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Hi all, I am new to steam and I'm looking to make friends to share leisure time playing Left 4 Dead 2, one of my many favorite games, in itself, if you know you can learn a little about me on my youtube channel aikobengotzu .
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Crash Course Enhanced - CCE (New Survivors) Arghacker Arghacker Posted 1 year ago

Good map.
Refreshing new game.
Much challenge, excellent to think.
Climate, weather great, achieves good atmosphere.
Infected soldiers good combination.
Final defiant.
New places to inspect.
Combat aircraft where a battle, great for stress.


Although they were great, warplanes bombed beside me, no warning so I almost died twice without knowing anything.
Ellis died of a single boom.
Tanks are in tough, yet good bad as many special zombies, more large horde, infected military firing more OO
Military shooters very difficult to remove. Two were impossible so let them.
Bots very stupid. No cure to be too hurt, wasting pills, will heal zombies in front of shooters. Do not take some of the kits alone.
Electrified drive well you do not say, I deduce after spending an entire cartridge against armor.
Final impossible even on easy mode, broke down more than 5 times the generator making it nearly impossible to play, staying stupid bots stuck trying to survive and leave me alone, many special zombies consecutive beam collisions electric generator when I in?, A final animation a little rough for my taste, go where?, not be blocked?, bots do not raise the ransom.


In short if you fix those errors would be great, especially in some areas such as the hill had coverage for the sniper, warning blasts come not bad. Repair robot navigation, them being too stupid giving more of a headache.
Too generator ruptures.
Campaign very good, good idea but put mance renewal to fix those mistakes and do a little longer the campaign map intro two be something else. If you fix that I'll score again.
Translation with google Sorry, my English is not fluent.