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I can't review on Overkill campaign http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=7316. anyone knows why???, did they closed the comments or what???
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Reviews by Hec (44)
Day Break Hec Hec Posted 3 months ago

Great maps full of detail and in perfect size. Almost as good as Valve's official campaigns.

Plenty of exploration and overall a great atmosphere.

The day to night transition is perfect.

Hordes are very well balanced and especial infected too, just brings the perfect amount of combat and action.

Great supply of med kits, ammo and guns, also heavy guns, also laser sights are available.

Some beautiful scenarios to fight against hordes, like the bridge or the lake park.

An exciting and entertaining finale again very well balanced in combat terms, which in many other add-on campaigns, that is hard to get, in some of them the finale can easily screw up a cool campaign. This is not the case.


Well very, very few I'd say.

Maybe the lack of incendiary and explosive rounds.

And maybe there are just too many fuel cans at the end, but overall the end is pretty rewarding!


This was an absolute awesome campaign. Full of action and great detailed maps joined together in this whole San Francisco area environment.

It just has it all. I'd say this campaign is almost Valve's quality. Great combat and balanced hordes, great action, perfect balance and supply of weapons and ammo, always a tank to fight against in every level, but it doesn't feel overwhelming, and a great finale.

In conclusion definitely we can see those hard 5 years of work totally worth it! Great job guys!