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Art Institute of Chicago
Art Institute of ChicagoArt Institute of Chicago Video

I based this map off of the Art Institute of Chicago, it is still in development, will probably be errors.
Textures should be working, let me know what you think.

Updated09/18/09Version: 0.6 (beta)Updated: 1253325303 (40% Complete) Views: 10575 Size: 109.78MB By: combatfetus L4D
Balin's Tomb
Balin's TombBalin's Tomb Video

A map based on Balin's Tomb from Lord of the Rings, with a little twist. Hit the button in the back and see how long you can avoid his fate! Note: Not the final release, updates still being made. Will update soon. Have fun, leave comments/suggestions!

Updated11/23/09Version: 1.95 (complete)Updated: 1259020679 Views: 46886 Size: 36.5MB By: combatfetus L4D
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YouTube- Balin's Tomb: v1.95 Download Available
Art Institute of Chicago: Quick Preview Download Available