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Hexen: Winnowing Hall
Hexen: Winnowing HallHexen: Winnowing Hall Video

A remake of Winnowing Hall from Hexen: Beyond Heretic. The map was designed to be a replica of the original level from the game, and includes custom graphics, sound and music. Korax will send his zombie minions to destroy you! How long can you hold out?

Updated06/25/12Version: 9 (complete)Updated: 1340673865 Views: 149385 Size: 46.21MB By: Endless Nine L4D2
L4D Maps: Survivalshack
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Dead Echo 2 Endless Nine Endless Nine Posted 2 years ago

Good map design.
Big campaign with unique looking maps.
Attention to detail in most areas.


Bad game play design.(e.g crescendo placements, etc).
Areas with no nav.
Finale ruined because it wasn't naved properly.
Safe rooms that aren't safe(I even got killed when afk).
Cheap placement of witches.
3 tanks at the end which is totally unreasonable.
I crashed at the end.
Crescendo's that defy logic.


I think this map was kinda good. But it would be alot better if there weren't so many crescendo's at the beginning. I was playing this with a friend and the beginning is insanely hard in comparison to the other level. The nav mesh needs a good look at. we escaped at the end purely by sitting on a roof laughing at the infected that couldn't touch us. Some crescendo's defy logic, for instance a couple of wooden planks start a panic event. The camera work at the escape also needs a look at, the camera was going under the floor and inside brushes.

Overall i this map was fun, but the game play just ruins it. I also crashed right at the end of the campaign for some reason. Additionally you designed the map so shaders set to high mess up the skybox, this should be fixed. Lastly, on one of the maps all of the supplies were placed outside of the safe room, which was quite annoying because it never gave us a chance to ready up before heading out, oh and many crescendo's could be resolved by running into the saferoom.