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GoldenEye 4 Dead
3/3 Maps GoldenEye 4 DeadGoldenEye 4 Dead Video

FIXED BUGS FROM JULY L4D2 UPDATE! The N64 classic meets the undead. Battle through familiar environments such as the Arkhangelsk Dam, the Chemical Facility and its runway, and the hidden space base in the Aztec ruins.

Updated08/16/13Version: 1.3 (complete)Updated: 1376631130 Views: 310631 Size: 113.18MB By: David "marshmallow" Gibbons L4D2
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Death Mountain marshmallow marshmallow Posted 1 year ago

+ Faithful recreation of Ocarina environments and puzzles
+ Spectacular visual effects
+ More custom Zelda enemies/skins/weapons
+ Zelda sound fx and music
+Secrets/easter eggs
+ Disco fight
+ Volvagia fight is hectic


- No witches
- Too many custom animations = network lag and choppy/warpy zombies (I know that feel when I tried to do something similar on my campaign, can't really be helped)
- Tanks inside jail cells that can't get out and just die, seems silly but is easily fixable


A nostalgic amusement park ride.