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I am Nickolas Cat, i make preview video's for sound/animation mods and am a huge fan of Touhou, (Cirno is the strongest) i am also learning animating so expect to see something from me in the future, for my steam profile, click the view website button
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Estuine's M1911
Estuine's M1911Estuine's M1911 Video

Hearing the people call for a real M1911 pistol for L4D2, i decided to search for a model and work on getting new anims for it
With arby's help (Smoothing the model, instructing how Blender works) i didn't make this just a dream, it is becoming reality

Progress is going at a slow pace, but i'll update anything with video's
Still very much in progress, so it's best to just watchlist it and wait, i'm also up for criticism on what to improve and such

03/07/13Version: 0 (unreleased)Updated: 1362656834 Views: 3057 Size: 0MB By: Nickolas/arby26 L4D2
CastleVania Tank
CastleVania TankCastleVania Tank Video

I was playing Portrait of Ruin and felt like Destroyer was an excellent track for the tank, i then decided to make the finale tank something different, Into the Dark Night from Dawn of Sorrow
So i made it, tested it and packed it up

Known issues: Tracks don't loop correctly, if i tried adjusting the length it would be silent for a while before it would replay again, sadly can't be fixed

New03/07/13Version: 1.0 (complete)Released: 1362691224 Views: 2375 Size: 30.29MB By: Nickolas L4D2
Mario and Luigi: Partners in Tanks
Mario and Luigi: Partners in TanksMario and Luigi: Partners in Tanks Video

This mod replaces the Tank music with the Boss Battle music from Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time
The title is something i came up with randomly

New06/04/12Version: 1.0 (final)Released: 1338840373 Views: 4855 Size: 31.06MB By: Nickolas L4D2
Egoraptor Tank
Egoraptor TankEgoraptor Tank Video

This is a mod that replaces the Tank's lines with several Egoraptor quotes
This was made by ChronoTerminus on youtube, i converted this to a vpk and asked him if i could upload it
His original download video is in the video's tab

This version has different quotes than the original
Once again made by ChronoTerminus

Updated06/04/12Version: 2.0 (final)Updated: 1338806238 Views: 17377 Size: 23.29MB By: ChronoTerminus L4D2
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Uzi on MaxTheUniqueGamer's anims (SMG) Nickolas Nickolas Posted 1 year ago

Quite a Nice model
Animations are not too bad...


...but aren't too good either
Melee isn't animated from idle
Draw just appears in the middle of the screen
Lacks Walking animations


Not too bad but could use some work
I can't say more than that i put in the cons