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3/4 Maps KinkKink Video

Plot: The survivors have escaped from the zombies by using a boat, but an incident forced them to dock.
The army seems to be here, but they quickly notice that they cannot count on them...
What happened to that boat? What to do? Where to go? Will survivors survive again? o_O

Please note: The MAIN GOAL of this campaign is to be CHALLENGING (mainly made and tested for Realism Expert mode)
Thus, you may be stuck by searching your way, being blocked by puzzles, or a missing key that is lying around.

* Challenging
* Puzzles (some optional)
* Find the way
* Secrets & counter
* Traps
* Custom content

Updated04/18/14Version: 128 (beta)Updated: 1397807923 (80% Complete) Views: 51557 Size: 197.83MB By: byblo L4D2