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Been playing L4D and L4D2 for I don't know how long now. Love the game and it's dynamics and looking forward to playing on maps made by others! I'm also learning how to map myself, but of course, I'm brand new. Don't expect anything amazing, but one do
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Blight Path aqmalic aqmalic Posted 2 years ago

+ Great environment
+ Great skins
+ Aesthetically pleasing
+ Tough, but fun crescendo events
+ Hostile soldiers add to the feel of the game
+ Interactive finale


- Bot navigation is horrible at some parts
- Tanks sometimes spawn in tight spaces


Overall this is a great and awesome campaign. The cutscene is a bit, eh, with the C-130 crashing into the skyscraper, but it's the best one can do, haha.

But besides that, you did a great job with making the maps and urban environments that would be common in a city like Beijing. I think another one of the cooler parts that was added to the campaign were the hostile soldiers, which adds to the realistic feel.

I doubt the Chinese military would be keen on saving people when they already have a massive population to take care of.

The finale, too, was great. Loved the interactivity of it, it was a good change of pace.

The only downside to Blight Path were the few times tanks would spawn inside rooms or hallways, making it hard to kill them or escape to a better vantage point. Not to mention, that if you're playing with bots, they tend to get stuck or lost a lot.

Besides those two things, Blight Path was great!