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Alien Trilogy: Section 1 Partsman[PA] Partsman[PA] Posted 2 years ago

Cool Special skins
Doom feel


No weapons
No heath kits


At the very start it was cool looking. The no weapons and health kits was bad and
the lack of directions made it even worse ! We wondered around getting lost and
killed from no weapons and no health kits. It is fun to explore but that is when you
know where your objective is. There was no logic behind the navigation at all.

And we was pushing red switches and making them green and sometimes it would
unlock something and other times we had no idea what it did. I kept picking up some
kind of block thing and had no idea what that did either.

On the second level some clouds or gas or something killed me and when my team
mates tried to defib me they all died. We just quit the game at that point.

I liked the feel of the surroundings but needs some work to even make it playable.