is a mod that makes it posible to take the smg as a side arm, you have infinite ammo.
the bullets still do the same damage as the normal pistols.
you can still have the pistols, but you cant have the smg as main weapon anymore,
when down you have your smg but low firerate.

New09/26/11Version: 1 (final)Released: 1317059988 Views: 11345 Size: 0MB By: Barrage_o_Fail L4D2
China lake
China lake

this is a mod for the grenade launcher, the grenade launcher can now shoot 3 grenades before reloading.
this won't work in multiplayer
the reloading haven't changed yet.

New09/26/11Version: 1 (final)Released: 1317059492 Views: 11082 Size: 0MB By: Barrage_o_Fail L4D2
firestarter charger
firestarter chargerfirestarter charger Video

Now, charger has flaming trail effect (dark orange, to not confuse with actual fire); and pops orange flares when smashing into an obstacle.

New09/20/11Version: 1 (final)Released: 1316557072 Views: 49817 Size: 5.96MB By: Urik_Kane L4D2
Clean riot shield
Clean riot shield

with the old riot shield its hard to watch trough it because its damaged (or dirty)
with this mod it would be easyer to watch trough it

New09/12/11Version: 1 (final)Released: 1315844814 Views: 7914 Size: 0.94MB By: 3hellknight3 L4D2
green (nike) hunter
green (nike) hunter

simple but effective hunter skin, the only diffrence is that he's wearing a green hoody from nike

New08/21/11Version: 1 (final)Released: 1313921441 Views: 5457 Size: 1.32MB By: Sylux Lockjaw L4D2
Reviews by 3hellknight3 (26)
Unreal weapons pack 3hellknight3 3hellknight3 Posted 2 years ago

+desert rifle, when use ammo packs, the rifle shoots 3 bullets every time, does the same damage.
+weapon damage increased
+fire rate inceased
+crossair doesn't become bigger when dragged like a smoker or walking


-shotguns have 100 shells before reload, still very long reloading
-the magnum does no damage to special infected
-m60, nothing changed
-the normal smg, also nothing diffrent
-the weapons like the mp5 and all, nothing changed either


epic mod, 2 bad about the shotgun and magnum, i like those weapons