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Redemption Hazmat Charger
Redemption Hazmat Charger

This is a Charger in a Helix Hazmat suit to be used with the campaign RedemptionII.

Watch out when there's lots of common hazmat suit infected about as he is harder to spot :)

New12/22/13Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1387740690 Views: 7430 Size: 7.69MB By: Morloc & Splinks L4D2
Redemption II
5/5 Maps Redemption IIRedemption II Video

Redemption takes place midway through the L4D comic strip, it continues the story after the survivors flee the military base they were taken to after blood harvest and that leads to the Sacrifice campaign.

The campaign includes:
* 5 large maps that traverse through a new and revealing HELIX Research environment
* 5 Completley New Melee weapons (They DONT replace any other Melee!!)
* Custom content including textures, models, sounds, particles and ingame animation
* Extensive detail overhaul from the L4D version
* NPC's that add to the unfolding storyline
* New panic events & traps
* Dynamic supplies and paths
* Easter eggs & New final mechanic

Updated01/15/14Version: 2.2 (complete)Updated: 1389770245 Views: 409179 Size: 373.95MB By: Morloc L4D2
4/5 Maps RedemptionRedemption Video

Following on from the L4D comic strip, Redemption continues the story after the survivors flee the military base they were taken to after blood harvest and then leads to the Sacrifice campaign.

Vers 2.2 released - 4 fully playabled maps out of 5 (check out the change log for full details)

Please remember this is STILL BETA . I have a long list of current bugs and changes (see log)
Feel free to pm me


A L4D2 version is being worked on.

Remember to join the STEAM Redemption Group steamcommunity(dot)com/groups/l4d-Redemption

Updated03/05/12Version: 2.2 (beta)Updated: 1330985361 (85% Complete) Views: 220685 Size: 99.98MB By: Morloc L4D
The Birds and the Boomers - Left 4 Dead 2 REDEMPTION 2 or II Custom Map Part 1 - Video for Redemption II (campaign)NextPrev
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Tour of Terror M_orloc M_orloc Posted 2 years ago

Long different enviroment - european like CS maps
Good supply placement
New decals and sounds
Solid panic events and finale
Good length to maps - just about right
Very good lighting and atmosphere
Njoyable campaign
Very good poster
Cant fault the gameplay


Some areas look out of proportion ie castle area
Some areas didnt quite flow right.
Few nav issues- as always more valve AI than map itself
Some of the window texturing needs lifting as it looks wrong that low.
Need to kill sound when radio playing music is shot :)
At finale if you stand on the trash bin, infected wont touch you.
Gotta do a widescreen poster!
Some asthetic structural issues


Ive watched this campaign for some time and have seen it progress steadily. Overall its a top campaign, but to be up there with suicide or bloodtracks etc I think its lacking that little extra detail and refining. Some areas still look at bit blocky or not quite proportional. Some doors just look out of place , some rooms look structurally wrong. I am ofcourse nit picking as most wouldnt stop to look at details but I think its worth saying.

The gameplay, pickups, sounds, atmosphere are all there though. Good job! look forward to the update