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Retextured FO3 Medkit
Retextured FO3 Medkit

Just a quick half assed retexture of the FO3 medkit model. Needs shading and details

Updated06/18/12Version: 1.1 (complete)Updated: 1339996672 Views: 6093 Size: 0.91MB By: Haloimmike/MrLanky L4D2
Gaben Laser Sights Sound Mod
Gaben Laser Sights Sound Mod

Changes the default pick up laser sound to 2x gaben sound and laser sound to Uh nope it's just me Gabe Newell.

New07/22/11Version: 1 (final)Released: 1311383798 Views: 8520 Size: 0.46MB By: Haloimmike L4D2
Footballs n Cola jockey Sound Mod
Footballs n Cola jockey Sound Mod

Sound replacement for the jockey's riding theme vassalation with the sound footballs n cola

Song by Jettan on youtube also check out the video on Youtube: Footballs and cola

Installation: place vpk in the addons folder and your set

New07/22/11Version: 2 (final)Released: 1311312951 Views: 8235 Size: 10.12MB By: Haloimmike L4D2
Reviews by Haloimmike (5)
ED209 (Tank) Haloimmike Haloimmike Posted 2 years ago

Pretty Damn cool
Like the animations


It's out of place (No points taken)
All the troll reviews
Climbing animation is buggy


All honesty I think it's pretty cool I like the futuristic style. This fits well in the survival map Cyberpunk too bad that maps lighting is bugged and makes everything chrome.