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Hi the names Pete :) but friends call me Wesker ;) I used to mod on this game everyday I could but do to computer issues, I cannot anymore :( I play as Nick ALWAYS!!! If you need more information on the Beta Packs, send me a PM. Thanks!
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Marvel VS Capcom 3 Victory theme
Marvel VS Capcom 3 Victory themeMarvel VS Capcom 3 Victory theme Video

This mod is just a little something for the MVC3 players. I think its nice to hear a little awesome victory music now and then. This mod replaces the victory music when finishing a level in any campaign.

New07/18/12Version: 1.0 (final)Released: 1342640058 Views: 3138 Size: 31.34MB By: Gigan75pcp/1337gamer15/cfl565656 L4D2
L4D2 Full Beta Pack (without animations)
L4D2 Full Beta Pack (without animations)

Because of issues with the animations in the original pack, I have made a vpk without the animations. Everything else is in this file. Make sure to read the change log for more details and important information. Thanks.

New04/24/12Version: 0.9 (beta)Released: 1335275679 Views: 12937 Size: 131.42MB By: Gigan75pcp/1337gamer15/Hydro 208/Revenant100/Xaxt/K1chwa/K.Tastrophe L4D2
Megaman X (Ellis)
Megaman X (Ellis)

Finally its here! The model is actually from Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 which is Zero's alternate costume. Anyways this mod was dedicated to my friend JCB3454. This mod has a FPS and Name change. Please read Change log for more details and new information. Thanks.

New07/02/12Version: 0.9 (beta)Released: 1341276811 Views: 17344 Size: 1.86MB By: Gigan75pcp/1337gamer15 L4D2
L4D2 Full Beta Pack
L4D2 Full Beta PackL4D2 Full Beta Pack Video

You are probably going be wondering why there is another beta pack. Well that is because that this pack consists of all of the beta mods that are out as of when this was last updated. This pack was to make it easy for everyone to get all of the beta mods into one simple file. Anyways, this mod is no credit from me. This is to everyone that has made these mods individually(Names are listed above). I was just the person who was smart enough to bring it all together. I figured it would be best for all of the L4D2 Beta fans, including me. Remember, important information is listed in the changelog. Please view. Thanks. Also Remember: THE MOD ANIMATIONS DO NOT WORK ONLINE.

Updated04/14/12Version: 0.9 (beta)Updated: 1334415705 Views: 34766 Size: 139.13MB By: Gigan75pcp/1337gamer15/KillzNThrillz/Revenant100/Xaxt/K1chwa/K.Tastrophe L4D2
Bon Bonne (Tank theme only)
Bon Bonne (Tank theme only)

Well scince 1337gamer made the mod itself, I decided to make the music part. With the help of cfl565656 I got the files of the music fixed :D. Anyways this replaces the Tank theme. NOTE: I recommend getting this only if you have Bon Bonne for the tank :p

New02/23/12Version: 1.0 (final)Released: 1330051810 Views: 4888 Size: 29.44MB By: Gign75pcp,1337gamer15,cfl565656 L4D2
Teisel Bonne (Coach)
Teisel Bonne (Coach)

With all the help I can get from 1337gamer, we could manage to make Teisel Bonne. I had the idea to ask to help make it for my brother since it is his favorite character in Megaman Legends. Anyways this mod has a FPS, icon, and name change. Please read the change log for more information on the mod. Thanks.

New02/18/12Version: 0.9 (beta)Released: 1329550483 Views: 6284 Size: 1.56MB By: Gigan75pcp/1337gamer15 L4D2
Left 4 Dead 2 full beta pack clip 2 - Video for L4D2 Full Beta Pack (mod)NextPrev
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Left 4 Dead 2 full beta pack clip 2 Download Available
Left 4 Dead 2 full beta pack clip
Tron Bonne coming soon to l4d2
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voicepack for Albert Wesker Gigan75pcp Gigan75pcp Posted 4 months ago

- One of my favorite videogame characters of all time.
- Love the voices, they match really well to what he really would say to them.
- Has a hud and icon with it (Very Nice)
- Also its funny when saying the voice command "Ready" he will say "I am a God" and the survivors would reply saying "Yes" lol :D
- Coach walk is changed to Nick (In my opinion, he looks better with Nick's walk)


- Some of the voice lines are shorter then the full thing (Noise cuts out)
- Sounds make weird noise after the commands sometimes (Like a zombie scream thing..).
- No voices for "Argh" command
- The "Yes" command has him saying yes but with the deepest voice I've ever heard :P. Would be better in my opinion if he replied "Affirmative".


Honestly this is just great. It is a little annoying to replace the voice sounds being afraid you might delete something on accident but it is a great addition to the Wesker mod for Coach. It is pretty much the finish of the other mod. It would be nice (Not saying you have to) if you updated the voice commands for Really Deep Voice Yes to be Affirmative or maybe even his laugh. That's just what I would do to make it better. Anyways, "Good Work" lol :D Great mod!